Hence, Mu Qingtian valued this person very highly and would tell him directly if he had any questions.

“We found him. He is in the hospital. Someone broke an arm and saved his life.” Mu Qingtian said in a gloomy tone.

The thin horse-faced man looked up at his face and said cautiously: "Who is so bold and dares to touch Young Master Mu? Do you want me to..."

Mu Qingtian shook his head, suppressed his anger, and gritted his teeth: "Humph, he is stupid and has no brains. He was used as a gunman by a woman, ran away and did stupid things and was caught by others. We are not reasonable. There’s no point in making a fuss!”

Mu Qingtian is such a smart man, otherwise he would not have been able to gradually encroach on the power of his family in just ten years, relying on the unexpected death of his tenth son, and become vaguely on an equal footing with the tenth elder.

 His brain is much easier to use than Moody's.

 Thinking a lot.

Mu Qingtian looked gloomy: "Even if we make a fuss, that old guy cooperates with us and pretends to be held accountable. As long as he finds out and knows that the fool did it for Elena first, do you think the ten elders will let it go?" This opportunity? He will definitely take this opportunity to bite off a piece of my flesh!"

“It’s not that I’m afraid of them so I won’t pursue the case, but it’s for the sake of that idiot that I can only endure it.”

  People on the island knew it well and all agreed that the marriage contract between Elena and Ye Wangchuan existed. However, Moody went to provoke Ye Wangchuan for Elena and was seriously injured.

If word of this gets out, Moody will only become a laughing stock.

And he had no way to hold Ye Wangchuan accountable.

the reason is simple.

  Mu Dixiao wanted to put his fiancée first and take action later.

No matter what the reason was for Ye Wangchuan to do this, Mu Di had to get a beating for nothing this time.

Mu Qingtian only has one son. No matter how strict he is in his discipline, he always hopes that his son will succeed, and he protects his shortcomings more than anyone else.

Moody was beaten like that and left half-dead in the hospital. How could he possibly swallow this breath?

 He always needs someone to vent to.

 Compared to those who hit others.

Mu Qingtian was even more angry at the person who caused the accident - Elena.

He suppressed the viciousness in his tone and said through gritted teeth, "I don't have to argue with Ye Wangchuan, but I need to remind someone not to treat my son as a fool."

The thin horse-faced man immediately understood who he was talking about: "You mean Miss Elena."

Mu Qingtian chuckled: "I was also optimistic about her. She is of noble birth, ambitious and capable, plus Mo Di likes her... I have never stopped Mo Di from getting closer to her, thinking that the overall situation in the future will be decided. , she is so smart and must know how to choose, so she may not be a good candidate for Mo Di’s wife.”

"But I didn't expect that she was too ambitious and too smart. She actually wanted to rely on her beauty to travel between two families...I can tolerate all this!"

Elena is ambitious and strategic.

  Such people are not very sincere to begin with.

Moody couldn't see clearly.

His age should not be too clear.

“She is not only ambitious, but also greedy. Even if she is greedy, she still dares to use Moody to do things for her, which almost leads to a big mistake!”

If something happens to Qiao Nian, the Independent Zhouji Family, the First Research Institute and the Red League will not let it go, not to mention that Lu Zhi in the illegal zone seems to have different feelings from Qiao Nian.

 At that time, these people will definitely avenge Qiao Nian, and Moody will become the target of public criticism and be hunted by these people. Even if he is confident that he can save his son's life, he will be annoyed to death by these people.

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