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Married To The Male Lead’s Paranoid Uncle

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When Shi Yin woke up, she found herself transmigrated inside the book. She had become the weak female lead who was abused by the male lead and later committed suicide while being pregnant.

At the dinner table, when the commercial marriage between her and the male lead was being finalized. Shi Yin pointed to the male lead’s uncle, who was terminally ill, and said, “I want to marry Young Uncle Cheng Yuan!”

After marrying the male lead’s young uncle, Shi Yin patiently waited for the day when Zhou Cheng Yuan would die and she became single again.

But, why was this man getting better and better day by day?

Shi Yin said, “Hurry up and die, I wanted to be a widow quickly!”

Zhou Cheng Yuan said, “Either you choose to live with me, or you can choose to die with me.”

Shi Yin said, “Let’s live together.”

When Shi Yin first met Zhou Cheng Yuan, she thought Cheng Yuan was a cold and abstinent tyrant. But, after spending a long time with him, Shi Yin discovered that this guy was actually black-bellied and paranoid.

Every time Shi Yiin looked at other men, he would stick to her and with a dissatisfied voice said, “How can Yin Yin look at others?”

Every time Shi Yin was bullied and cried by him at night, he would smile and contentedly said, “Yin Yin is crying, I am very happy.”

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Short Title:MMLPU
Alternate Title:嫁给男主的病娇叔叔[穿书]
Weekly Rank:#5568
Monthly Rank:#5734
All Time Rank:#3968
Tags:Aggressive Characters, Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Celebrities, Charming Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Entertainment, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Jealousy, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Modern World, Multiple Transported Individuals, Older Love Interests, Possessive Characters, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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14 Comments on “Married To The Male Lead’s Paranoid Uncle
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  1. If you're not a fans of yaoi, Yuri, rape and whatever f*****up story. I advise not to read this novel. Nope, there is no yaoi, Yuri, rape or any of that stuff, but this story belongs in that category. It is not your normal romance story. The male lead is somewhat is a f*****up character. Through out the story, you were reminded that the male lead is not normal, it really leave that anonymous feeling that something bad is going to happen. Although this story is not bloody but that's only because the author toned it down with comedy. All the violent the male lead did will be followed with the comedic action from the female character. So it kinda "washed" the previous f***up whatever thing that just happens. Conclusion, not a story for someone that just want a simple romantic comedy.

  2. As a yandere fan, I see ml as someone lacking in being yandere. I mean… yandere is not even like this! Ml is like someone in heat, he’s just a possessive man who’s born in lust. I also don’t like mc, like come on! I didn’t care if she was a pushover or anything but I didn’t like the fact that author wrote everything she’s thinking. It felt like she was taking advantage of the ml and made me think that mc was a scheming woman and also made me think how she’ll fall in love unrealistically, what’s more, at first it was fun but then author made mc a ‘upright’ nympho like how mc described herself. This is just my opinion, I would have liked it but it became boring afterwards, plot was too cliche that I knew what would happen afterwards. I’ve seen worst male leads, I even read a qt where ml kidnapped mc and fell in love with her but never let her go until the end almost imprisoned that’s what a yandere is! Lastly… I repeat, It’s boring… I wished there was comedy.

  3. I’m not saying the story was bad, it was not good either. Since my mind always follow the story, I follow the characters. Me thinking that ml was a yandere made me dislike mc since she keeps on getting close to other men when I wished that she could only be a canary in ml’s arms to solve troublesome things. And what’s more. Me thinking that mc was naive and stupid enough to scheme something made me dislike ml who only knows suppressing people all day long and pushing mc on bed since she’s a total fool not really a pushover. There aren’t good novel this days…

  4. I really want to correct this op post. Nope, the MC did not "get close" to other male on purpose. It is in her line of work. Forget about "getting close" to other male, she also cannot get close to other female. Basically he wanted to trapped her in a cage like you said. But that would be to "bloody", and it was obvious that's not what the author want to write. So the part was toned down a little and everything that the male lead did was followed up with "comedic" by the female lead. Yeah you said no comedy, but come on that's as comedy as the author could put in. Yes for those wandering the "comedy", it's when the MC scheme against the male lead after she was "tortured" by him and failed obviously. And me thinking op is skimming through the chapter. Only reading key words only. 😅

  5. Algunos capítulos son lindos e interesantes pero en su mayoría la lectura aburre un poco. Sólo leía los capítulos donde sale el ML,perdón.

  6. This would have been very interesting if it was kept short. The ML is like a rabbit in heat. I don't mind the possessive behavior but to be that active is madness. There is no real hardship for the MC, everything is so easy for her that made me skip lots of chapter.

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