"Who are you? How did you come in?" Wang Hongshen asked, looking at the girl coming in outside.

Lan Shan didn't even look at Wang Hongshen, but just nodded to Wang Bojun.

"Hey, there is a dumb man, I ask you, who are you, you are here to enter the Mid-Levels Manor!" Wang Hongshen felt that the other party ignored him, feeling a little shameless, and couldn't help but increase the decibels.

Lan Shan smiled faintly, and said to Wang Bojun: "Hello, Mr. Wang, my name is Lan Shan, I am the chairman of the Pan-China District of LS Venture Capital Fund. We have exchanged emails..."

When Wang Bojun heard this, he hurriedly stretched out his hand and said solemnly: "Unexpectedly, I really didn't expect that, based on emails and past cooperation experiences, I thought the chairman was a staggering old man like me, but I did not expect to be a young girl."

When the two shook hands, Wang Xuan, who was facing Wang Jie coldly just now, also hurriedly walked over. While stretching out his hand, he politely said: "Hello Miss Lan, it turns out that the famous LS venture capital fund Pan-China District The chairman turned out to be a girl. When we first met, she was polite. Oh, my name is Wang Xuan and I am the CEO of the Wang Group..."

Unfortunately, Lan Shan squinted, just smiled with Wang Bojun, and ignored Wang Xuan at all.

Wang Xuan withdrew his hands angrily, his face full of embarrassment. However, he did not dare to get the slightest sullenness, because Wang Jie had already done nothing. The two real estate projects in Yuncheng and Yangcheng were Wang Jie’s bargaining chips. He arbitrarily stopped cooperation and suppressed Wang’s capital. Wanshi Bank has also had business cooperation with him. Therefore, the Wang family can only count on the support of non-bank venture capital funds in the society. For example, the LS venture capital fund is a leader in this area. At this time, if they can get their support, Wang Jie's plan to use capital to blackmail the Wang Group can go bankrupt...

"Miss Lan, please sit down, please take a seat!" Gentleman Wang Xuan stepped away and pointed to the grandmaster's chair behind him.

"Thank you, but don't forget it, today is an important day for your Wang family, I will not participate!" Lan Shan said lightly, standing beside Wang Jie.

Looking at Wang Jie and Lan Shan side by side, Wang Bojun couldn't help feeling a little panicked, and quickly asked: "Miss Lan...you... By the way, we didn't say in the email that we must strengthen cooperation. I am going to let my blood relatives Sun'er and your competent girl to meet? I feel that it is not necessary anymore. I think too much. I used the so-called "in-law" relationship to consolidate cooperation. It is really outdated. I I apologize to you, my grandson..."

"Why? I think it's good!" Lan Shan said solemnly: "You are willing to let your grandson meet me, showing your sincerity. And Wang Jie, it is my childhood playmate, you may not Remember, in fact, the two of us have an interesting baby-family experience. Besides, we met a year ago, we know each other and we are in agreement, so I am very satisfied with him..."

Wang Bojun was surprised. It turned out that the Miss Lan Wang Jie just mentioned was the chairman of the venture capital fund... The two girls were originally the same!

"Miss Lan...you said... the girl you said was willing to meet with my grandson is you?"

Lan Shan smiled and said: "Yes, it's me. I'm sorry, but I didn't make it clear to you at the time. However, I consciously have the conditions and can, and it shouldn't be insulting to Wang's family style. I hope that Wang Lao will be perfect first."

Wang Bojun felt a shock in his heart. He thought it was just using the identity network of Wang Jie, the grandson of Wang’s grandson, to live in a venture capital fund that was “stupid and gold”. When I went to the LS Venture Capital Fund, I would never challenge my authority again... But God knows, he was sent to Lan Shan himself. Isn't this asking for hardship? Originally, Wang Jie was a hungry tiger who went home to seek revenge, but now he has given him a pair of wings...

"Miss Lan, you have to think carefully!" Wang Bojun smiled reluctantly: "My grandson, who has been outside from Xiaoye, has no education, and his parents have died, so there is nothing to rely on. Also, I have several grandchildren. , How about you see you too?"

Lan Shan smiled and said: "Mr. Wang, I’m afraid you didn’t hear clearly just now. The reason I promised to meet is because, I know, the one you sent to me is Wang Jie, who is the least in The grandson to be seen, if I change to someone else, I won’t meet. In other words, I like Wang Jie, not Wang’s grandson.

When Wang Xuan heard this, his heart suddenly became cold.

"In this way, it really is like Wang Jiujiu said, you and him are in the same group. You came here to tell us that the CEO of this company is not him, and your LS fund will not invest?"

"Yes!" Lan Shan said solemnly.

"If this is the case, you are not a guest of our Wang family. Get out of here. Banshan Manor doesn't welcome you! Even if our Wang family really reaches the end of the mountains and rivers, it will never be bound by foreign capital." Wang Xuan shouted sharply.

Lan Shan glanced at Wang Bojun and said, "Mr. Wang, you heard what Wang Xuan said. You mean the same thing, right?"

Wang Bojun was speechless for a while.

If Lan Shan was really rejected at this time, it would be a rejection of the LS Fund, which is equivalent to pushing the LS Fund directly into Wang Jie's arms. But if Lan Shan is not rejected, Wang Jie's position will be strengthened as well...

The benefits of the two powers take the more important ones, and the harm between the two powers takes the lesser ones. Fortunately, Wang Jie still has room for him. He hasn't wanted to take his place, he just wants the control of the company...

"Shut up, Xuan'er, who made you and Miss Lan so rude?" Wang Bojun said coldly, "Is this our Wang family's hospitality? Remember, you are not the CEO of the group now, even if you are, If you continue to be so mad, the Wang family will definitely be destroyed in your hands!"

Upon hearing this, Wang Xuan felt something was wrong.

"No, Grandpa, what you said, are you repenting?" Wang Xuan's brows were sharp, and he whispered: "You are scared for Wang Jie, you have to give in, and you want to use me as a scapegoat for your own peace?"

"Bastard!" Wang Bojun said loudly: "I didn't expect it to be a little bit wrong. It's the same attitude towards me. How are you usually polite? What a white-eyed wolf! Besides, I just proposed that you be the CEO. I But I never said that you are the CEO. This decision can only be made by the board of directors!"

"Grandpa, you..." Wang Xuan finally learned the old man's ability to treat Wang Jie, and his forehead was smoked with anger, really shameless.

"Quickly, apologize to Miss Lan!" Wang Bojun narrowed his eyes.

"I don't!" Wang Xuan shouted loudly: "I've played enough of the role of a good boy! In order to please you, I will do whatever you say in order to please you, but now I'm annoying! Want me to apologize, door No! Didn’t you say that the board of directors decides the position of the CEO? Well, let’s have a public election right away. I, Wang Xuan, is confident that no one can replace me in this position! Grandpa, you think it over. If you support me, you Continue to be your chairman, if you turn to support Wang Jie, hehe, then don’t blame your grandson for being impolite...Anyway, the absolute holding of our Wang family belongs to this big house, not to someone, everyone has a share, you Why can't I do it, chairman?"