Jiangcheng, noon.

A weird boy of about 20 years old, with a white shirt on his upper body, jeans on his lower body, and a pair of black cloth shoes on his feet, with a black package on one shoulder and a dog's tail grass in his mouth, walking under the bright sun in an old alley in the suburbs. .

He seemed to be indifferent to the scorching sun in the sky and the sweltering weather outside of more than thirty-five degrees. He walked while humming an unknown little song.

Occasionally, passers-by pass by, and most of them will look at him curiously, and some will whisper to their companions, comment and laugh a few times.

Regarding the pointing and pointing of the people, the teenager seemed unconscious, and continued to walk happily.

When he passed the corner of an alley, the boy's eyes suddenly brightened, and he walked straight to a two-story shop on the west side of the intersection.

The sign directly above the old shop was engraved with five words-Chen Ji Coffin Shop.

Several wreaths made of fake flowers and grass were placed at the entrance of the shop.

"Good job."

The boy tut praised, then walked up the stairs and looked into the shop. The room was filled with various kinds of wreaths, paper men and other funeral supplies. Then he saw a little girl of about six or seven years old who was kneeling on a stool and lying in front of the counter doing homework. He made a grimace at her and asked, "Hey, is your adult there?"


The little girl giggled at his grimace. The two croissant braids on her head kept dangling. After laughing for a long time, she turned her head and shouted upstairs: "Auntie, a guest is here!"

"I'm coming!"

The voice of a young woman came from the second floor, and the voice was quite nice.

The teenager leaned against the shop door and gazed at a young and beautiful woman in her twenties carefully climbing down the stairs on the second floor, "Guests want to buy a coffin or a wreath? We can express it."

"Sorry, I just passed by here and I am thirsty. I want to ask you for a drink. I don't know if it would be convenient?" The boy touched his head embarrassedly.

"Oh, okay... little brother wait a minute."

After that, the beautiful woman turned and went into the inner room on the first floor, but the young man seemed to be unable to wait. He thanked him, but he followed in every step of the way.

The beautiful woman walked into the kitchen, took the heat-preserving teapot and poured a cup of hot tea, and handed it to the teenager, reminding her to "be careful."

The boy thanked him, it seemed that he was thirsty, he just blew the tea, drank it all in one go, and returned it to the beautiful woman.

"Are you either?" the beautiful woman asked.

The boy nodded, and when the beautiful woman turned around and fell down, she suddenly said: "Girl, your cultivation is not easy, why do you want to transform into a human form and barely stay in this sunny downtown?"

As soon as the boy's voice fell, the beautiful woman's beautiful back trembled suddenly, and the tea cup in her hand fell to the ground and fell to pieces.

An enchanting air instantly permeated the entire kitchen.

The boy smiled and watched the white hair that grew out of the beautiful woman’s neck and the sharp claws that grew from her fingers. He didn’t panic, and said indifferently, “Should you stop doing it? You fox demon is less than three years old. With a hundred years of demon power, it is no longer easy to maintain the transformation at this big noon. It is really going to kill people and shock the world, and most of them are people who want to catch you."

"Who are you? What do you want?" The beautiful woman took a step forward when she heard the words. At the same time, she turned and stared at the young man fiercely, revealing her fangs.

"Me?" The young man was stunned. Then he remembered something. Without guarding the beautiful woman, he took out a ten-centimeter-long square token from the package on his back for a long time, with some engraved on the front. The strange-shaped ancient text has nine small holes on the edge, and seven of them have a small bronze sword inserted in each.

"Maoshan Seven Star Sword?!"

The beautiful woman was terrified when she saw the token, and quickly recovered her human form. Suddenly she knelt on the ground and said with a trembling, "Master of heaven, please forgive me, please forgive the little demon for having no eyes and not recognizing the heaven. Follow the rules!"

"Uh...cough cough...you better answer my initial question first!"

The young man put his hands behind his back in a little embarrassment, learning the way his master used to be: "You don't have blood resentment on your body, and it can be seen that you have not harmed people. Then why do you want to turn into a human form and stay in this yang-rich downtown? "

"To the Great Master, the grandfather of this family saved the life of the little demon thirty years ago. Last year, his benefactor suddenly died of illness, and only this six-year-old girl, Zhou Zhi, whose parents had died since childhood, was left unattended, so The little demon turned into a human form, pretending that her relatives came to take care of her, and asked the mage to spare her life!"

Humans are the strength of all souls, and most of the demons like to use cannibals to quickly improve their cultivation. Therefore, there are not a few who hide in the world. If the celestial master who could control the Maoshan Seven-Star Magic Sword really wanted to get rid of her at this young age, she might not even be able to escape ten meters away.

The young man was speechless. After a while, he sighed and said: "I didn't say to accept you, but I was on the road just now, and suddenly I found a monster nearby, so I rushed over to take a look. Even though you just repayed you and didn't do anything bad. , But there will also be people who want to catch your demon body and refine your demon pill. So... I suggest you return to the mountains as soon as possible, and don't delay your cultivation."

The beautiful woman couldn't bear it, and said: "But... Zhi'er is unattended, and the little demon doesn't want to send her to the orphanage."

"Your cultivation level is not enough. This little sister has stayed with you for a long time, is infected with a demon, and will get sick sooner or later. This is not a long-term solution. So, I think she is quite spiritual, but she is suitable for cultivation, you Take my token and send her to Maoshan! Let my master accept her as a disciple, and the future is boundless." The boy suggested.

The beautiful woman looked happy, and immediately hesitated: "There are many masters walking around Maoshan..."

"Don't worry, I will give you a talisman, a letter, and there is a talisman. Even if Master Wu Qian ran into you face-to-face within a month, I promised that you would not be recognized! You take your children and send them to my master Maoshan School as soon as possible. Yuchen’s Yuchen sees Chen Yuanzhen, and then stays in the back of Maoshan Mountain to practice quietly, so you can see her once a month."

The beautiful woman was overjoyed when she heard the words, and knocked three heads for the young man in a row. "Thank you for your guidance, the little demon Hu Xian'er..." She couldn't help but be unexcited. Maoshan was full of spiritual energy, and it was a holy place for cultivation, which made the monsters jealous all over the world. . Had it not been for the many celestial teachers on Maoshan and the endless emergence of masters, the demons would have been entrenched long ago. Now that she has obtained the decree of the heavenly master, her practice will surely go a long way.

The boy waved his hand, turned and walked out of the kitchen: "If you handle this shop, hurry up!"

"Can you tell me the benefactor's number, Xian'er is grateful..." Hu Xian'er's voice came from behind.

"My name is Ge Yu. From now on, Zhier will help the senior brother to say a few good things in front of the old man!" The young man smiled and whispered in front of Zhou Zhi.

After all, in the little girl's puzzled eyes, she drifted away.

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