Mad Son-in-law

I am an abandoned son, but my life is hard and persevering; I am a son-in-law, but I am full of madness, how can I lower my head? After fifteen years of stinging, he was despised and humiliated, just to open the road to revenge. I just want to rely on my own hands to […].... Read more

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Chapter 464 Greetings from afar (the finale) Chapter 463 Greetings from afar (the finale) Chapter 462 Tit for tat

Chapter 461 Hurriedly jump over the wall Chapter 460 Aggressive Chapter 459 This is a threat Chapter 458 Decisive Chapter 457 Accidental witness Chapter 456 Shut up Chapter 455 General meeting of shareholders Chapter 454 Half the truth Chapter 453 Stale SMS

Chapter 452 What did you say Chapter 451 People behind the scenes Chapter 450 pay a visit to

Chapter 449 Return to the original owner Chapter 448 Go meet the ugly Chapter 447 Dead fish Chapter 446 Turn over Chapter 445 Humane injustice Chapter 444 Zhang net is waiting Chapter 443 Vomiting blood Chapter 442 I am a shareholder Chapter 441 try it yourself

Chapter 440 Passionate debut Chapter 439 General meeting of shareholders Chapter 438 The old part came to Korea Chapter 437 Organization alliance Chapter 436 Childhood sweetheart Chapter 435 Cooperate tacitly Chapter 434 Willing to bet Chapter 433 Drag racing Chapter 432 The last chance Chapter 431 Lead the snake out of the hole Chapter 430 welcome Chapter 429 Villain tricks

Chapter 428 Wishful thinking Chapter 427 Come back to life Chapter 426 The King of Poison Chapter 425 Little punishment Chapter 424 Veterinarian Chapter 423 There is hope Chapter 422 Seven worms become epilepsy Chapter 421 Knife cut worm Chapter 420 Never admit defeat Chapter 419 People in Gu Chapter 418 Man wielding a knife Chapter 417 Someone hiding here

Chapter 416 Divorce Chapter 415 I am determined by myself Chapter 414 I'm ready Chapter 413 Go to the meeting alone Chapter 412 Enwei and Shi Chapter 411 Outside of 吃 艒 Chapter 410 Worthless Chapter 409 Aventure in the sky Chapter 408 Lean towards Tiger Mountain Chapter 407 Catch the ducks on the shelves Chapter 406 Great partner Chapter 405 To avoid future troubles

Chapter 404 Surgery out of the same door Chapter 403 Full defense Chapter 402 Return in victory Chapter 401 A big win Chapter 400 Deception Chapter 399 Watching the mountains and watching the water Chapter 398 Vicious person Chapter 397 Ghost Eater on the Table Chapter 396 I am heaven Chapter 395 Money makes ghosts grind Chapter 394 The village chief is a fart Chapter 393 The connotation of the gift

Chapter 392 One mouth, one sweet date Chapter 391 Sow discord Chapter 390 Three strategies Chapter 389 I must be punished Chapter 388 Installed monitoring Chapter 387 Unexpected Chapter 386 Laozi's surname is Wang Chapter 385 Words from the blind man Chapter 384 You bothered me Chapter 383 Conclusive evidence Chapter 382 Villainous Chapter 381 Amazing news

Chapter 380 She is my woman Chapter 379 Meet Lan Shan halfway Chapter 378 You are the one who beats Chapter 377 Upset tonight Chapter 376 Young Master Wang Family Chapter 375 Rich and wayward Chapter 374 Spend a lot of time Chapter 373 Unexpected appointment Chapter 372 Found someone Chapter 371 Magnificent Lin Huang Chapter 370 Blitz Chapter 369 I lost this game

Chapter 368 Cruel Chapter 367 It asks you again Chapter 366 One ring and one ring Chapter 365 Can't argue Chapter 364 Action woman Chapter 363 Conspiracy Chapter 362 Notorious (thanks to watermelon) Chapter 361 Bitterly forced (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 360 Heart and liver trembled (thanks to watermelon) Chapter 359 Take advantage of strength (thanks to Adong) Chapter 358 Soldiers come to block (thanks to watermelon for unblocking) Chapter 357 Retreat

Chapter 356 Emerald finger Chapter 355 Mid-Levels Manor (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 354 Those who oppose me die (thanks to Deng) Chapter 353 Crazy face Chapter 352 Please leave (thanks to Xiao Weibin) Chapter 351 Humiliation Chapter 350 Drama family Chapter 349 New hatred Chapter 348 The road is not flat (thanks Adong) Chapter 347 Complain Chapter 346 The last blow (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 345 Psychological temptation

Chapter 344 Still cure the body (thanks to the guardian of the 24th) Chapter 343 Overestimate yourself (thanks to ACE Mozun and Zuer) Chapter 342 Do one thing Chapter 341 Each is pregnant with ghosts (thanks to the bad boy Zhang) Chapter 340 Go with the flow Chapter 339 Ghost 疰 violent excitement (thanks to Lanzi Zhang) Chapter 338 Rush to kill (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 337 Crazy Crit (Thanks for laughing and complimenting) Chapter 336 Red-eyed Wang Jie (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 335 Two bears lose one tiger (thanks to Ren Wuyue Qiu Huaxie) Chapter 334 Killer Yin Shisan (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 333 They don't lie

Chapter 332 Seeing anecdotes in the pit (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 331 Raising a traitor is like raising a tiger (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 330 The gun escapes (thanks Lan Shan) Chapter 329 Don’t die, don’t need money (thanks to wood) Chapter 328 Prestigious Cloud City (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 327 King's Confidence Chapter 326 What is this person's name Chapter 325 Play mental tactics (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 324 You are black in the hall Chapter 323 Ghost horn in the middle of the night (thanks to old R) Chapter 322 You have no choice Chapter 321 Don't install large cloves of garlic (thanks to Lan Shan)

Chapter 320 Fell into the women's toilet Chapter 319 Strong opponent (thanks to Lanzi Zhang) Chapter 318 The innocent substitute for the dead ghost (thanks Chapter 317 The black hand behind (thanks Xiluo) Chapter 316 Eat meat with him Chapter 315 Jackal bites evil dog Chapter 314 The game of the king (thanks to old R) Chapter 313 Dr. Three Materials Chapter 312 Pick up the pieces Chapter 311 Ten years too long Chapter 310 Three people work together (thanks Chapter 309 Chinese Medicine Tianqi

Chapter 308 Refuse to make peace (thanks to Nanchen and Lingfeng) Chapter 307 Cherish the food (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 306 Good fortune (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 305 I will fulfill you (thanks to Qiu Lan) Chapter 304 I can’t get used to it Chapter 303 Brothers Wall Chapter 302 Four dead (thanks to Lanzi Zhang) Chapter 301 The oriole is behind (thanks to Adong) Chapter 300 There is a sniper rifle (thanks to Lanzi Zhang) Chapter 299 Revenge Clown Chapter 298 Find the opportunity (thanks to little bird) Chapter 297 I am his brother (thanks to Jinzhong)

Chapter 296 explain clearly Chapter 295 Let's wait and see Chapter 294 I admit it (thanks to the little monk knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 293 Go to the meeting alone Chapter 292 Thief Chapter 291 Great magician Chapter 290 I really knelt (thanks to Adong, the old city has no NI) Chapter 289 I don't need money Chapter 288 Revenge is coming (thanks to the little monk for knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 287 Everyone betrayed their relatives (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 286 Begging for mercy Chapter 285 No discussion (thanks Richarda)

Chapter 284 Justified (four more) Chapter 283 Don't test me (thanks to old R) Chapter 282 This is fake (thanks Chapter 281 Luxurious ingredients (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 280 Please show your face Chapter 279 Black gold unicorn (thanks to Zonidan) Chapter 278 My boyfriend (thanks to Nightcrawler) Chapter 277 You are looking for death Chapter 276 Fight back (thanks to Yule) Chapter 275 Awesome (thanks Mu Zili) Chapter 274 But be the most expensive (thanks to Yiqi Juechen) Chapter 273 Hao Heng

Chapter 272 Money is numbers Chapter 271 You're dead Chapter 270 Old Zan Story Chapter 269 Kidnapped Chapter 268 Unexpected Chapter 267 Surprised (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 266 The person in the quilt (thanks to the crowdfunding pros) Chapter 265 It's nine o'clock tonight (thanks to Mr. Kim Jong) Chapter 264 Then kneel Chapter 263 Don't regret Chapter 262 Due to punishment Chapter 261 Never used to

Chapter 260 Willing to run naked Chapter 259 Bad stomach Chapter 258 Mutual calculation Chapter 257 Cassiopeia meteor Chapter 256 Not seeing each other in this life Chapter 255 I am a good gambler (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 254 Strange smell (thanks to Liu Jianyu and Da Chenzi) Chapter 253 The triumphant meeting (thanks to Lu mm) Chapter 252 Someone behind you Chapter 251 Stalemate between the two tigers Chapter 250 Angels and demons (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 249 You are looking for (four more)

Chapter 248 I'm more ruthless than you (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 247 Keep everything Chapter 246 You don't know me (thanks to old R) Chapter 245 I'm the most reasonable (thanks Adong) Chapter 244 I teach you how to be a man (thanks to Deng7386 for unblocking) Chapter 243 Blood splattered at Guandi Temple (thanks to old R) Chapter 242 Under the Clouds and Snake Mountain (Thanks to the guardian of the Northern Territory Crazy Life) Chapter 241 The trio (thanks to old R and Lan Shan for their rewards) Chapter 240 A clever look at the secrets (thanks to the guardian of the 24th) Chapter 239 Double cheap (Thank you for my love for your guardian) Chapter 238 Walk for the sky Chapter 237 Deliberately find fault

Chapter 236 Strategize (thanks to the old brother of construction engineering for guarding in June) Chapter 235 Adversity Chapter 234 Observe the details Chapter 233 Nod and bow Chapter 232 Full of confidence Chapter 231 A mess (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 230 Three women (thanks to the youthful spirit) Chapter 229 Sinister intentions Chapter 228 Rouge gouache (thanks to Jinzhong for unblocking and Devil Fruit) Chapter 227 Unexpected discovery (four more) Chapter 226 No misfortune (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 225 Vulture superior (thanks to the two hundred devil fruits of old R)

Chapter 224 Yang Dun 9th Bureau (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 223 Gambling game (seeking devil fruit) Chapter 222 Psychological tactics (thanks to old R) Chapter 221 Go straight ahead (thanks to Lanzi Zhang) Chapter 220 The wind is surging (four more) Chapter 219 Perverted boss Chapter 218 Intrigue (thanks to the little monk for knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 217 Storytelling hookup (thanks for laughing at me vulgar) Chapter 216 Gambling racing (four more) Chapter 215 You are not worthy (thanks to old R) Chapter 214 Make a conclusion Chapter 213 Say yes or no (thanks to old R for unblocking)

Chapter 212 No bloodthirsty (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 211 Instantly crushed Chapter 210 Tit for tat (thank you all, Devil Fruit) Chapter 209 The complexion is not good (thanks to Christian for unblocking) Chapter 208 The thief aboard the thief ship (four more) Chapter 207 Time to close the net Chapter 206 You come home Chapter 205 No tatters (thanks to Wuxinjian) Chapter 204 Smelly piece of land (four more) Chapter 203 Blood debt and blood repayment (thanks to the bad boy Zhang Xiefeng) Chapter 202 Do you dare to kill me? (Thanks to Wuxinjian for unblocking) Chapter 201 Speculate on people's hearts

Chapter 200 Search the whole city (four more) Chapter 199 Emergent person Chapter 198 Lock the position (thanks to Gu Yalong) Chapter 197 Leave it to me (thanks to Xiao Weibin and Xingzhe Wujiang) Chapter 196 Soldiers are in danger (four more) Chapter 195 Action begins Chapter 194 One trick is enough (thanks to Mu and gaaralolo) Chapter 193 I beat you (thanks Adong) Chapter 192 Anniversary 100 days (thanks to the dazzling edge) Chapter 191 Humiliated face to face (thanks to the hunters in the mountains) Chapter 190 Flurry of Demons Chapter 189 Miss Domineering

Chapter 188 Try it out (Thank you for not leaving) Chapter 187 Mass performance (thanks to the former king) Chapter 186 Great battle (thanks to Xiao Weibin) Chapter 185 She is leaving (thanks to the old ghost for unblocking) Chapter 184 Revenge (thanks to Xiao Weibin for unblocking) Chapter 183 Passionate (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 182 Shocking news (thanks to Guanxi) Chapter 181 Go to a place (thanks to the guardian who passed by with a smile) Chapter 180 Arsenic honey (thanks to the former kings) Chapter 179 The express arrived (thanks to Adong for unblocking) Chapter 178 Arrange the chess pieces Chapter 177 Hunter prey

Chapter 176 Smooth sniper (thanks to Zong for unblocking) Chapter 175 Killer character (thanks to the bad guy Zhang) Chapter 174 Turned out to be her Chapter 173 Ask for trouble (thanks to Kim Jong) Chapter 172 Take the blame Chapter 171 The best scum girl (thanks to Adong) Chapter 170 I will fight back (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 169 Pawn soul (add more for everyone's devil fruit) Chapter 168 Embarrassed (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 167 Hao Meng's transformation Chapter 166 My heart is not dead (thanks to Mr. Adong) Chapter 165 The killer is home (seeking devil fruit)

Chapter 164 Good people can’t be deceived (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 163 The mayfly shakes the tree (thanks to Xiao Weibin and the little monk for knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 162 Poverty is the original sin (thanks to Lan Shan for the four bottles of shampoo and unblocking) Chapter 161 It's better not to mess with him (seeking devil fruit) Chapter 160 May I ask who won (thanks to GoodGame for unblocking) Chapter 159 Export Serve Chapter 158 Pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger (thanks to Lan Zi Zhang for unblocking) Chapter 157 One mind can be used for three purposes (thanks to Xiao Weibin for unblocking) Chapter 156 this is my friend Chapter 155 Unfamiliar young people (thanks to Perfecshit for guarding) Chapter 154 Near-death experience (thanks to Zong 284 for unblocking) Chapter 153 Road female killer (thanks to bad boy Zhang)

Chapter 152 I can't give it to you Chapter 151 Just fooling you Chapter 150 A set of winners and losers (thanks to Yeku for unblocking) Chapter 149 Am i rogue Chapter 148 Gave you a chance ~ The first time! "Wang Jie mumbled: "The one who should come will always come." " Chapter 147 To find a painting (thanks to old R) Chapter 146 Blind man Chapter 145 Threatening to go out of the Xuanmen (thanks to the crowdfunding of fan circle) Chapter 144 How can the horse be returned (thanks to the little monk for knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 143 Thousand Miles Solo Club (Thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 142 Wine Bureau meets Lin Huang

Chapter 141 The tree fell down and the hunger was scattered (thanks to the little monk for knocking on the wooden fish) Chapter 140 Heart of Sima Zhao (thanks to the former king) Chapter 139 Master of Songlinyu (thanks to the eighth pawnshop) Chapter 138 Demolition of the bridge after crossing the river Chapter 137 The face is gone (thanks to old R) Chapter 136 Cat catching mouse (four more) Chapter 135 The lunatic asylum family (thanks to Jinzhong) Chapter 134 Suddenly turn to the doctor (thanks to Tietong) Chapter 133 Add fuel to the fire (thanks to Aran for unblocking) Chapter 132 Dog eyes look down on people (thanks to Xiao Weibin and Zonidan) Chapter 131 Kill with a slow knife (thanks Tietong) Chapter 131 There is reincarnation in the way of heaven (thanks to the former king for rewarding essential oils)

Chapter 130 Don't blame me for being unkind (thanks to Jinzhong for unblocking) Chapter 129 Send Buddha to the west (seeking devil fruit) Chapter 128 Killing with a knife Chapter 127 kill without spilling blood Chapter 126 The most poisonous woman's heart Chapter 125 Little test (thanks to old R) Chapter 124 You're done (thanks for forgetting Wuxin) Chapter 123 Here comes the money Chapter 122 Guess who i am Chapter 121 Killing the inverse class (Happy New Year's Eve everyone) Chapter 120 Lead the snake out of the cave (thanks to Jiang Lin) Chapter 119 how is this possible

Chapter 118 Is that Wang Jie? (Thanks to old R) Chapter 117 Nothing more to do Chapter 116 There is someone outside the door (Thank you, let’s not leave) Chapter 115 Turn your face in an instant (thanks to Jiang Lin and Jingcheng Sao Nian) Chapter 114 The girl surnamed Lan Chapter 113 If you want to refuse and welcome (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 112 Young talent (thanks to the former king) Chapter 111 I gave it to you (thanks to old R for unblocking) Chapter 110 Poems in the belly (thanks to old R for unblocking) Chapter 109 Superfluous Chapter 108 Plan ahead (thanks to the crowdfunding in the fan circle) Chapter 107 There is someone behind (thanks to Mr. Lan Shan)

Chapter 106 I bought it (seeking devil fruit) Chapter 105 Please enter the urn (thanks to old R for unblocking) Chapter 104 Send a pennant (thanks to old R for unblocking) Chapter 103 Is a person (seeking devil fruit) Chapter 102 Send you on the road (thanks to bad boy Zhang) Chapter 101 Put to death Chapter 100 Master Hacker (thanks to Jinzhong for unblocking) Chapter 99 Must retaliate Chapter 98 Annoyed me (thanks to Zonidan for guarding) Chapter 97 Gentleman Lin Huang (thanks to Jin Zhong for unblocking) Chapter 96 Anything else (Thank you for unblocking life as a dream and illusion) Chapter 95 The kicking hall is coming (thanks to everyone for the devil fruit)

Chapter 94 This person belongs to me (thanks to Cai Shuikun who can only sing rap and basketball) Chapter 93 The next bad guy (thanks Xiluo) Chapter 92 Fighting for the top of the bull (seeking the devil fruit) Chapter 91 Boring party (thanks to Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 90 Splash with splash (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 89 Mandibular Nematode Chapter 88 Evil dog bites people (Thanks to Jinzhong 0171 for unblocking) Chapter 87 live Chapter 86 Yuanjia Luzhai (Thanks to Shen Chunmei and Xiaori for the end of the book) Chapter 85 Start the action (thanks to Jingcheng Sao Nian and Yueyue for unblocking) Chapter 84 I get paid Chapter 83 I fulfill you

Chapter 82 The hotel is waiting for you (Thank you for your guardianship) Chapter 81 Under the gun (thanks to the book friend 139097709 for unblocking) Chapter 80 Close the door and hit the dog (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 79 Up to the bottom Chapter 78 The storm strikes (thanks to Shen Chunmei for unblocking) Chapter 77 Swear every day (Thank you Fu brother for your protection) Chapter 78 Femme-hearted (thanks to Mr. Perfect) Chapter 77 Best family Chapter 76 Human tragedy (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 75 Go to see heart disease (thanks to the fan circle) Chapter 74 Taimei meet (thanks to Mr. Perfect for unblocking) Chapter 73 Tea worm

Chapter 72 Good friend (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 71 Show your skills Chapter 70 Embracing the Buddha's feet (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 69 You have no face Chapter 68 Step by step (thanks to Xiluo for unblocking) Chapter 67 Sweet water animals (thanks to the number brother for unblocking (the little monk knocks on wooden fish)) Chapter 66 Bloody killing (thanks back to back for saying I love you) Chapter 65 Hug me tight Chapter 64 Bit by bit Chapter 63 For my use (thanks to Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 62 Mouthful (thanks to Murong Mulan for unblocking) Chapter 61 Seven degrees of space

Chapter 60 The beard is the most handsome (thanks to the unblocking of Huhe Banner) Chapter 59 Controlling people (thanks to the guardian of the back to back to say 嫒舩) Chapter 58 Wang Wang Wang Wang (thanks to Xiaoyao for unblocking) Chapter 57 Really fate (thanks to Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 56 Happy (thanks Lan Shan) Chapter 55 Staring at someone (thanks to Zonidan for unblocking) Chapter 54 Became the director (thanks to Mo Mohui for unblocking) Chapter 53 Miss Chu Family (Add one more for the double guardian Chapter 52 Play less evil Chapter 51 Pool beauty (thanks to the guardian of old R) Chapter 50 Life experience ups and downs (thanks to Zonidan for unblocking) Chapter 49 It's a matter of course

Chapter 48 My name is Wang Jie (thanks to the guardian of the farmer's cooperative in my homeland) Chapter 47 Family fighting (thanks to Zonidan for unblocking) Chapter 46 The nightclub prince (thanks to Beijing Sao Nian) Chapter 45 Who is Long Brother Chapter 44 I am a gambler (thanks to old R for unblocking) Chapter 43 Solve by yourself (thanks to Shen Chunmei and Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 42 The wicked talk (thanks to brother gaaralolo for unblocking) Chapter 41 Jedi Escape (thanks to Zonidan for unblocking) Chapter 40 Leap on the verge of death Chapter 39 You die and die Chapter 38 Clouds suddenly rise (thanks to Lan Shan) Chapter 37 Rich daughter (thanks to Lan Shan)

Chapter 36 Hide a knife in a smile Chapter 35 Logical reasoning (thanks to the big mouse for unblocking) Chapter 34 Yunnan Folk Songs (thanks to Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 33 Chufa Chapter 32 Entering the house in the middle of the night (thanks to Beijing Saonian, unblocking on the 2.4th) Chapter 31 Observe your words (thanks to the old R for unblocking) Chapter 30 Meet a liar Chapter 29 People behind Chapter 28 Sweet words (thanks to Lan Shan for unblocking) Chapter 27 Rumors and slander Chapter 26 Another car accident Chapter 25 Weird family (thanks

Chapter 24 Javier must be reported Chapter 23 Bad guys do blame Chapter 22 Weird stuff Chapter 21 Kind don't go Chapter 20 Ambitious Chapter 19 Freud Chapter 18 Let's have another one (thanks to Brother Mouse for guarding) Chapter 17 Boring Chapter 16 Twenty-eight driver Chapter 15 Personal musician Chapter 14 A bit acetic Chapter 13 Seated guests

Chapter 12 The evil wolf looks up (thanks to Lan Shan for the first killing and unblocking of the book) Chapter 11 Da Le Bi Yi Chapter 10 Flower Keeper Chapter 9 Send someone under the fence Chapter 8 Rosy Chapter 7 Drill my crotch (thanks to Jianpanxia essential oil) Chapter 6 A paper break Chapter 5 Kneel down to me Chapter 4 Dog meat on the table Chapter 3 Buy one get one free Chapter 2 Ruthless Chapter 1 Cowardly as a mouse

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