When Ge Yu called Hei Xiaose and Li Zejian, both bosses were unhappy, saying that they had finally gone abroad, and did not greet them to go together, what if they were in danger.

Ge Yu is not worried about this. The top dark forces in the entire Goryeo kingdom have been settled by their group. Immortality and such a powerful existence have all been wiped out. The first killer of the Goryeo kingdom, Cui Wankui, has been killed. What could be the threat there.

This time Ge Yu went to see how Yang Fan had practiced with the nine-tailed demon fox. After all, he hadn't seen him in more than a year.

Originally, Ge Yu didn't even want Zhong Jinliang to let him follow, if it wasn't for Zhong Jinliang to be by his side.

However, Hei Xiaose still wants to go, mainly to see the beauty of Korea. Although all of them have facelifts, sometimes they are used to seeing them, and they feel pleasing to the eye.

Also, there seems to be a secret agreement between Lai Shuguang and Hei Xiaose, saying that he wants to take Hei Xiaose to see the big scene of the night entertainment in Goryeo. He has been obsessed with it and heard Ge Yu say To go to Korea, I wish I had to book a plane ticket to meet Ge Yu and the others.

Ge Yu laughed and scolded him, saying that even if he wanted to go to Korea, he had to wait for him to heal his injuries. Lai Dowguang couldn't run away in Korea.

After being persuaded by Ge Yu, Hei Xiaose had no choice but to give up.

The two got on the plane directly in Jinling City and arrived in Goryeo in the evening.

Before getting on the plane, Ge Yu had contacted Lai Shuguang, and when he got off the plane, he drove a Maserati and picked them up.

In the past, I was afraid of the influence of Taiyou Kim's family. Now that Taiyou Kim is dead, his father, Kim Sang-kuk, has become a tiger without minions. It is not enough to be afraid. Therefore, the dawn is very high-profile this time, and the two of them are taken away in a swagger .

He still wears the same outfit, a famous brand, a big gold chain and a small watch, and three small barbecues a day.

In the car, Lai Shuguang played superb music, humming, humming, and dancing while driving.

You have to shout with your voice when you talk, and you have to sway two people with the music to get dry.

Ge Yu's brain ache from the noise all the way.

There is no such thing as a cultivator in the dawn of dawn, just a proper rock youth fan.

"I said that the two brothers came to Goryeo, which is my place. Later in the evening, I will take you to eat Goryeo’s special barbecue, some bibimbap, and try Goryeo miso soup. Last time you came. , Was chased by masters from all walks of life in Goryeo, and did not take you to play well. This time I finally came here to let me do my best as a landlord. After eating and drinking, I will take you to see Goryeo. To enjoy the exotic nightlife of Korea, the long-legged and big girl from Korea." Lai Shuguang shouted with his throat.

"Brother Shuguang, don't have to be so troublesome. After eating and drinking, let's go directly to the hotel to sleep. I will go to find a girlfriend tomorrow morning. I don't have that energy." Ge Yu also yelled.

"Oh, let me go, Yu Ye is afraid of running out of ammunition and food, so I can't have a business relationship with my girlfriend tomorrow?" Lai Shuguang continued to drive while driving.

"You should leave these arrangements to Brother Black. He prefers it, so let's forget it." Zhong Jinliang also roared from behind.

"That's not good, or take you guys to play well, Brother Hei will blame them in the future, and they will say that I was not entertained well, just leave it alone, follow me tonight, and I will take you guys to play well and stay with me. God, I’m not in a hurry to see my girlfriends. I’ll change your girlfriends every day.” Lai Shuguang blinked at them and showed a meaningful smile.

The two also had nothing to do with Dawn, so they had to let him go.

Lai Shuguang drove them directly to a high-end hotel, ordered barbecue, and ordered a large table of dishes. The dishes were very delicate and looked very delicious.

He also ordered a few bottles of Korean wine. The three of them ate and drank while chatting. The scene was very harmonious.

The food was okay, but this Korean wine tasted a little weak, not as good as the wine from Huaxia.

After drinking for three times and cooking for five flavors, Lai Shuguang's complexion was red, and he wiped his mouth with a tissue, and smiled: "Master Yu, this time I came to Korea to find a girlfriend. Do you have any other plans?"

"No, it’s just that I haven’t seen her for a few days. Come and see her. Under An Zaiyuan’s arrangement, he went to a place called Shengya Palace in Daqiu and worshipped a nine-tailed demon fox as his master. He wants to be here. After staying for three years, I had been plagued by mundane affairs before, and finally had a chance to come over this time." Ge Yu said.

"I thought you were here this time to take care of Kim Taiyou and his father. Last time he hired Cui Zhengkui, the first killer of the Goryeo Kingdom, to deal with you. It must have caused you a lot of hardship. That Cui Zhengkui is so fierce. Rarely do you hold no grudges when you miss it?" Lai Shuguang asked.

"Cui Zhengkui, the No. 1 killer in Goryeo, is not strong, and he was finally killed by our No. 1 killer in China.

"Niubi! You can't kill the old people without admiration. As my master has said, killing Qianli is both good and evil. Back then, many high-ranking officials in small Japan were killed, and many powerful Japanese practitioners were killed. Kungfu is first-rate in the world, even if it is the same level as Killing Thousand Miles of Earth Immortal, the strength is comparable, and in the end it will definitely win the killing of the old senior. He has a unique temperament in him, and we can't say what it is. Lord, you want me to meet and kill the old man in person to show his stalwart style." Come Shuguang said.

"It's easy to talk about it, Brother Yu has a good relationship with the killing of the old man, and let him arrange it then." Zhong Jinliang said.

The three of them ate and drank enough, and Lai Shuguang took them to a place where they were dancing, a huge place, crowded with people, and the blast of music shook the sky. A group of people danced and swayed wildly to the rhythm of the music.

Lai Shuguang is probably a frequent visitor here. As soon as he entered the door, he was led to a deck at the front. Several people sat down. Then someone used a cart to get a variety of unnamed wines. There are waiters at their table.

Not long after, a group of beautifully dressed Korean beauties stood in a row, smiling like flowers, with enchanting figures and exquisite features.

"Two masters, choose one or two. I will be the host today, and I promise to let you play well." Lai Shuguang waved his hand.

"Let's drink some wine, these are unnecessary." Ge Yu said.

"No, I'm the master here." Lai Shuguang said flatly.

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