At present, it is the most appropriate way to send Chen Yu, who had borrowed his corpse to resurrect his soul, to become an apprentice to Real Long Yao. Whether it is Ge Yu or Zhong Jinliang, it is a hundred peace of mind for Real Long Yao.

This time when I went to Xuanmenzong, Leng Bingxin's parents also followed.

Xuanmenzong and the others had been there before, but they were walking the front mountain, the kind of mountain climbing and enjoying the scenery of Xuanmenzong along the way.

But they didn't know that Xuanmen Sect had a back mountain, and there was a cave in the back mountain.

This time they followed Ge Yu and entered the Xuanmen Sect's cave heaven and blessed land. The cold-hearted parents were an eye-opener, thinking they had entered some fairy cave, a paradise.

There are many cultivators wearing Taoist robes, each of them is immortal, and out of the world. The Xuanmen Sect in this hole of heaven and blessing has many similarities with the previous Xuanmen Sect, but the difference is the whole mountain The clouds were amiable, and if there was a layer of fairy qi floating in it, I felt that my breathing became a lot easier, and the whole person became refreshed.

A trip to Xuanmenzong made Leng Bingxin’s parents even more convinced of the real person Long Yao, and at one time thought that this was the place where the gods lived.

There is no god, but there is an earth **** who guards the yin and yang realms in Dongtianfudi.

After returning to the Guimenzong, the real Long Yao settled Chen Yu.

That night, the extremely weak Chen Yu woke up again, and Long Yao Zhenren told Chen Yu that she wanted her to worship him as a teacher.

Chen Yu has no relatives in this world. The Thousand-Year Rabbit Demon was regarded as his own half master, but in the end he sold her and used it as a chess piece. This time there is a master again. Chen Yu was naturally excited when his relatives were gone, and struggling to get up, he wanted to kowtow to real Long Yao as his teacher.

It's just that she was too weak and couldn't move at all. Real Long Yao stopped her and said, "I will talk about the apprenticeship later. Now you only need to agree to it. I will make up later. Now I will start teaching you Nine Heavens Yin. The method of strategy is used to stabilize your soul. This is the unspoken secret of our Xuanmen Guimen Sect. It is very mysterious. It is the method of **** cultivation left by the three ancestors of Xuanmen. It is absolutely useful for your current situation. Listen carefully."

As he said, Long Yao stretched out his hand and held down Chen Yu's Tianling Gai, his lips trembled slightly, and the surrounding area suddenly buzzed, and Chen Yu's spirit suddenly lifted.

When the real person Long Yao taught Chen Yujiu's scheming strategy, Ge Yu led them out of the small courtyard of the Guimenzong.

Zhong Jinliang couldn't help but look back. Ge Yu patted him on the shoulder, and said with relief: "Don't look, don't worry, I know this trick is just the right medicine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it."

Zhong Jinliang smiled bitterly, and said nothing.

At the moment, Ge Yu instructed a little Dao boy from the Guimen Sect to find a place to live with his cold-hearted parents.

Let them stay in the Ghost Sect for a few days and send them down the mountain, mainly to make them feel at ease.

After arrangements were made for the two elderly people, Ge Yu and Zhong Jinliang were at ease while Long Yao taught Chen Yu's practice. The little Taoist boy over there prepared food and drinks. The two of them were eating and chatting. Ge Yu kept frowning when he saw Zhong Jinliang. He smiled and said, "Liangzi, you said Chen Yu became my brother’s apprentice. From now on, Chen Yu will be my brother’s nephew. You will marry Chen Yu in the future. Do you have to change it for me? Call me, call me Uncle Master?"

Ge Yu's words amused Zhong Jinliang, and said with a smile: "I haven't written the eight characters yet, so what anxious? When we are really married, there is no problem calling you Master."

"I haven't done anything yet? You can sing a big drama about life and death. It is estimated that after Chen Yu recovers, the first thing is to marry you." Ge Yu smiled.

"You are a elder brother, why do you have to be in front of me, we will talk about it after you and Yang Fan are married." Zhong Jinliang said.

Ge Yu's heart trembled when he mentioned Yang Fan. He held up his wine glass and looked at the bright moon outside the window. He sighed and said, "I haven't seen Sister Xiaofan for almost a year. When this matter is settled, I plan to Go to the Ascension Palace in Korea, and meet Sister Xiaofan. At that time, the nine-tailed demon fox agreed, and we can see Yang Fan at any time."

"You should also take a look at her. She definitely thinks you can't think of it. Sister Xiaofan has been practicing with the lord of the Ascending Cliff Palace for so long, and her cultivation will definitely improve. Now maybe even you are not. Her opponent is." Zhong Jinliang said with a smile.

"No matter how great she is, she will have to be cleaned up by me. I am the man in the family." Ge Yu's mouth was filled with a smile.

"Brother Yu, don't drive, what do you do to clean up Sister Xiaofan?" Zhong Jinliang smiled meanly.

"Naturally I can't tell you this." Ge Yu thought of Yang Fan, remembering the lingering sorrow that happened that night, and couldn't help but caught fire. He was even more eager to see Yang Fan.

For such a long time, many things have happened, and they have been running around.

At this time, it was finally time to relax, and it was time to meet Yang Fan.

Next, several people stayed in Guimenzong for a few more days. During the period, they went to see Chen Yu twice. After Long Yao taught the practice of Jiuxiao Yince, the situation has gradually stabilized, but it is still I was very weak. I would pant and sweat after a few words. After a long time, I would pass out again after holding on for more than ten minutes.

However, this time was gradually lengthening after she practiced the Nine Heavens Yin tactics. The last time she saw Chen Yu, she persisted for more than 20 minutes before fainting.

Seeing that Chen Yu's situation improved, Leng Bingxin's parents finally felt much more at ease, so they went down the mountain with Ge Yu and them. After Ge Yu sent them back to Jinling City, he planned to go to Korea to find Chen Yu. Up.

Before going to Goryeo, Ge Yu contacted two people, one was Lai Dawn, the other was An Jae-yeon.

Came Dawn was in Goryeo at the moment, and when he heard that Ge Yu was going to Goryeo, he was very happy and said that when they came, he would pick them up at the airport.

An Zaiyuan, Ge Yu also contacted, Ge Yu said that he was going to the Ascending Cliff Palace to meet Chen Yu, An Zaiyuan also agreed, saying that he hadn't visited his master at Ascending Cliff Palace some time ago. Just happened to go together.

After repairing in Jinling City for two days, Ge Yu and Zhong Jinliang directly booked air tickets to Goryeo.

Before leaving, he made a phone call to Hongyegu and informed him, telling Hei Xiaose and Li Zejian about their trip to Goryeo. At the same time, they learned that their injuries have recovered a lot.

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