Wang Bojun was the first to react!

There were not a few people who reacted like Wang Bojun, almost everyone in the audience looked at Wang Xin in a daze.

Because in everyone's eyes, although Wang Xin has a very high status in the Wang family, she only knows about eating, drinking and having fun. She is a typical rich lady who never asks about company affairs. Suddenly appeared at this time, and the eyes were dumb when he came up, which really surprised everyone!

"Grandpa!" Wang Xin walked up to Wang Bojun and shouted obediently as before.

"You are..." Wang Bojun never thought that this little girl who never shot the jewel in his palm and held it in her palm was scared, unexpectedly appeared at this time.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry, but I have no choice. Wang Jie is my brother, my dear brother, and the eldest brother of a naughty compatriot. Over the years, the pain and hatred that belonged to both of us have been borne by him alone, and I am like a princess I usually live in a high-wall compound. I often think that I am guilty of living compared to him. Today, I can finally say something in front of many people. In my heart, he is my closest relative. All my dislikes and dislikes are for you to see. In fact, we share the same blood and hate. This has already been written in my blood!" Wang Xin said excitedly.

"Hehe, good boy, really a good boy, Wang Bojun, I used to have eyesight!" Wang Bojun smiled bitterly and shook his head. Needless to say, the reason why Wang Jie is familiar with the situation of Wang's family and that he can handle it as soon as he returns to Yancheng is because of this little "secret" for so many years.

"Blind your grandfather's painstaking efforts to you!" Wang Hongshen took the opportunity to disintegrate the relationship between Wang Xin and the old man: "What are you? This is ungrateful. But that's fine, what can you do with a little hairy girl?"

Wang Xin smiled and said: "Uncle. Grandpa is kind to me, I will always remember, there is no need for you to remind, but you, underestimated me! Look what this is..."

When Wang Xin took out the stock certificate, Wang Hongshen shouted immediately!

"Impossible, where did this thing come from? Your mother is dead. This thing disappeared when your father passed away eight years ago."

"Don't worry about where it came from, can you understand this transfer agreement?" Wang Xin said indifferently.

Wang Xuan snatched the equity transfer agreement and said angrily: "The agreement signed the day before yesterday was signed by your mother. How is it possible? Second aunt is still alive?"

"It's not important. What's important is that this 3% stake is in my hands. I have the right to vote. I choose my brother!"

Wang Xuan and Wang Hongshen looked at each other and shook their heads in disbelief and roared: "Your family are all conspirators. You cheated to die, you die! This...this vote is invalid!"

"Haha, eldest brother, are you a little too excited, you say that it is invalid? Are you a child playing house?" Wang Jie said coldly: "According to the law, Wang Xin has the right to vote. , This does not allow you to question!"

"So, isn't this a tie?"

"Tsk tusk, Wang Jie's two votes are too unexpected!"

"Shhh, the old man said he would not vote, but he was forgotten. He is the one who decides the victory now!"

"Yeah, Jiang is still hot, look, the two young masters should show their loyalty!"

Wang Hongshen blinked at Wang Xuan. Wang Xuan understood, and immediately turned to Wang Bojun and nodded and bowed his waist: "Grandpa, you... are you still our old parent. Nothing can escape your eyes. I spoke too much just now, you Don't mind. But I beg you, you must think twice. Now, if you just nod your head, I can win. At that time, I will still be your eldest grandson and listen to you alone. Besides, think about it. My third uncle, Wang Xin, and my second aunt who scammed to death, what are they doing? Usually they don’t say anything, but suddenly they are in trouble. Typical conspiracy. They have been undercover by your side. Calculate how this counts you..."

Wang Hongshen also hurried forward and whispered: "Dad, Xuan'er is right. In this way, if you vote for Xuan'er and elect him as the permanent first heir, Wang Yuan and I will voluntarily withdraw from the shares so that no one can threaten. You are. As long as Wang Jie is expelled, Xuan'er is willing to continue to watch for you..."

The corner of Wang Bojun's mouth raised a chuckle.