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Marshal, Please Calm Down

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Even in the Interstellar universe, a shut-in is a shut-in. Wu Zimo, a bachelor tech nerd, said that there was no pressure. As long as there was a network and a computer, nothing would be a problem!

As for the male god, this type of mythical creature should be sitting on a pedestal with a noble and cool expression, accepting the worship of believers day and night.

A certain shut-in: So, Marshal, we should have been running about on the road of bachelorhood all this time. Would you say that’s correct?

Marshal: ……ah! Ah!

Beware of mines: Sentinel/ guide, two orientations, protagonist shou, mutual pampering, 1v1

Hacker God Mo is the Number 1 Hacker from 21st Century. Reborn in interstellar, he became an ancient man from thousands of years ago. His ambition is to shine the name of GOD Mo in interstellar era.

As for his Male God. He is a famous Marshal who sits in the top platform of Gods. A noble and cold person.

To protect his little chrysanthemum. Wu ZiMo decided to pretend to be a ordinary person. Let’s see how long can Wu ZiMo can protect his chrysanthemum… I mean his identity as a ordinary person.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:MPCD
Alternate Title:[星际]元帅请淡定
Weekly Rank:#893
Monthly Rank:#1007
All Time Rank:#666
Tags:Futuristic Setting, Hackers, Handsome Male Lead, Military, Pets, Transmigration,
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  1. Hi Translator, ^__^ Thank you for your translation. I really like this novel and have a lot of fun to read it. So, I would like to ask your permission to allow me to translate this novel into Thai language. For sure, I will add link credit in RAW and ENG version. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you. 😊

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