Going to college, it is a new environment and re-recognizing different students.

Xie Zhe likes Xiao Yuxin, but it is not too secret. He knows friends who are very close to him, such as Jiang Yang, Qin Xu and Huang Shao.

When Huang Shao was aware that the good brothers around him were bent, the reaction was very funny. He looked at the circle in a circle, and the first sentence was not to dispel the understanding of how they bent, but I doubt if I am in such a circle, is it still straight? He asked: "Who do you like me?"

They all have a black line: "..."

Several people shook their heads very tacitly.

Huang Shao said that he did not believe, "Since you like boys, why don't one person like me?! Can I not be good enough?!"

The words were powerful and full of grievances, and they asked them to wave their hands quickly. They said, "No, no, you are too good. We don't think we can match you."

Huang Shao was barely satisfied with raising his eyebrows.

A pretty nervous friend came out of the cabinet and ended up in a relaxed conversation. Huang Shao thinks that a friend is not a homosexual thing. He is more concerned about going out to play later, one by one in front of him, and his single dog is too miserable.

And Xie Zhe's business, Huang Shao also laughed at him, saying that he looked at the playboy, the Merry, the way in the flowers, did not expect such a temper, waiting for him to chase people? The daylily is cool!

In the secret of Xiao Yuxin, Xie Zhe thought a lot and worried for a long time. In the beginning, I just thought that he was very interesting. I liked to tease him and watch his reaction, but somehow, this feeling slowly changed, and I wanted more and more closeness. I hope Xiao Yuxin’s eyes. Fall on yourself.

However, after the deepening of Xiao Yuxin's feelings, he became cautious and timid. At first, he was arrogant and arrogant, and he was relieved. Later, he would care about his image in Xiao Yuxin's heart. Will he be considered? Flirty, will not be bothered.

Of course, he did not think about his confession. When he was in the third year of the third year, he listened to the name of someone who liked him. He shouted at the same time. He shouted and shouted for a moment, and hurriedly went to see Xiao Yuxin. The reaction, but the look he looked at was very bleak. Then, other students are Xie Zhe, just joking, and learning to like him, like to talk to his friends around, and hold a laugh.

The fear of suspicion of being confessed quickly disappeared and slowly turned into a bitter heart. I dare not express myself with Xiao Yuxin because I was afraid of being rejected. It was also because Xiao Yuxin looked too simple. He valued the study and tried to test the ideal university. Xie Zhe did not want to delay him, so he thought about it after he graduated from high school.

I know all the accidents, until their freshman has passed a little while.

Xie Zhe's college entrance examination played well, but compared with Xiao Yuxin's score, there is still a certain gap. They did not go to the same university, but the universities they chose were all in the province's provincial capital city. They are not far away, and they have time to go to the door.

Xie Zhe often asked him when he was out of class, and he pursued his enthusiasm for the love of homosexuality, and then said that he would break it, so that his heart would not be as uncomfortable as a cat.

It’s much more, Xie Zhe’s outstanding appearance, slowly spread some reputation in Xiao Yuxin’s university, knowing that he is the big computer system of B. When he passed, there were still a lot of girls who saw the whispering discussion, and some road photos were uploaded on the school post. But basically, they are all standing together with Xiao Yuxin.

Xiao Yuxin is also well-known in the school. It is the kind of learning school that often haunts the library, actively researches, participates in the competition, sits in the first row and listens carefully in class, and will actively communicate with the teacher. Therefore, Xie Zhe came to his school to find him to play, most of them just accompanied the library to go to school, to think about it, it was very beautiful and pure, and traveled in the sea of ​​knowledge... a fart! Xie Zhe is crying all the time, okay? ! The biggest obstacle to the pursuit of people who like it is learning, who is going to say it? !

Moreover, Xie Zhe found that he was impatient at first, and he was slowly accompanying Xiao Yuxin for a long time. Actually, he was also affected by the feeling that he had time to go out to play. Would it be better to study in the library and enrich himself?

Over time, they even adapted to this mode of getting along, Xie Zhe digested under the sacred glory of knowledge, almost forgot the original purpose of coming here! Xiao Yuxin, who is eager to gain knowledge in a book, is very slow about his feelings. The other party does not know, he only thinks that Xie Zhe is a good friend.

If Xie Zhe knows that he has been cautious for so long, he thinks so in his heart, Xie Zhe absolutely wants to say a word - go to a **** friend!

Later, Xiao Yuxin saw the book that Xie Zhe liked in the bookstore, and bought it happily. He also went to Xie Zhe School and wanted to give it to him. But this excitement did not last long. Because he found Xie Zhe, he just found out that he was discussing himself with his classmates.

The classmate said: "Do you know the big schoolmaster of A? Is it true that the girls in our school foreign language have heard of him and asked me if I have any contact information? Our science and technology school has been ridiculous, and there are other school boys. Resources, hehe."

Xie Zhe’s voice is not salty or light, and there is no emotion. “Oh, what about it?”

The classmate said: "Our community wants to have a friendship between the two schools. Do you want to join together, and by the way, call your fellow student, I heard that he does not participate in these activities."

Xie Zhe frowned. "He is not my friend."

This sentence fell into Xiao Yu's ear, letting his hand holding the book slowly hang down, his mouth slightly stunned, and his face had no expression.

It turned out that he did not treat me as a friend at all.

Xiao Yuxin has a kind of embarrassing embarrassment. He always thought that his relationship with Xie Zhe was very good. Even if he was promoted to a university, there were high school students who could come and go from time to time. When I first adapted to the new environment, there was Xie Zhe, really let He has a lot of peace of mind. But after all, after hearing this sentence, Xiao Yuxin suspects that he just thinks more.

Therefore, he did not make any noise. He specially bought the book he wanted to give to Xie Zhe and did not send it out. He silently turned and left. After that, he also had a lot of attitude towards Xie Zhe who came to him.

Xie Zhe is not thick, and for those who care about it, it is easy to notice, but when he asks something, he will be excused by Xiao Yuxin.

Xie Zhe is getting more and more annoying Originally, he was unhappy because he had asked him to find Xiao Yuxin’s friendship. He also talked about friends. Who wants to be friends with Xiao Yuxin? His mind is not so pure! If he can, what he wants to do is hug, kiss, touch from zero distance... Who the **** wants to be friends! What is good for friends!

But when his mood is getting worse, there are even worse things happening.

Xiao Yuxin and the Chinese department's departmental flower rumors, and they posted on the bar and walked together, talking and laughing. The rumors almost sat down on the fact that they are in love, as if everyone saw them with their own eyes and heard them personally admit.

When Xie Zhe heard the news, he was so angry that he would smoke to the top of his head. Xie Zhe, Xie Zhe, let you keep groaning and not saying anything, now people are taking off, regret it!

Although it is such a sinful heart to lick himself in the heart, but the body is still very honestly rushed to Xiao Yuxin's school, want to confirm, rumors are rumors.

But in fact, half of the rumors are true. Although they did not really fall in love, but the flower like Xiao Yuxin, it is a fact to chase him secretly.

Xiao Yuxin's looks are white, although he is not as tall as Xie Zhe, and it makes people look amazing and handsome, but he is very eye-catching, his eyes are clear, his temperament is also clean, it is the kind of white shirt that the girl likes. Let people look very comfortable.

The Chinese department flower is like this type of boy, Xiao Yuxin has poked her cute point. So even if she was embarrassed, she tried hard to get to know and tried to get close to the boy.

When Xie Zhe found Xiao Yuxin, Xiao Yuxin and Dahua were talking. The two men were wearing the same color sweaters. They were like lovers. They stood together like a pair of eye-catching little couples. The smiles looked sweet and sweet. Let Xie Zhe feel annoyed and angry.

He squeezed his fists and tried to maintain a calm smile, but the bad mood was still a little black face and came to them.

The flower is a bit surprised, "... are you?"

Xie Zhe sternly raised a smile. "Hello, I am Xiao Yuxin's friend Xie Zhe. I have something to look for."

Xiao Yuxin did not expect to suddenly see him, stunned, but more thoughts were placed on the words of the friend. friend? Doesn't he say that he is not a friend? Why is it suddenly?

Xiao Yuxin couldn't understand the two sides of his predecessor. Could it be that Xie Zhe didn't like it very much, even if he hated himself, but hated a person, why should he often go to the person in front of him, and it is not better to see it directly?

He really didn't want to understand.

However, while he was still thinking about it, Xie Zhe was already holding his wrist in an angry manner, pulling him to the secluded grove behind the teaching building, and pressing him against the wall, holding his face with one hand. On the side, staring at him with a gaze, as if he had done something unforgivable to him.

Finally, Xiao Yuxin couldn’t help but wonder. Before Xie Zhe couldn’t help but say something, he first asked, “You are not saying, are we not friends?”

The anger has already rushed to the throat, and Xie Zhe, who is preparing to complain, said, "When did I say that?"

"On the Friday afternoon last week, you told your classmates, I accidentally heard it." Xiao Yuxin looked up at him with a faint look, but his eyes were still calm, but Xie Zhe seemed to see a faint grievance.

"I didn't!" Xie Zhe subconsciously denied it first, but when she thought about it, she understood what it was because of what she said at the time, and then frowned at some annoyance, and she was not willing to make a sound. "I said it! Yes, I am fundamentally I didn't treat you as a friend. But that's because I like you! I don't want to be a friend. I just want to be your boyfriend and be with you! From the second year on, I like you, but you never found it. I don't want to delay your college entrance examination, but for the whole semester, you didn't feel that I was chasing you?! I don't like you, why should I come to you every day, eat with you, and soak the library together? Class?"

Xiao Yuxin was a little embarrassed by his series of snoring. After a while, he heard that he was confessing, and some were unbelievable. "... Isn’t that because you want to learn? Our school library is bigger..."

Xie Zhe simply smiled. "Do you think I am looking at your school library so I am looking for you every day?"

Yeah... but under his terrible eyes, Xiao Yuxin was a little afraid to nod, as if he would admit that he would be bitten.

Xie Zhe added: "I am chasing you, you have not responded. Is it a feeling to chase you?"

On his own condition, Xie Zhe does not feel that he is worse than others, but the flower is a woman, and his biggest disadvantage is gender. If Xiao Yuxin cannot accept the same sex. This time, he is going to get rid of it, and he will make it clear at a time.

Xiao Yuxin was even more embarrassed this time. "Is the flower chasing me?"

Xie Zhe frowned. "You don't know?"

"……do not know."

Xie Zhe was annoyed and regretted his words.

Xie Zhe asked the most concerned question: "Would you like to be with her?"

Xiao Yuxin stunned and shook his head.

"What about me? I just confessed to you, you don't want to be heard."

Xie Zhe endured for a long time. When he finally said it, he was relieved, but he was immediately nervous for the reply. He leaned forward, his face was very close to Xiao Yuxin, almost sniffing, breathing entangled, the distance was extremely embarrassing, and Xiao Yuxin completely enveloped his shadow.

Xiao Yuxin's head is blank, his face is red at the speed visible to the naked eye, and he seems to be able to drip bleeding. His eyes are shaking and he wants to avoid his natural sight. He didn't understand why the situation was so big. Before that, he thought that Xie Zhe hated him, even his friends were not, but now he suddenly said... like him?

Too unreal.

Moreover, if you are too close, you can't breathe a little.

Xiao Yuxin raised his hand and wanted to push him away.

But Xie Zhe grabbed his hand and directly broke his suspected escape.

"You really haven't found out that I like you, so obviously. Didn't you find Qin Xu and Jiang Yang soon?"

Xiao Yuxin was a little scared by this situation. "That's not the same..."

"What's different? Do you hate me?" Xie Zhe asked closely.

Xiao Yuxin shook his head, "No."

Xie Zhe quietly sighed and his voice was tense, but he tried to hide his uneasiness. "Would you like to try it with me?"

Xiao Yuxin squinted and did not speak.

Xie Zhe’s heart sank a little bit, and there was no glory in the eyes. His hand on the wall could not afford to hang down.

But at this moment, Xiao Yuxin’s little voice rang in his ear. “...well, try, but I have not talked about love, if it’s you...”

Xie Zhe’s eyes lit up with dazzling light, and the surprise was extremely extreme. “Are you true?!”

Xiao Yuxin nodded hard and scratched his face a little bit. "I don't know what to do in love..."

Xie Zhe raised a big smile. "Nothing, what do we want to do."

He was in a good mood, paused and said -

"However, I have long wanted to do it."


Xiao Yuxin was puzzled and looked up. He was deeply kissed by Xie Zhe and almost breathless.

Two slender figures, kissing together in the corner, in the sunlight, falling a long shadow, gently blending together, as if how can not be separated.