672 Chapter 672

The people on the 18th floor were speechless for a moment.

Someone may not have heard of Song Luting, who is from the Auditorium, who can't know the people like He Yuan and Feng Yuan?

Who doesn't know the Beijing Interpol Brigade?

This is probably the character most people in the circle want to work with.

Luo Qian was shocked instantly. He glanced at Pan Mingyue behind him, and instantly felt that the other party was tall, and the sister Liu opposite was exclaimed: "Well, I always thought she was a bronze!"

Thinking that he had been blowing Fan Tongya in front of her before, Luo Qian could not help but touch his head, then looked at the man who had connoted Pan Mingyue before, and said it louder with sister Liu.

His voice was actually not small, and many people around him heard it.

The man who had always had Pan Mingyue had no words for a moment.

Fan Tongya also glanced at Pan Mingyue, pursed her lips, and her eyes darkened slightly.

There are no secrets in the office.

Pan Mingyue's story spread not only on the 18th floor, but also on other levels.

Even Chief Jiang, who was in the office, was extremely surprised. He took the feedback report and looked at it for a long time. At first, he brought Pan Mingyue to his own department. It was entirely because of Jiang Yifan. Paved the way for her.

But he never thought that the student whose daughter asked him to cover, after all, would not need him to cover it at all.


Get off work at night.

When Pan Mingyue saw Lu Zhaoying's car parked not far away, he said goodbye to sister Luo Qian and Liu.

The two were very impressed with Lu Zhaoying's car yesterday. Today, I know that Pan Mingyue, who was able to participate in the big case seven years ago, may have unknown secrets, and without asking more, waved at Pan Mingyue and said goodbye directly.

"Did you feel that there was something inexplicable to Xiao Pan." Sister Liu looked at Pan Mingyue's back and could not help saying: "There is silence that is not in line with peers."

Luo Qian glanced at her and scratched her head: "Sister Liu, is this lady?"

Sister Liu stopped talking to Luo Qian.

Lu Zhaoying was not on the car. He parked the car on the roadside, squatted on the roadside himself, and was talking to the tramp sitting on the roadside.

In March, the temperature in Beijing was not very low.

When Pan Mingyue arrived, Lu Zhaoying was listening carefully to the confession of the tramp.

Seeing her, Lu Zhaoying crouched at the intersection and looked up. "Go to the car and wait for me."

He reached with his mouth, because he was squatting, his back was facing the light, and there was no cricket on his face that he used to see. He was a little more plain and serious.

Pan Mingyue looked at him for about a few seconds. After thinking about it, he got into Lu Zhaoying's car.

Lu Zhaoying still squatted, listening to the tramp's words.

When the other party was done, he waved at the tramp.

The tramp is not dirty. He has a beard full of faces, a pair of eyes that look a little vicissitudes, and said to Lu Zhaoying: "I have been at this intersection all the time."

Lu Zhaoying got up, smiled at him, and walked towards the car.

Lu Zhaoying had communicated with the homeless man twice, and the other party now said that his family was very calm.

From the words of the tramp, he realized what the tramp thinks now.

When he got in the car, Pan Mingyue was already in the back seat.

Lu Zhaoying gave her the bag in her hand.

In addition to her medicine, there is a cup of tea with milk.

She has a favorite taste with Qin Hui High School.

Lu Zhaoying took her to a meal and drove the car to Beijing University. Song Luting bought a house near Beijing University, but Pan Mingyue rarely went in to live.

Qin Yue and his team were very careful with Pan Mingyue. Lu Zhaoying stopped the car on the road from Beijing University. He looked in the rearview mirror and said quietly, "Here, be careful."

"Thank you." Pan Mingyue took a small sip of milk tea, thanked Lu Zhaoying, and got out of the car.


After dinner, at this point, it's getting late, the street lights are gradually on, and there aren't many people on the road.

Pan Mingyue slowly walked towards the bedroom building, and the hustle and bustle around her seemed incompatible with her.

Downstairs in the dormitory, many lovers parted.

Pan Mingyue pushed his black-framed glasses and walked quietly to the bedroom building.

It's just that my eyes are a little loose and I don't know what I'm thinking.

When he was about to enter the bedroom building, his arm was pulled hard.

Pan Mingyue came back from contemplation, and when the light and shadows disappeared, he saw the eyes of the seal. His face looked even stronger than before, "When will you be troubled for an irrelevant person? ? "

This sentence pulled Pan Mingyue out of his memories.

She looked at the speech. The other person looked more mature than two years ago, her eyes were deep, her trench coat was as clean and flat as ever.

Pan Mingyue pursed her lips, and as soon as she was about to pull out her arm, she felt like she was being torn apart by others.

The seal involuntarily took a step backward. He looked at the opposite side. The first thing that caught his eye was the light reflected from the earrings of the opponent. The seal narrowed his eyes and saw the other person clearly.

The other person was wearing a casual outfit, the button on the neckline was not fastened, and a cigarette was squinting in his mouth, which looked a bit informal and frowny.

Some familiar.

"You go up." Lu Zhaoying bowed his head, looked at Pan Mingyue, and flicked the soot in his hand.

Pan Mingyue did not expect her to be separated from Lu Zhaoying, but the other party did not leave, and she was always behind her.

She could not help thinking of many times in the past, whether the other party did not leave, and for a while, she forgot about the memories set off by the sudden words, only nodded with Lu Zhaoying, and then entered the bedroom.

"It's okay? Is something wrong at work?" In the bedroom, all three roommates came back. Jiang Yifan looked at Pan Mingyue and seemed to be a bit wrong, so he couldn't help asking.

Pan Mingyue returned to God, and she smiled at Jiang Yifan: "It's all right."

At the end, he asked again, "Is your father in the academy?"

Jiang Yifan said calmly: "Yeah, maybe you two are still working together."

Pan Mingyue glanced at her, and didn't talk anymore, but just took the towel and went to the bathroom, subconsciously came to look at the balcony, below the floor, Lu Zhaoying and the words of the seal disappeared.


The next day.

On Thursday, Pan Mingyue went to work step by step.

Today she came by subway and got off at the street next door, because there was not a lot of people on the road early.

At the intersection, I just met Sister Liu who had just got off the bus.

"Mingyue!" Sister Liu took a briefcase and waved at her. She had restricted traffic today and did not drive over.

Pan Mingyue bit the pancake and smiled at Sister Liu, "Sister Liu, early."

It looks good.

When Sister Liu came over, she also saw the tramp not far away. He was still at the position where he talked to Lu Zhaoying yesterday, and he slowly got up and stared in one direction.

"You're looking at him, it's pitiful." Sister Liu saw Pan Mingyue's direction and explained. "One of his twin sons passed the A-level test, and the other passed the Beijing University. When sending them to Beijing, this There was a car accident at the intersection. The two sons and his wife died in the accident, leaving him with a semi-disabled person. Since then, he has not left the intersection. People in the company know that sometimes he will be brought a little. thing."

Pan Mingyue quietly listened to Sister Liu's words, and looked at the tramp behind him while entering the gate of the Auditorium.

Most of the people from the Auditorium came early.

Both Pan Mingyue and Liu went to the lounge to make tea and coffee. Just after the two had poured water, Chief Jiang and his assistant arrived.

"What does he mean by Vice-President Liu? Why should this task be assigned to the 18th floor? I can't answer it anymore. I will be responsible to the 18th floor of us. Where is the hospital? I will go to the hospital!" Lao Yuan, You can hear Jiang Ke's angry voice.

Chief Jiang has been very good. This is the first time Pan Mingyue heard him so angry.

"It should be Jiangdong's task." When she heard the voice, she was an old fritter from the office. She frowned, and when she saw Pan Mingyue puzzled, she explained, "This is the case in the political world. Even if you don't fight, you are the nail of others' eyes. The case has not been broken for five months, and a notice was issued on it. It must be broken within half a month, one by one. But this thing always has to be done by someone, and it is kicked by Chief Jiang. One is not good, we all have to Involved. "

Sister Liu shook her head.

Pan Mingyue took a sip of tea and did not speak. She had heard of Jiang Dong's case before, but she had no direct contact with this matter. She returned to her seat and started writing an application form.

At noon, she followed Sister Liu and gave the registration form to the personnel department on the 17th floor.

The office door on the 17th floor was not closed, and she heard the voice coming from inside. It was Mr. Jiang's, "Don't want to kick us a ball on the 18th floor. The two of you are fighting, and I'll just say, don't come here. of!"

"These tasks were not assigned by me," said Vice President Liu. He was in a hurry. He was in two states with Jiang Jiang's office before. "Jiang Jiang, if you feel that you are not competent, you can resign and I will find Competent. "

This is the struggle between the two factions. Chief Jiang knew that he was in the way of others and blocked the way of others. This time, and next time.

His eyes were full of thoughts, and half of the people changed blood before and after the auditing hospital.

He did not belong to any filming, but it became a stumbling block for others. This time he was afraid that he could not escape, but before he left, he couldn't affect the people under his hand.

For a long while, he looked up tiredly, "I will resign, you are not allowed on the 18th floor ..."

"Vice Vice President Liu, Jiang Dong's case, we took it." Pan Mingyue stood at the door, interrupting Chief Jiang's words.

Liu Yuanyuan glanced towards the door, and a chubby girl who was stale, he sneered, not too concerned, "You?"

The contempt in the bottom of the eyes and the words seemed to come out.

The incident in Jiangdong, the ultimatum above and below, for half a month, everyone knows, the case has not been found in the past five months, what can be done in half a month? Where's the milky smelly girl from here?

Pan Mingyue put her hand against her glasses, her eyelids dropped, and said gently and calmly, "Well, I."


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