With a sense of tension, Qin Xu’s answer is of course unconventional and serious. It can be burned in minutes, and it’s all amazing and powerful. It seems that every question is a mountain that prevents him from falling in love.

After another mistake, Qin Xu had no chance to be wrong. However, this is not only his nervousness, but even Jiang Yang has been affected by this atmosphere. He is thinking of whether he should give him some simple things, but he has to take the exam. So obvious water release, think about it is guilty. Therefore, he still asked the question of preparation, but he was very calm and removed the third question of the topic.

In the end, Qin Xu racked his brains to answer the questions that were not good at it. The answer was correct. Not only did he relax, but Jiang Yang did not consciously relax his shoulders.

It was Qin Xu’s turn to ask Jiang Yang, and the physics he was not good at.

Before I started, Qin Xu first started a small calculation. "Your punishment mechanism is quite good, and I am so good."

Jiang Yang shook his head and refused. "This is my rule. You can't use it."

"Xiaoqi." Qin Xu snorted, but also guessed that Jiang Yang would not, so he ... body slowly leaning forward, face and Jiang Yang more and closer, slow and said: "I will create my own punishment, wrong with me Kissing, wrong, I pressed you to sleep, wrong three..."

Step by step, strong tone, relying too close, breathing gently and shallowly on Jiang Yang's face, making him very uncomfortable, still not thinking, the hand first moved, a handful Qin Xu’s mouth, blinking to warn him not to be too much.

However, Qin Xu’s mouth was blocked, and his eyes were still so energetic and energetic. He bowed innocently, and then sticked his tongue out in a shameless manner, and stunned his palm.

Jiang Yang felt what was warm and wet and slipped through his hand. He suddenly became a stimulating spirit. He quickly retracted his hand when he was electrically shocked. He also reacted greatly back to him and hid it, uneasily rubbing.

Quiet for a moment.

Jiang Yangqi stood up and walked in the direction of the bathroom. Qin Xu said in the back that Jiang Yang disliked him. Jiang Yang turned his eyes and didn't blame it.

In the bathroom, quiet and closed space, Jiang Yang looked down at his slightly wet palm, and unconsciously imagined that Qin Xu had a bright red tongue tipping through the palm of his hand, without seeing it with his own eyes. More color than what happened in reality.

Jiang Yang looked at his hand, his ears were getting more and more uncontrollable, and he was about to bleed in the next second. This is not the most terrible. The most important thing is that he doesn’t know whether he is pumping his brain or not. In the wetness of the palm of his hand, he also stunned. When he realized what he had done, he was all froze. With petrochemicals, he rushed to the faucet and washed his hands, trying to eliminate the evidence.

After going out, Qin Xuwei waited for him at the table, so he complained sadly about Jiang Yang’s ruthlessness, but because of what he had done in the bathroom, Jiang Yang had a dim sum and removed his gaze. He said, “Be serious, you still have Do you want to take the exam?"

Qin Xu was very keen, and the corners of his eyes flashed through the light of the suspected spot. Like his wife who hid his husband, he narrowed his eyes and leaned over his neck. He sniffed and made Jiang Yang inexplicably nervous.

"What is your guilty? It won't... What did you do in the toilet?"

Jiang Yang’s heart was awkward, and the man’s a little panic.

Then, Qin Xu continued to rub his chin and frown. "That's not right, it's only five minutes, too fast, your endurance shouldn't be so bad..."

After hearing the back, Jiang Yang still couldn’t understand where he had guessed. He immediately slammed his head and said, “What do you think about all day long?!”

As a result, Qin Xu was defamed again, but he was also looking for himself, nothing poor.

After the sweet review time, Qin Xu went to the kitchen to cook. Since he insisted that the chef had made a meal for Jiang Yang, he was ready to sip a sip of Jiang Yang. He was shocked and had to admit. It really tastes good.

Therefore, Qin Xu had to cook and cook. Jiang Yang was quite looking forward to it. After playing a game, he could smell the scent and couldn’t help but ran to give him a hand, wash the leaves or taste it. The chef Qin Xu, watching Jiang Yang wandering around him, also has a sense of accomplishment to feed the proud cat owner, it can be said that both people have been greatly satisfied.

After eating a meal and cutting the fruit, the two sat in the living room watching TV and playing mobile phones.

After a long while, Qin Xu suddenly brushed someone to say, how to see how much a person likes you, as long as the TA is ten seconds, if the TA kisses, it proves that I really like you. Seeing this article, Qin Xu was in a whim and was very interested in trying it out. So he put down his mobile phone and took a shot of Jiang Yang. When he looked over, he didn’t talk. He looked at him like this and looked forward to Jiang Yang. Reaction.

Jiang Yang, after subconsciously turning his head, saw someone stupidly looking at him. He had a pair of dark and sleek eyes, and he talked with the big dog to eat bones. His eyes were full of desire. Therefore, Jiang Yang was puzzled. For a second, the strawberry in his hand was ready to be eaten into the mouth of Qin Xu. At the same time, he guessed that he wanted to eat this...

Qin Xu: "..." A look of anger! However, strawberries are really sweet and delicious.

So, he continued to squint with a pair of big eyes, watching Jiang Yang, Baba and other feeding.

Jiang Yangbai glanced at him and fed two more. He had no patience and said that he was not without hands. Then, Qin Xu, who had the hand, picked up the dish on the table and held the strawberry in his arms, not allowing Jiang Yang to take it, but deliberately feeding him one by one. Jiang Yang said that he didn't cooperate, but every time he stuffed it into his mouth, he still ate.

"The last one, for you." Qin Xu said.

Jiang Yang's conditional reflection opened his mouth, but when he turned his head, he saw that Qin Xu put the strawberry on his own mouth, and it was particularly meaningful to blink at him.

Jiang Yang: "..." That point of thought is written on the face, how could not understand!

Jiang Yang turned his eyes and didn't want to pay attention to him, but he looked at it more and found the provocation in his eyes. It seemed that when he said that he was not afraid, the desire to win in his heart was aroused, and he slammed into it. Bit the half strawberry.

Jiang Yang is of course planning to bite the strawberry and leave, but how can Qin Xu let him do it? Waiting for this moment.

Qin Xu held down his head and took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. The strawberry was soft and was quickly crushed between their lips and teeth. When it was too late to eat, it turned into a tender red juice flowing down the corner of the mouth. A bit of a difficult color. Love.

At the end of the kiss, the two had already overlapped on the sofa, as if they had hit a fight, gasping, and after looking at each other, they couldn’t help but smile at the messy clothes.

Perhaps it is because before the relationship between the couples, Jiang Yang and Qin Xu are a very tacit and familiar hostile relationship. After the together, almost no transition is needed, and it is natural to go out to date.

I didn't want to play the game, I went out to watch the movie together, bought the ticket and popcorn Coke. Before entering the venue, Qin Xu was idle and bored, pinched two to eat, and sent it to Jiang Yang's mouth. Jiang Yang played with his mobile phone. When he didn't think about it, he opened his mouth and ate his tongue. He accidentally picked up Qin Xu's finger.

When Qin Xu blinked and took popcorn, he also “scarefully” licked his fingertips.

Jiang Yang originally felt that he was stunned. He turned his head and looked at his natural expression. He thought it was his own illusion. Then he turned his head and looked at the young girl diagonally opposite. The other party did not seem to think of him. I will suddenly look at this side, a little bit guilty of being caught.

Jiang Yang didn't care. Instead, he smiled naturally and generously. The girl's eyes fluttered and the little brother who was accidentally discovered was shy.

"What are you looking at? Not allowed to see."

Qin Xu noticed that he was very naive to go behind his chair and slammed on his back, which lowered his view and forced him to turn his attention back to the phone.

Jiang Yang hooked his lips and looked at him, "Jealous?"


Jiang Yangxiao smiled and gave a low laugh, acknowledging that it was really crisp, but not so funny.

Qin Xu was dissatisfied with his smile, his hand reaching his chin, gently scratching his play, like a little pet licking, Jiang Yang muttered and tickles, then shunned his head, the disgusting gesture, really few The image is like a cat owner.

Qin Xu’s eyes flashed, dazzling light, and more eager to touch.

Jiang Yang continued to hide. When he heard the radio, he was lucky. He took the popcorn and left. He said, "Enter the scene."

Qin Xu flat mouth, a pity of a look.

Into the movie hall, Qin Xu did not necessarily have more security points, the film is still in front of the ambush pen, did not broadcast to the high tide, Qin Xu took Jiang Yang on the side of the hand, first gently hold Then, pinch your fingers and play slowly, then insert your own fingers into the fingers of Jiang Yang, ten fingers.

Jiang Yang was really tossed by him to no temper, but he looked at him with disappointment and disapproval. But after all, he still didn't say a word, and he was very pampered. The sense of the picture is probably like that, the shovel officer has been holding the hand on the claw of the cat's master. The cat owner pushed his hand a few times and was still put up. Finally, he gave up, and a look swept away, like Say no to worry.

After the movie was finished, they also strolled down the street and bought some snacks. Jiang Yang also accompanied Qin Xu to buy earrings.

The dazzling array of styles is dazzling, and it’s not so easy to pick the ones you want to buy.

Qin Xu smiled and leaned over to Jiang Yang, and asked him to pick for himself.

Jiang Yang raised his eyebrows, "Are you sure?"

Qin Xu nodded again and again, his shining eyes filled with trust in his aesthetic.

Therefore, Jiang Yang was very bad-hearted, deliberately gave him a pair of cherry earrings with a very girly heart, pink and tender, more beautiful, worn on him, the moment of charm rose.

This pair of earrings, Qin Xu not only bought, in a later class reunion, he also deliberately put out, when others found out, it was very surprised, in fact, Qin Xu Dai such a ear studs will not be ugly, that is Looking at a bit of a violation, the key is -

"Wow wow! Xu Ge, how do you wear such a girl's earrings? Quickly, is it bought by a girlfriend?"

Qin Xu deliberately stayed for a while before he snarled and said, "Yes."

That gesture of swaying show and love can be said to be very hateful for single dogs. Even if you don’t say anything, you will deliberately show off, which is a bit too much.

Lost friends have been holding on to him, asking him to recruit from the real. But Qin Xu smiled, his mouth was strict, refused to tell them to listen, but only occasionally looked at Jiang Yang's eyes, it would become very soft.


The time in high school, saying fast and fast, slow and slow, their high school students in the second (five) class quickly rose to the third year, officially entered the sprint stage of preparing for the college entrance examination, the passage of time became more elusive, as if for a moment People grow up, step into the age of 18, participate in adult rites, and realize that they should become mature and stable.

On this day, everyone uniformed the shirts and trousers in the school uniform, and the school hopes to look serious and serious from the dress.

In such an atmosphere, students feel a difference, listening to the speech on the stage and guilty. After the adult ceremony, there is also a mobilization meeting before the college entrance examination, encouraging high school students to tighten their nerves, not to relax, persist in this period of time, is victory.

At the end of May, there is only a single digit left in the countdown to the college entrance examination. The school has a customary shouting activity. Every year at this time, high school students and high school students will spontaneously concentrate on the building opposite the high school building. Standing full of people, shouting their encouragement and blessings to the brothers and sisters who are preparing for the college entrance examination.

I want to make things happen, and my future is bright.

In the intense review, the junior high school candidates have an activity to make them relax a little, and they are very happy. Their mood is very subtle, they have been working hard for so long, and the important exams that test their results are coming, excitement, expectation, nervousness, fear... all kinds of complicated emotions come to mind.

Not only did the younger brothers and sisters shout at them, they also shouted and responded, but the words that were said slowly slowly turned around. It’s the last time, it’s easy for people to want to let go. Later, the classmates in the class may never see each other again. In the future, it is difficult for everyone to work together to fight the same goal with such a simple blood, and whoever has a good feeling in the heart, there is no chance to say nothing.

I don't know who took the lead first and shouted - "XXX, I want to go to college with you, I like you!"

Suddenly a burst of sorrow, wow wow.

Next, there are more and more people who are rushing and shouting like this, expressing their confession to the people in their hearts, affirming themselves in the past, swearing at the future, making a wish for the upcoming college entrance examination... many, many with loud resounds, They are all a vibrant young heart.

For this kind of unorganized large-scale concentrated activities, the school direction does not support much. It is only one eye that closes one eye. The key is to worry about the students’ accidents of trampling in the chaos, so the director teacher will come to patrol. Catch the students back to work.

The stern director always heard the students confessed, his face changed, and he directly advanced the time of the rush, saying: "If you have time to do these imaginary things, it is better to go back and do more than two questions. Now the knowledge loophole is the college entrance examination. The important points are one thousand people!"

"Director Wang! I love you!"

This confession was too late to prevent, so that as always, the director of the training student was stunned on the spot, not knowing what to put on. The Lord has forgotten to continue to swear.

All the students in the third year, looking at the director, do not need to take the lead, but suddenly there is a kind of unspeakable tacit understanding, my heart sore, showing a smile like a sun, hands screaming at the mouth and shouting: "Director Wang !thank you!"

Director Wang: "..."

The face that has always been on the board suddenly suddenly feels uncomfortable. I don’t want to thank you for taking a good grade. Then I reveal a serious face with no imposing manner, so that they should go back to the classroom almost, and then they will retreat to stare at it. Strongly demand that they dissolve immediately.

On June 7th, the college entrance examination arrived as scheduled.

The weather has started to get hot, but in order to have a good test environment for the candidates, each test room has air conditioning, so that the heat does not affect the play of the candidates, and even some students who are afraid of cold will bring a thin coat. just in case.

Maybe before the college entrance examination, I tested too many big and small tests. When the most important big test came, everyone was numb, and there was no such feeling of panic. Just use it as the test of peace. Koko is finished.

Waiting until the end of the last section, coming out of the examination room, there is still a sense of unreality... So, is it over?

Although the college entrance examination is over, there are still many things to deal with, such as student files, Xie Shi feast, and parting.

When the students stayed at the school and filled out the files to deal with all sorts of trivial details, someone suggested and then secretly conspired for a small surprise.

At that time, the class teacher stood on the podium to explain some things to do after the college entrance examination, and various precautions. Suddenly, there were several regular knocks on the door.

The class teacher stopped talking, thinking that other teachers were looking for something, didn't want to, didn't want to go, opened the door subconsciously, but didn't expect to see a giant brown bear doll, hiding behind the door and then jumping out, waving his hands in a lively and flamboyant manner. Say hello to him.

The class teacher... was scared to take a step back.

The classmates warmly raised their hands, and the classrooms were full of joyful and naughty laughter.

The brown bear stood in front of the teacher and danced bohemously. The bulky body leaped and jumped. The accident was a stupid feeling. In the middle, the bear also sprinkled some fine pink flowers on the class teacher. Finally, Bending a wave, probably want to be a gentleman's action, but the dolls set off another cute temperament. The brown bear handed a rose to the teacher.

The class teacher bowed and hesitated to reach out, but when he was about to get it, the brown bear retracted his hand very naughtyly, and arrogantly inserted his waist with one hand, then reached out to shake hands with the teacher.

The teacher couldn't help but smile and reached out to cooperate with him.

This time, the brown bear really sent the flowers to the teacher, and opened his hands and hugged the teacher. The teacher smiled very softly, holding a large, fluffy doll and pinching his ear.

The hug was over, and the naughty bear jumped for a while, attracting the students to applaud. Finally, the little surprise episode ended, or the player in the brown bear couldn't stand the heat. The headgear was simply taken off, revealing the handsome and handsome face inside, the sweat on his forehead, but the smile was very splendid.

Just a teenager, the wind is flourishing.

The class teacher stood at the podium and looked at the familiar face of the class. He smiled slightly: "Be out of this door, you are a prospective college student. In the past three years, I watched you grow up slowly. Each of you is very good. I have seen the best children. In the days to come, I wish you all the best in the wind, the future, the things you want to do, and your dreams!"

The enthusiastic and unrelenting applause, many students have red eyes.

In three years, the teacher said many times - you are the worst student I have ever brought.

But when I graduated, the teacher was left with relief and comfort - you are my best students.

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