As for Elena.

 She dealt with her love rival through Moody's hands, and someone helped her take responsibility.

She can enjoy the results without having to pay anything, pretending to be a good person to get close to Ye Wangchuan who has lost his lover...

By the time the father and son were entangled by Qiao Nian’s ‘friends’, she would join forces with the ten elders and push the illegitimate son into the position of the new generation heir of the Theron family.

 When he comes back after dealing with the external disputes, there will be nothing left...

Mu Qingtian was thinking long-term, so he was shocked by Elena's ambition and cruelty.

"I can tolerate her ambition, but I cannot tolerate her using Moody to do shameful things and become her vassal."

Mu Qingtian's throat rolled, and he turned back to look at the thin horse face, with more seriousness in his eyes: "I remember that she got a lot of private property behind the back of the Eileen family outside. Go take good care of her business and wake her up. , let her know what to do and what not to touch!”

He doesn’t want to fall out with the Eileen family for the time being, otherwise Mu Qingtian will be able to crush Eileen to death for what she instigated behind her back this time.

Even if Mu Qingtian can't crush her to death for the time being, he doesn't want to make it easy for Elena.

"In addition..." He sneered: "There is a younger sister in the Irene family who is about the same age as her, and she is also very good. But she has been suppressed by her a lot in recent years, and she even coerced her elders and sent them away to study and gain experience. '."

Mu Qingtian, as an old fox, shouldn’t understand Elena’s thoughts too well.

Elena is ambitious and wants to climb up the ladder. She also wants to control half of the island through marriage and become a woman like Nie Qingru.

While she is working hard externally, she also does not forget to suppress her brothers and sisters at home and prevent any of her brothers and sisters from taking the spotlight.

 This includes her biological sister.

Eleanor was a child who showed intelligence at the age of seven or eight, and was sent into exile by the Eileen family in her teens.

Eleanor's euphemistic claim was that she was sent out to study and gain experience by her family, but in fact she was exiled by her family and was not allowed to return to the island.

Mu Qingtian knew how to make Elena frightened and suffer, and said to Shouma Lian: "...I will personally tell the leader of the Eileen family and ask her to bring the person back. The family, my sister, was killed by everyone on the island. Surrounded like a little goddess, how can my sister be exiled outside and not be able to return home even once a year?"

"She is usually good and knowledgeable. I think she will be very happy that her sister can come home!"

Mu Qingtian was smiling, but the smile did not reach his eyes, and there was only a terrifying coldness in his eyes.

He waved his hand, as if he was tired, and said to the thin horse-faced man: "Go, you go and finish what I told you first."

"Okay, Mr. Mu." The thin horse-faced man didn't care what Mu Qingtian said to him.

After all, only those young people in Shadow Ten who have never experienced hardship will be seduced by Elena's clumsy methods. People like them who have worked hard step by step from the outer sect can see at a glance that the so-called leaders of the younger generation on the island are nothing at all. The arrogant and aloof person is not the goddess he appears to be, he is just a young man who likes to put on airs.

He bowed to Mu Qingtian, quietly turned around and left, to complete the task assigned by Mu Qingtian, and to teach the superior eldest daughter of the Irene family a lesson.

 In fact, Mu Qingtian wanted to slap Elena in the face.