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Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending!

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Novel Summary

Duan Shu Tong transmigrated into an abusive story as the second male lead with the same name.

The second male lead is a playboy, but after meeting the female lead, he turned over a new leaf, and dedicated his life to only loving one person.

The female lead gets injured, the second male lead takes her to the hospital, but the one who takes her out of the hospital is the male lead;

The female lead is bullied, the second male lead appears in time to save the female lead, but the female lead throws herself into the male lead’s arms to cry;

The female lead gets pregnant and runs away with the baby, the second male lead accompanies her, but when the baby is born it comes with a pre-installed radar that only gets close to the male lead;


Duan Shu Tong was affected by the original book and decided to give these opportunities to the deeply in love third male lead who never got married in his lifetime.

As a result, the “deeply in love” third male lead pushes the female lead away and hands him a ring.

Duan Shu Tong: …

Author’s Reading Guide:

1. gong and shou are together in body and mind, don’t be fooled, this is a sweet text, not abusive

2. There are selfish set ups, the MC’s previous world has greater medical advancements than the book world, his golden finger is quite large, it is purely fabricated, don’t be too serious

3. Have a good time reading~

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:ML2ML3HE
Alternate Title:男二和男三HE了!
Author:Feng Jiu
Weekly Rank:#2591
Monthly Rank:#2643
All Time Rank:#2096
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cohabitation, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Doting Parents, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Older Love Interests, Persistent Love Interests, Power Couple, Proactive Protagonist, Scientists, Transmigration, Underestimated Protagonist,
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8 Comments on “Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending!
  1. It's a great novel but starting from chapter 25 all the chapters aren't complete, I tried to keep reading but lots of things don't make sense and important parts of the novel are missing, I'll really appreciate if you can fix it, thanks!

  2. I just googled the alternate title and read the Chinese version with google translate if that helps anyone that really wants to read it. Google translate is not perfect but you would get the full story.

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