Wang Bojun shook his head and said: "Wang Jiujiu, I still think you are my grandson, so I want to advise you. Compared with your father, you are still some distance away. His momentum was much better than you back then, but you See that he is as aggressive as you are? You, don't be arrogant and flash your waist carefully. You are not as aggressive as your father!"

"My dad wanted to replace you, it was a piece of cake. The reason why he didn't do it is because he is not as ruthless and cold-blooded as you are. He loses, and you should not be treated as a pure father. Look at it!" Wang Jie said coldly: "So, the biggest difference between me and him is that I don't have the slightest pity for you, don't talk to me about family relationships, because it makes your past eight years seem trivial, and don't talk to me. Moral, compared with your indifference to me, this can only be regarded as an appetizer at best."

"You...what do you mean?" Wang Bojun said: "You still suspect that your father's death is related to me?"

"Isn't it?" Wang Jie said coldly: "Eight years ago, on the first day of my father's accident, he was still on the wine estate of a customer in Europe, but he appeared in Southeast Asia the next day. An island country where birds don’t shit. Why?"

"How would I know why?" Wang Bojun shouted hysterically: "He is an adult with his own thinking and legs!"

"Shut up, I'm ashamed of you. You have a beautiful face, but you have a honey-belly sword, and you are more than 70 in vain!" Wang Jie's anger finally broke out. He waited for Wang Bojun's face face to face, and shouted: "Could it be that You have amnesia and forget it for eight years? Have you forgotten your text message ordering him to go to Southeast Asia?"

As soon as this remark came out, Wang Bojun trembles involuntarily, and then retorted, "What did you say? What text message?"

"Hehe, you must be thinking that Wang Hongyuan is dead, and his mobile phone must have disappeared in this world, right? It's a pity that people are not as good as heaven. For some things, the more you worry, the more he will happen!" Wang Jie sneered presumptuously, and slowly took out the old mobile phone. When the blue page opened that day, a text message permanently marked as six months ago appeared in front of Wang Bojun.

Wang Bojun trembled all over, staggering involuntarily.

The people around only saw the ancestors and grandchildren screaming, but they didn’t know what they were talking about, why Wang Jie was holding a mobile phone that had been eliminated for several years, let alone the trace on Wang Bojun’s face. Where does the fear come from...

"Where did this mobile phone come from? Where did the mobile phone come from?" Wang Bojun asked in a low voice, his tone obviously a little weak.

"Is this important?" Wang Jie said leisurely: "Every word on the important things comes from your mouth."

Wang Bojun closed his eyes slightly, fell silent for a while, and then said: "Yes, this text message was sent by me, and I do think that no one in this world knows the existence of this text message, so I never I mentioned it. But I must tell you, I...I never killed Hongyuan's heart."

"Haha, no guilt, you can justify yourself! I don't care..."

"No, you have to care!" Wang Bojun grabbed Wang Jie's arm and hissed in a low voice: "You are his son, he is my son, and our relationship is the same. You can empathize most, you should know As a father, how could I have murderous intentions. I... I just wanted him to leave the center of power and be quiet. I just wanted to transfer him to a closed place and give me the opportunity to organize a new board of directors. With this... to stabilize my position. I did not expect that the flight would have an accident, nor did I expect that his fund account would be abnormal. Think about it, how could I steal his account at my age , And then find someone to kill another flight? Right? It's all a coincidence..."

Wang Jie looked at Wang Bojun, who was nervous, and he was so panicked the first time he noticed the death of his father.

"I dare not mention this because I really feel guilty in my heart. If I hadn't sent him to that **** island. Country, nothing like this would happen!"

Wang Bojun said in anguish: "So, you have to believe me. I am just full of worry and defensiveness for him. I have never been murderous. It is you, but you. If the ancestral hall does not catch fire someday, maybe there will be no such thing. Doom..."

"Haha, until now, you still have to count all the sins on my head as you did in the past!" Wang Jie sneered: "So, from beginning to end, you are a despicable villain, and you are a thief calling out to catch a thief. Scumbag!"

"I didn't, I never thought of killing him!" Wang Bojun shouted emotionally.

The two people were stunned. Wang Jie looked at the thin tears in Wang Boyjun's eyes, the rare sincerity and sadness, he suddenly hesitated, maybe, the old man's words are true? If he really just wanted to restrict his father's power and exile him like Wang Hongyan, then who had moved his father's fund account?

"Wang Jiujiu, I have said everything I should say, now, I order you to take back what I just said!" After a moment of panic, Wang Bojun resumed his usual domineering style and said loudly: "If you still think that you are the blood of the Wang family , Don’t make unreasonable troubles. You just need to establish an in-law relationship with that investment fund according to my arrangement, and I can consider leaving you a place in the management of the Wang family. As for the position of CEO, you give up, I am I won't let you sit here. Because, compared with Xuan'er, your mind is too wild..."

Wang Jie was relieved from his father’s affairs, and said with a faint smile: "Father, are you old enough to fall in love with dreams of the Spring and Autumn Period? You think I have made enough preparations today to hold this meeting in order to beg You reconcile with me? Wake up, that era is gone forever, and I only have the control of the company. By the way, by the way, don’t you want to give me as an exchange to that investment fund? Okay, now it’s done, I’ll announce to you that I, Wang Jie, are in love with that girl. We are in love and we are ready to hold an engagement on another day! Hehe, isn’t it a little surprised?"

Wang Bojun and the others looked at Wang Jie, not knowing what medicine he sold in the gourd. Didn’t you just keep talking about fighting for control? Why did he agree to Wang Bojun's request to exile him again?

Wang Jie smiled and said, "Okay, don’t guess. I, Wang Jie, just want to transfer to that Miss Lan. However, I will not exchange a penny for the Wang family’s capital operation, but Miss Lan has already promised me. If the Wong Group is not in control of me, they will not invest a penny. Tsk, Wanshi Bank has cut support, this investment fund has taken a fancy to me again, alas, how can you live!"

"Impossible, who do you think you are? Why does she listen to you?" Wang Xuan shouted.

Wang Jieyi shrugged and said, "I'm sorry to let you down. She really listened to me, because we are childhood sweethearts. Now we can only be regarded as renewing the relationship. Haha, Smurfs, why don't you come in and let them see? See if we have a unique husband and wife!"

As soon as Wang Jie's voice fell, a beautiful figure walked in from the outside!

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