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Man is Sailing, Opening Question Whitebeard (One Piece World – Man sealed on the Moon)

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Novel Summary

This novel is also known as One Piece World – Man sealed on the Moon

Luo Ke traveled through the world of pirates, and even fell to the moon and was sealed.

Fortunately, the live broadcast answering system was awakened. In order to lift the seal, Whitebeard answered the questions and started the live broadcast simultaneously all over the world.

So with the world’s attention,

[Question: Why did Admiral Sengoku publicly execute Portgas d. Ace, captain of the Second Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, in the naval headquarters? 】

[Question: Who adopted the newborn Ace and raised him? 】

[Question: Who knocked out Garp with one punch in the top battle and successfully rescued Ace? 】

Those who watched the live broadcast and saw all this were stunned. It turned out that Karp turned out to be a traitor to the Navy…

With the continuous emergence of live answering questions, more and more hidden things are known, and the entire One Piece world has collapsed.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MSOQW
Alternate Title:人在航海,开局提问白胡子 / One Piece World – Man sealed on the Moon
Author:Summer Solstice in May
Weekly Rank:#1770
Monthly Rank:#1827
All Time Rank:#2586
Tags:Cheats, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, One Piece, Resurrection, System,
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  1. y que paso despues? no necesito dormir, necesito respuestas!! >:( and what happened next? I don't need sleep, I need answers!! >:(

  2. In a world where people can find devil fruit the treasure of sea and gain abilities from it how can people think an unknown power is about god ? Can not it be a devil fruit power ? Chinese persons often (almost always) want their mc have high key

  3. The author doesn't want to put this novel on other channels? I'm willing to pay for this. But I can't apply for a Chinese website. It's very tight If you can read it please consider it.

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