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Song Yan, a senior high school student, lost his parents when he was a child. Before obtaining a mysterious and amazing ring, he has been often plunged into a vulnerable position and easily marginalized. However, his life is changed because of the cryptic ring.

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Short Title:MLR
Alternate Title:桃运神戒
Author:Not Mosquito
Weekly Rank:#3371
Monthly Rank:#2340
All Time Rank:#575
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Hidden Abilities, Level System, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Poor to Rich, Romantic Subplot, System Administrator, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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22 Comments on “Magic Love Ring
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  1. It was doing great right before paat 800 chapters. But the moment they had him fight other system users made me bored out the heck of it, literally zoomed pass the chapters till around 950 and it still was just as boring as before, it was just an author flex to show that his system was better. Meh, it fun while it lasted.

  2. Moral of the novel: Every chinese people if you look at them funny you will offend them and goes life and death struggle with you, with petty tricks and implications of your parents, grandparents, relatives, and your future sons and daughters. Yapp yapp that's all I learned reading this.

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