"Don't you have to go to class?" Chen Zijun looked at Zhu Tong, who was walking beside him.

"Today is a day off. There are no classes. I'm at school today just for club activities."

"I see."

"Meow." Ju Xue called out, then quickly jumped into Zhu Tong's arms, and slapped Hache lazily.

Chen Zijun finally listened to her advice and planned to go with her.

The two got on the tram, and Chen Zijun followed her.

"Where is the place you're talking about?"

"It's not too far, it's quiet and cheap, and it's very suitable."

Chen Zijun was a little skeptical, is there really something that fits perfectly? But no matter what, you have to see it yourself, if you are not satisfied, look for another place.

Finally, when I arrived at the destination, I could see that it was a wooden apartment on the second floor. It seemed to occupy a large area, but it was a little old. The gate was designed with double doors.

On the far left, the name of the apartment is written - Tokiwaso Apartment.

"Tokipanzhuang Apartment?" Chen Zijun muttered to himself, he just thought the name had some meaning.

At the door, there was also a word written on wooden cardboard, which Chen Zijun could only see clearly when he approached.

"Room for rent, please contact if you are interested, Tel:..."

"The landlord here is my best friend. I started renting it out a few days ago. Come in." Zhu Tong said.

Hearing this, Chen Zijun followed her into here.


As soon as he came in, he was facing his stairs. It was a little dark inside, but it looked spotlessly clean.

"Qingqing, Qingqing, I'm here." As soon as he entered the door, Zhu Tong shouted loudly, the sound of 'click' sounded, the door of the room on the left slowly opened, and a very beautiful girl came over.

"Xiaotong, can't you be quiet?" Zhong Xiaqing said helplessly, but when he saw Chen Zijun behind him, he was slightly taken aback: "This is it."

"Ah, this, this is the junior I just met, his name is Chen Zijun. He is a student who will be admitted this year. I was visiting the school today. I met him. I happened to know that he wanted to rent a house, so I brought him here." Zhu Tong Introduced with a smile.

"Chen Zijun, this is Zhong Xiaqing. She's my best friend. She's in the same class as me, and she's also the landlord of this apartment. You can just ask her about renting a house."

"Hello, my name is Chen Zijun, please give me some advice." Chen Zijun looked at this beautiful girl and introduced himself.

Zhong Xiaqing was wearing a cyan shirt with denim shorts underneath, showing her long white legs and dazzling eyes. At the same time, she had long black hair and a slender figure. She was very beautiful.

"Ah, my name is Zhong Xiaqing, please come in." Zhong Xiaqing took Chen Zijun to a room.

"Are you a freshman entering this year?" Zhong Xiaqing served her a cup of tea.


Chen Zijun nodded.

"Since you have the will to rent a house, let's talk about this first. It's not too late for me to show you around first."

"Okay." Chen Zijun nodded, got up, and followed her to visit.

There are many rooms in Tokiwazhuang Apartment. The floor is furnished with tatami mats, but the rooms are quite large. The furniture is a bit old and all of them are made of wood. There is no toilet and kitchen in the private room, because the kitchen and toilet are shared, and the toilet is in There are two in the lower right corner of the first floor, one on the second floor, only one in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom.

This kind of public use is actually quite inconvenient, especially for some people who are obsessed with cleanliness, but the price can't be cheap!

The price of renting a single-person apartment in Jingnai City is often at least 3,000 a month, and the area is still small, and here, the price is only more than 1,500 a month. For a poor ghost like Chen Zijun There is nothing to pick, not to mention, Chen Zijun is quite satisfied with this place.

Quiet, very close to the school and the city center, it is convenient for Chen Zijun to go back and forth with comic creation. If you submit articles, the magazine office is not too far away.

At least Chen Zijun is very satisfied. This is much better than the apartment building he saw in the morning.

"Well, I want to ask, do you mind if I keep a cat here? Don't worry, my cat is very obedient and won't urinate." The cat Chen Zijun was referring to was Juxue. Having him who communicates with Juxue is naturally not a problem.

Zhong Xiaqing said: "If other tenants rent it in the future, it won't affect it."

"That's great."

"Actually, it's just been two days since I rented a house, so you are the first to come. Except for the room I live in, you can freely choose other rooms, because there is no one else." Zhong Xiaqing said.

"I decided to rent it." After reading it, Chen Zijun chose to be in the middle of the first floor, because here you can clearly see the outside yard. Although the first floor must be full of mosquitoes in summer, it is estimated that there are also mosquitoes on the second floor. Not a lot.

"I rent for two months first, can I make up for the rest? I don't have that much money in my hand, so I need to reserve some as tuition and living expenses." Chen Zijun asked.

"Of course." Zhong Xiaqing was also very happy about the apartment's first tenant, and naturally agreed to such a small request.

Chen Zijun paid 3,000 yuan and got his own key in Zhong Xiaqing's hands.

She put all her luggage in her room, then invited the two of them to her room and took out some cakes from her bag, which were given to her by Aunt Yang.

"This is a cake baked by one of my elders, you can try it."

At the same time, he was very grateful to Zhu Tong for introducing himself to him. If it wasn't for her, it would have taken a lot of effort to find a suitable one.


"Thank you."

"Chen Zijun, what are your plans for coming here so early? Your semester will start in mid-September, and there are still two months left," Zhong Xiaqing asked.

"If you want to find a part-time job, do it first."

Chen Zijun calculated his own financial situation in his heart. The manuscript fee for the comic "Know Yourself" is more than 4,000 yuan~www.mtlnovel.com~She and Her Cat" The manuscript fee, convenience store work and other expenses are mixed together, it is 7,000 yuan, and now it is 7,000 yuan. It cost 3,000 yuan to rent a house, and the tuition fees after the school starts, as well as the cost of living expenses plus the cost of buying comic tools, can’t be saved, it’s totally useless.

Zhong Xiaqing asked: "Actually, I am also in charge of meals here. Generally, I only need to pay a little bit of the most basic ingredients. Of course, as my first tenant, you can experience it for a week for free before making a decision."

"Let's talk about this." Chen Zijun snorted, he didn't want to discuss this for the time being, he knew his appetite, and he had no plans to cheat her.

"Alright then." Zhong Xiaqing didn't force it.

Chen Zijun said goodbye a little, because he was going to clean up the room.

At this moment, only Zhu Tong and Zhong Xiaqing were left in the room.

Zhong Xiaqing looked at Zhu Tong with bright eyes: "Tell me, how did you know him, and explain honestly."

"Is it really just a chance encounter at school?"

"Nonsense, how can there be such a coincidence, I just met and sold me just to get a phone call, no, it's really possible that your face is so controlled."

"Why did I sell you? Did I help you by the way? You are simply killing the donkey, being ungrateful, crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, and all the birds are hiding."

"You guy's idioms are quite slippery."

"Hey, that's it." Zhu Tong said, "You are here to help me watch him, and help me gather information by the way. I want to draw it slowly. I don't believe he can turn over this girl's Wuzhishan."

Zhong Xiaqing was a little speechless, this guy is just meeting Chen Zijun for the first time.

And Zhu Tong didn't think that sometimes, fishing with a girlfriend might also trap her.