In fact, he knew exactly how many shareholders can vote in the group! Knowing that Wang Xin has appeared, it means that all the shareholders have appeared. Now, I have become the decisive factor in deciding who is the king of the two, which is exactly the same as the ending I desire!

"Brother Jie, hurry up and beg for an old thing too!" Zhang Dabiao whispered: "At this time, bow your head first, it's worth it!"

"Don't bow your head!" Wang Jie said coldly: "What belongs to me is mine. Whoever snatches it, then I will destroy it! I will never bow my head like anyone else!"

Seeing Wang Jie's unruly eyes, Wang Bojun stood up. He was about to break his promise. At this time, he still had to support Wang Xuan. After all, Wang Xuan was more suitable in terms of ease of control!

"Everyone, let me say a few words!" Just when Wang Bojun was about to make a final decision, Luo Xiaobei suddenly came in too!

"Xiao Luo?" Wang Bojun said: "The company affairs, no matter how big it is, I have to wait a while, I have something to announce!"

"Chairman Wang, you should wait a minute!" Luo Xiaobei respectfully said: "I have to say about this now!" After finishing speaking, Luo Xiaobei said, "Actually, I still have a vote in my hand!"

"Nonsense!" Wang Hongshen blurted out: "You are an outsider, where do you get equity? Besides, you have only been to Wang's house for a few days? Give me back!"

Luo Xiaobei said neither overbearing nor overbearing: "I'm sorry, it must be explained that the equity in my hand is entrusted from a distant place, and I just announced it on his behalf!"

Luo Xiaobei said, took out a stock holding certificate of 2% of the Wang Group, and said loudly: "This shareholder, I want to send Mr. Wang Jie a greeting from afar. He voted for Mr. Wang Jie. One vote. He urged Mr. Wang Jie not to forget his original aspirations and be determined."

Long uproar.

Wang Xuan rushed up angrily, checking the equity certificate...

"No problem, it's true... it turned out to be true!" Wang Xuan roared, "Who is it, who is it? How could this be?"

In fact, Wang Jie and Lan Shan, and even Wang Bojun and Wang Xin were all stupid. How could Luo Xiaobei have as much as 2% of the Wang family's equity? You know, the Wang family has never been listed. More than one percent of the shareholders are the Wang family, relatives, relatives, and a very small number of executives. Who is behind Luo Xiaobei?

"Wang Jie, look, that's 2%!" Lan Shan suddenly said quietly!

Wake up with a word, Wang Jie suddenly realized what Lan Shan meant, 2%, Wang Xin's 3%, combined that is 5%, which is the initial share held by the three Wang family...

"Could it be...could it be..." Wang Jie became more excited when he thought of Luo Xiaobei's education and experience in Western Europe, as well as his "greetings from afar".

Wang Bojun was so hot. While he was stunned, he also had a thought in his heart. This 2% of the shares can only be Wang Hongyuan's remaining shares that have disappeared for eight years...

This also means... means...

Wang Bojun didn't dare to think about it anymore, and sat down on the chair.

Is the son who has made him jealous and who feels the most glorious, is still alive? Then why doesn't he come back? He can come back and fight with the whole family, and he can settle his sins. Why didn't he come back, but disappeared?

Because he sees through? He hates this family?

Wang Bojun two lines of old tears, down his cheeks...

"I... I insist on abstaining!" Wang Bojun muttered. He gave up at the last moment, maybe he was full of guilt for that talented person! At least, at this moment, he decided to let Wang Jie win. As for in the future, he can still give it a try...

Wang Jie restrained his excitement and said loudly: "Uncle, eldest brother, now the voting is over, do you recognize it? I said that Wang Jie was driven out of Yancheng by your joint forces, and I will get it all back sooner or later. , It’s just the first step, the first step! I have lost more than that. We are going to be in a long water, take it slowly, and calculate it slowly!"

"I don't agree, I don't accept it!" Wang Xuan was emotional, and roared: "You guys unite to play a conspiracy. I don't accept this ending. Any election that doesn't obey my will is meaningless. I don't admit it! Bai Weng, you still What are you waiting for? Act according to the worst plan. Today, all those who don’t support me, no one will leave here! Especially Wang Jie, I have to bear with you enough, you little bastard, it’s enough to survive, you Why are you not satisfied with me? Do you have to see the coffin to repent? I made you perfect!"

Wang Xuan, who had lost his sanity, ignored everything. With a roar, he rushed into forty or fifty nursing homes directly from the outside, including more than a dozen secondary nursing homes!

"What are you doing? Rebellion, I haven't spoken yet!" Wang Bojun said loudly!

"Master, I'm sorry. There was a mistake in the past, but now there is Qingjun's side. If Young Master Wang Xuan comes down, what do we people eat? What do we drink? When I take Wang Jie, we will naturally apologize to you!"

With the words, a figure whirled down from the open-air window, and a fierce eagle claw hand rushed towards Wang Jie frantically!

Wang Bojun waved his big hand, Bihand and Mo Yang turned over and walked in to help out.

Unexpectedly, Wang Bojun just stared, and shouted, "Protect me!"

Bishou and Mo Yang were originally going to join forces to deal with Bai Weng, but they were all taken aback when they heard this. However, out of the loyalty of the nursing home, they hurriedly retreated to Wang Bojun's front, left and right, protecting the whole body!

Obviously, in Wang Bojun's heart, nothing is more important than his own life!

"This is the third time you have killed me. Do you think I will give up easily?" Wang Jie knew that the white Weng was there, and hung low on the ground, avoiding the white Weng's sneak attack. He snapped the stool and put the stool down. Kicked up!

Bai Weng lost his hand at a glance, instantly changed his strategy, turned and grabbed Lan Shan's throat. Following this, dozens of nursing homes swarmed up...

This was obviously a trick to encircle Wei and save Zhao in an attempt to attract Wang Jie to turn around and fight, and then attack again.

Seeing the conspiracy, Lan Shan responded calmly and said loudly: "Don't turn around, I will respond!"

That being said, Wang Jie knew that Lan Shan was not Bai Weng's opponent, and he didn't care about his undecided figure, so he turned around and turned around!

Bai Weng smiled triumphantly, grabbed Wang Jie's calf, and with a creak, his trousers and flesh were snatched off raw!

The old thing made two wrong moves in a row, suppressing Wang Jie's block, and ran to Wang Jie's life gate again!

Lin Huang, Zhang Dabiao, and even Wang Yi all rushed up crazy, but Bai Weng flicked his robe confidently, and the silver needles all over his body flew out dazzlingly, and everyone had no choice but to retreat!

"Boy, you are dead!"

"Then give it a try! See if you killed me with a third hand!" Wang Jie had the first two experiences, and this time, he was about to hold Bai Weng's two wrists!

The two of them crossed their arms like this, tightly entwined!

"Unfortunately, I really have a third hand! Look!" At the critical moment, Bai Weng suddenly smiled, his body was pliable with a bent leg over his shoulder, and a dagger came out with a rub on the toe. Whenever the tip of the knife hits the head, there is only one death...

"Be careful!" Lan Shan shouted.

No one knew that Bai Weng had such flexibility at his age. The key point is that he hides a knife all over his body, and his toes have really turned into a murderer's third hand at this time!

"Old thief Hao, do not change his death!" At the moment of desperation, a person wearing a red card suddenly flashed at the outer door, and then, with a snap, a red flying stone rushed towards him.

The speed of this stone is extremely powerful, which shows how deep this person's internal strength is.

Bai Weng shuddered in fright and hurriedly dodged. At this moment, Wang Jie seized the gap and suddenly withdrew his hand. Feng Xing cut down from the sky, and was smashing into the panic Bai Weng's forehead.

The old man was startled, his whole body froze, then his eyes became muddy, his body shook, and he lay on the ground!

When Bai Weng died, the other rebel nursing homes were all shocked...

"It's Chiyan Nursing Home!" Bi Shou and Mo Yang blurted out while looking at the figure at the door! ~ Chi Yan, like Wang Hongyuan, who should have been dead for eight years appeared...

Wang Bojun knew that it was inevitable for Wang Jie to be in high position, and at this time he could only push the boat along the river...

"Bi Shou, Mo Yang, what are you waiting for? Sweep all the rebellion in one swoop, never be merciless!"

Wang Bojun’s last order was issued, and his blue hand blew a sharp whistle in the air. All of a sudden, the crowds came in from all directions, all of them were the hospitals that the Wang family had operated for decades...

However, this is no longer a concern. People's eyes all fell on the red-clothed old man at the door...

Wang Jie stepped on the blood dripping from Bai Weng's head, pushed away the stunned Wang Hongshen, passed the frantic Wang Xuan coldly, and ran towards the red-clothed old man at the door...

"Young Master, this is a greeting from afar!" Chi Yan smiled and said: "Your battle is over, but your battle has just begun. He asks you, are you ready?"

Wang Jie choked a little, then smiled loudly: "I am always ready. For eight years, I live for war every day! Is he okay?"

"He is fine, but he needs you!" Equatorial said.

Wang Jie said: "I am willing! Live to death, fight for life!"



A year later, on the streets of the Western Continent, an eastern face appeared. A quiet girl stood beside him. What they were going to was an underground casino of an extreme organization... There, several groups in the East were hidden and perished. 'S secret...

Announcement: End of this

Dear friends, I'm sorry, really, it's over.

I have written the book for several years, but I don’t feel much emotion anymore.

However, this book is different, and there are still many words in my heart.

The first book ever dropped by an eunuch. Think about my first book that year, I kept writing more than one million words for six to seven hundred yuan a month. In fact, it was really a bit uncomfortable. Now sometimes I don't have the chance to be persistent.

No way, each line has its own rules. You have to abide by the rules when you eat in the circle. I am responsible for the poor grades. I'm sorry, especially the brothers who have watched me for a long time. It is you who are most ashamed of.

Because when I was designing this book, I was rushing for millions of words, so the spreading booth was so big, and there were so many foreshadowings that it took me 20 days to finish it from the time I received the notice to today. handle. However, there are many pitfalls left unfilled, and many clues have not been solved in time. If there is a level of human growth, then Wang Jie is now a small beast, much different from the big swallowing beast I designed!

Another example is the villain. In fact, the big villain hasn't shown his feet up until now. In addition to the Miyano family, there is also an important figure, Lu Zhi...Although Wang Xuan is not the biggest villain, I intended to write his cunning and profound. Yes, it’s a pity that the horse is thin and long, and it is gold in appearance, but it was scrapped with black iron, and the low burst...

There are still many characters who haven’t had time to elaborate. For example, Luo Xiaobei and Wangyi were originally the main characters in the middle and late stages, so that the main emotional line of the male protagonist and Lan Shan can’t float... Also, the series of ancient The meaning of painting, the competition of forces behind the two organizations...

Forget it, forget it, I won't list them one by one, in short, this book is rushed, sorry everyone. Maybe it's because I don't have enough knowledge, or it's a coincidence of various chances. For example, I don't like to read the book's unlucky name...

I don’t know when or where it will appear in the next book. In short, I will continue with my original intention and determination. Thank you guys, you are the best readers I have ever met. Of course, I also want to thank the cool craftsman, the platform has the difficulty of the platform, at least it is full of kindness to me. Thank you my old editor, thank you...Thank you...Let's not change the mountains and the green waters are long, see you by all means!