Wang Jie drove his father's broken Pikala to the southern suburbs with a cart of paper!

There is a saying in Yuncheng, Dongcheng is expensive and Xicheng is rich. Nancheng is a nouveau riche, and Beicheng lives with mud-leg pants! What are mud leg pants? It refers to those mud-legs who do rough work and have low status! Unfortunately, Wang Jie grew up in such a northern city.

Today Wang Jie received a big order from a nouveau riche in Nancheng!

The pickup truck is full of paper bundles, carts and horses, as well as the popular mobile phones, computers, villas, and little girls. They are all available. The cost is 380 and the price is 18 thousand. Don’t be too expensive. It’s all this age. The nouveau riche who engages in burials are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of burial expenses, but don't care about the 8,000 paper expenses!

The fat man on the phone had asked Wang Jie to arrive on time at seven, but there were red lights on the road from Beicheng to Nancheng, and it was half past seven when he got there!

The funeral compound was a European-style villa, but unfortunately, it was painted as a dazzling gold, yellow feces and yellow feces by the owner. People who didn’t know thought it was the Yuncheng feces management office!

"Look at what time is it? Don't you want money anymore?" Wang Jie was looking at this nondescript, crowded compound, and suddenly slapped his car window with a big fat face. Stare at yourself!

This is my patron!

Wang Jie pleased him with a smile, got out of the car and nodded and said, "Brother, I'm sorry, the traffic is too heavy, making you wait so long!"

"I can wait! Can my old man wait? Mr. Yin Yang said, at eight o'clock, the old man is going to get in the car and go straight to the Paradise of Bliss!" The fat man sneered coldly, "It's a delay, you carry my old man to the west !"

Wang Jie smiled, these years, he can't do anything else, pretending that his grandson is already perfect.

"Don't giggle, Lao Tzu, this is a funeral, don't you laugh! Don't move these things in!" The fat man scanned Wang Jie's whole body and scolded, "Also, who is your brother? Look at what you wear! Lao Tzu's surname is Jin, Jin of the local tyrant!"

"Yes, yes, Chief Tu!" Wang Jie said with a bow!

The fat man turned around and went into the yard, muttering as he walked: "I don't want to pee according to my own virtues, call me brother? I babble!"

Wang Jie looked at the fat man's back with a wry smile, and started unloading the truck! There are a lot of meditation items, but the weight is light, and everything is in front of the shed!

In fact, Yuncheng cancelled the burial three years ago, but the family surnamed Jin still insisted on setting up a burial for Lao Tzu, saying that this is a status symbol. Who makes the family rich!

It stands to reason that if you are doing the work, the things are delivered, and even after the work is finished, the money is left! However, when Wang Jie put down the last piece of meditation, the fat man suddenly walked over and said coldly: "Hey, poor ghost, go and pay respects to my old man."

"Me?" Wang Jie is a bit inexplicable!

"Why? It's you! You almost delayed my old man's good day. It's not bad if you didn't let you kneel down!"

The fat man had a blunt tone and deliberately raised his voice by an octave, attracting a lot of attention, and his friends and relatives looked at Wang Jie with a grimace. Obviously, this fat man intended to shake his prestige in front of everyone!

"Okay, okay, I worship, I should!" After hesitating for a few seconds, Wang Jie lowered his head, walked up stubbornly, bowed to the red coffin, and then took a stack of yellow paper to look decent. The ground burned, and there was a word in his mouth: "The money leads the horse to the west, and the immortal rides the crane to the sky. The nameless younger generation pays respects today, and I hope you will wear neon clothes as soon as possible!"

The fat man grinned at the corner of his mouth and hummed at the crowd: "Look, what a humble job is in the end, there's a lot of work in his mouth!"

Wang Jie didn't mind, he still calmly said to the fat man, "Mr. Jin, I should go now, can you pay the white bag..."

"What's the hurry? Your two coppers are indispensable!"

The fat man sneered, then turned to an old man in a yellow robe next to him and said, "Master Yin and Yang, it's time to start!"

Mr. Yin and Yang nodded, walked to the shed, and shouted: "Get up from the spirit, avoid the stranger, and the eldest son beats the banner."

Wang Jie was about to step aside, but who knew that the fat man held Wang Jie, Nunu said, "Boy, give you a good job, and beat me up!"

Wang Jie couldn't help being stunned, not only him, but even all the relatives and friends next to him were a little surprised!

According to the funeral custom, the person who beats the flag must be the eldest grandson of the deceased. If there is no eldest grandson, he must be close to his nephew. How can he not fall on the outsider Wang Jie? This is clearly a humiliation!

"Why? Unwilling?" The fat man suddenly darkened his face and said, "Don't you even cry for funeral work? What's wrong with carrying a flag?"

Wang Jie was a little embarrassed, but he was still patient and whispered: "Mr. Jin... this is not something outsiders can do, let alone me..."

"I don't know how to promote it!" The fat man lowered his voice and said fiercely: "I am a businessman. The people who come here today are either rich or noble. They are all spectators. I can't let me wear a suit to beat flags in a big crowd, right? You will be the grandson of my old man today, I will give you money, I have money!"

The fat man said, took out two stacks of banknotes and patted Wang Jie's body!

Maybe it was too hard, or deliberately to show off, the corner of the heavy bill fell on Wang Jie's face! A scorching sensation quickly spread throughout the body...

I don't know why, this kind of shame can always make Wang Jie feel some pleasure inexplicably, perhaps, in the eyes of others, this is a sickness, a sickness. But for Wang Jie, it was this kind of shame that allowed him to constantly remind himself to live well!

"What are you still stupefied? Pick up the banner! With the money, you are the grandson!" The fat man rebuked again!

Wang Jie squeezed the two wads of money, smiled stiffly, and under the gaze of the crowd, he really took the banner! There was a low laugh from the crowd. Wang Jie knew that now he was the clown at this funeral. But this is nothing to him, as always, he admits it!

"Get up!" Mr. Yin Yang shouted, and the eight men who carried the coffin yelled, and drove the heavy coffin onto their shoulders!

At this time, Wang Jie needs to fight the flag to lead the way, which is considered to be an official spirit!

But at this moment, Wang Jie's phone rang unexpectedly!

"Hey, happy gongs and drums strike every year of celebration, and beautiful dances bring joy every day..."

A lively and festive song "Good Days" was sung loudly. The sudden music and the sad environment are a bit nondescript when put together, which instantly attracted a burst of snickers!

Wang Jie smiled apologetically and quickly took out his cell phone! Unfortunately, the phone just hung up at this time, and only one text message was left on the screen!

It was this five-character short message that shocked Wang Jie's whole body, as if pouring a basin of ice water, which made Wang Jie's heart cold.

In this world, there is another person who cares about him!

"Hey, take a look, this kid is acting well, the tears are still coming down!"

"Haha, the actor is ruthless, the **** is not righteous, they all have such virtue when they see money!"

"It's so cheap to be a filial son and grandson, and to be in the play!"

The crowd murmured for a while, and the words were unbearable, but Wang Jie's head was roaring at the moment, and he heard nothing. Looking at the five words on the phone, the expression on his face was getting colder and colder!

"Hey, what are you stupid about? Hurry up! I've delayed the hour, I've killed you alive!" The fat man saw that Wang Jie was there, and the coffin behind was blocked in the spiritual shed. Slapped Wang Jie's phone directly to the ground!

Looking at the broken screen of the mobile phone and the disappearing handwriting on the ground, Wang Jie's eyes suddenly became fierce.

He turned around abruptly and stared at the fat man's face gloomily!

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