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Song Yan, a senior high school student, lost his parents when he was a child. Before obtaining a mysterious and amazing ring, he has been often plunged into a vulnerable position and easily marginalized. However, his life is changed because of the cryptic ring.

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Short Title:MLR
Alternate Title:桃运神戒
Author:Not Mosquito
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#343
Monthly Rank:#410
All Time Rank:#142
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Hidden Abilities, Level System, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Poor to Rich, Romantic Subplot, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,

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9 thoughts on “Magic Love Ring
  1. El protagonista es un idiota, creo que debe ser por la cultura china (de algunos) de respetar demasiado a la familia, incluso de dejarse matar simplemente porque son familia, lleva muchas humillaciones y aún así se sigue esforzando por ellos, que decepción, si hubiera Sido en pocas ocasiones sería aceptable, pero sucede muchas veces, me dió demasiada rabia. El protagonista también es un princeso con las mujeres, tiene muchas oportunidades y no las aprovecha, incluso las mujeres quedan decepcionadas, es una buena historia pero estos clichés y estupideces no me gustan, no creo que pueda cambiar así que la abandonaré aquí. Aprox cap 100

  2. This is a great novel. All twists and turns in hundreds of different kind of light and fantasy novels, this one almost had it all. I wanna know the names of the other books of the author Mosquito.

  3. This is a great novel. All twist in hundreds of different kind of light and fantasy novel, this one has all. I wanna know the name of the other book of the author Mosquito!

  4. I’m enjoying the novel at first but when the system introduced world travel it became shit tier novel.
    And it’s annoying that mc only knows how to collect fame points but he isn’t using it at all. He will only use the useless points if something bad happens.
    And the system in mid chapters became asshole making the price of upgrades unreasonably high.
    The only useful draw mc got on the system is the mind control

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