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The kite crossed the crowd and walked up to him. The mulberry was slightly lifted and his eyes fell on her: "Congratulations on graduation."


Mulberry handed the flowers to her.


The bouquet is a rose, and the bright red color seems to scratch the line of sight, and the fragrant aroma comes.


The first kite did not pick up: "So?"


Mulberry whispered: "Does the little classmate mind more than a boyfriend?"


The first kite took over the flowers and, under the watchful eyes of countless people, went directly to the pro.


"do not mind."


Mulberry is not very comfortable with so many people being kissed, pushing her slightly: "Leave here first."


"Go to the studio?"


"..." Mulberry took a deep breath: "Go to dinner and celebrate your graduation."






Bai Dongying looked at the kite and the mulberry leaves, his face was deeply sad.


"East brother, you are at the same table with people." Someone was taking Bai Dongyu’s shoulder: "Don’t you chase?"


"My daughter is going to marry, what can I do?" Bai Dong slammed and turned his head to the sympathy of everyone. His expression changed: "What do you want?"


A weak classmate of a classmate: "Dong brother, don't you like her?"


"Who told you that I like her?" Bai Dongyu is inexplicable.


Everyone: "..."




Before you had such a good relationship, the same as the same, or the same table, did not have any special feelings?


Bai Dongying rushed to them with a blank eye: "You think so much, go."


Bai Dongying waved their hands and left in the other direction.


Until he walked out of the distance, Bai Dongyu stopped and looked at the direction of the first kite and the mulberry, and took a moment to regain his sight. He did not return.




The first kite and the mulberry came home separately. She just touched the key and the door was opened.


The man in the squatting out of the room with a full of alcohol, saw the first kite, revealing a yellow tooth: "Hey, Xiaochu is back."


The man did not stay much and left without a sway.


The first kite opened the door and looked inside the room. The road mother was not there. The road father sat on the sofa and smoked.


See the first kite back, and quickly extinguished the smoke.


First kite: "What is he doing?"


The father knows that the kite hits the road, and the expression is difficult: "Your uncle said the shortcomings..."


"Do you know why he lacks money and borrow money for him?" To solve the big boy's family, there is a small one, all of them are vampires.


Do it off!


"When your grandmother is there, he hurts him when he is young. He comes over and cries and makes trouble..." The blood relationship is there, and the road father is very soft to such people.


"He borrows money to take gambling. He can't gamble, so you can't fill this hole. If you want to watch this home, then continue to lend him. Anyway, it's not him who broke his family."


The first kite didn't say much, just like this, then I took the bag and entered the room.


The road father took a cigarette outside for a night.


After the road Xiaoshu came again, the first kite did not go out in the room, he listened as if the road father gave the money.


However, when Lu Xiaoshu left, he was not very happy. He shouted something like 'disregarding family'.


After this incident, Lu Xiaoshu never came again.


Lu Xiaoshu is quite good compared to the uncle's family. He used to ask for money. When the original family was in a difficult time, they avoided far, but they did not do the kind of wicked things like the big brother.


Therefore, after Lu Xiaoshu did not come, the first kite was too lazy to take care of him.


During the summer vacation, the first kite heard that the aunt's family was going to change the school to Lulu. There was no reason for the road, and only one of them was going to change.


In the eyes of the aunt, the original girl is a loss of money, but she is a darling, so the road is so troublesome, I can certainly do so.


The first kite heard that the original uncle had recently wanted to raise money to open a store. It was this thing at the beginning, and I don’t know how the uncle’s words were flicked by the father.


Now the Dabo family can't come to fool the road father, only to mortgage their own house.


It was easy for the kite to find a loan for them. The uncle listened to the loan more than he did, and the interest was not much. He immediately agreed.


Of course, the uncle is not so easy to believe, but the first kite found someone around the uncle to introduce the past, the acquaintance introduced most people will be assured, the uncle is naturally this psychology.


At the beginning, their family was such a planner, and now they should try it themselves.


The road you choose, of course, you have to go.


Before the start of the kite, ask the father of the road father: "Do you want to change a city?"


“Change a city?” The road father is surprised: “Here...”


"Some things need to be completely abandoned in order to live a real good day." The first kite said: "With your ability, no matter where you go, someone will rush to."


Lu's current position is already very high, and the ability is not to mention. If he has the meaning of job-hopping, many companies will hire him, and there is no need to worry about work.


The road mother is quite looking forward to it.


Although she has no contact with her aunt's family, she is still worried, and she is afraid that the family will come to the door again.


With the temper of her family, when the family cried, maybe...


The road father considered more: "I think about it."


This has just been put on the summer vacation, the time is still early, the first kite did not remind, let the road father slowly consider.


The original owner only knew that he had lost his temper and did not point out a way for the road father. Now the kite directly chooses him. As a father who loves his daughter, there is also a road mother who is longing for the pillow. The choice of the road father can be imagined.


The road mother would choose to accompany the original owner to study. It is estimated that the main reason is that they cannot stand those people.


I didn't expect to escape in the end...


Since the father of the road decided, he immediately acted, first reported to the company, and then contacted to find a job.


Those who have the ability, who are not rushing to ask, the road father will talk about the work in three days.


Then he went to settle there, and the road mother cleaned up at home.


"Xiaochu, are you taking these clothes away?" When the road mother cleaned up the wardrobe for the first kite, it was a bit of a slap in the small skirt that was full of the cabinet.




After all, it is your daughter's things.


"How did you buy so much..." The road mother came over the box and said: "I haven't seen you wearing it recently. Why, don't you like it?"


"I don't want to wear it."


The first kite and the road mother had a conversation, and the road mother quickly packed the clothes.


The first zither didn't work very much, of course, even if she wanted to do it, the road mother would not let her move.


"Xiaochu, you see, what is this?"


The voice of the road mother came from the door.


The kite took the slippers in the past: "What?"


The road mother pointed to the shoe cabinet outside the door.


The house was placed outside the door with a shoe cabinet or a shoe rack. Just now the road mother opened the shoe to clean the shoes inside, and the result was a black cloth bag inside.


I don’t know whether it’s embroidered or painted on the cloth bag. The pattern is very embarrassing, and it makes people feel uncomfortable.