Those people put their hands on their chests and then stepped back.

Chu Lü walked in. When he saw that his daughter was still asleep and was not harmed, he was relieved, but where did these people come from.

He narrowed his eyes suddenly, staring straight at the young man in front of him, his blue eyes like the sky, and his skin much whiter than the East.

Which country is this from?

Where is the hybrid from?


The thin lips of the man opened lightly, and the words spit out shocked Chu Lu, and Xia Ruoxin outside.

"Chu Li!" She trembled her red lips. "Where did you give birth to such a big child?"

Chu Lu is also inexplicable. Why, the child he gave birth to is still unknown, or a ... half-breed?

"Mother," and the man nodded to Xia Ruoxin again, this is a feeling, good ... strange.

Xia Ruoxin felt his head suddenly faint. What's going on?

Chu Li suddenly thought of something, "You are, that child?"

"Well," the man knew exactly what Li was asking, "I am, I'm sorry for the confrontation I had with my father in court."

Xia Ruoxin mentioned the court, and then looked at the four people around her. She quickly ran in, grabbed Chu Li's sleeve, it was him, yes, she remembered, it was his.

Her Xiaoyudian's current nationality has been changed because of this child. The name of this country is called Heya. It is hard to succeed. Her daughter really sold her and herself. This was called father and mother.

Soon after, Chu Li came out, and Jun Yi walked behind him, as if the two had not fought, nor had their arms and legs broken. Obviously, Chu Li's look was pretty good.

"You didn't hit him?"

Xia Ruoxin asked carefully.

"Why should I hit him?" Chu Li didn't understand. "Why, do I look like someone who hits someone?"

"That's not it."

This is the Chu law that Xia Ruoxin knew.

"From a young age, when someone wants to think about your daughter, you are not scary, or you are warning people that your daughter ’s heterosexuality is so bad, it ’s not all because of you." Smelly boy, Chu Li has never been polite.

"He's different," Chu Li slightly raised his lips, eh, it seemed that he was very satisfied with this future son-in-law and the man who robbed his daughter.

What's different, Xia Ruoxin sat down and propped his face on the table, not all the men who robbed your daughter.

Chu Li raised an eyebrow. "He is the leader of a country. He will marry my daughter, not because of anything else, but because of my daughter. I am assured that it is like I was marrying you at that time."

Xia Ruoxin's forehead, is he boasting about himself or someone else?

"He is full of oil and minerals everywhere, and the traffic is developed, which can just be connected with my business. He promised that the child he and Xiaoyudian gave birth to, the first child belongs to our Chu family, can be named Chu."

Xia Ruoxin blinked his eyes, which seemed to be a good point. She did not agree with the previous point. She was not selling her daughter, but she felt that Jun Yi ’s identity seemed really good?

"He has a virgin forest there to explore."

Xia Ruoxin's eyes burst out.

Virgin forest?

"Yes," Chu Lu came over, put his hand on Xia Ruoxin's hair, and stroked it gently. "There is a virgin forest. Then we can go exploring together, and then throw the company to him." The meanings are all attached, mainly because the dead boy originally liked his daughter when he was three years old. After waiting for so many years, he is better than the old man because the dead boy will not recognize the wrong person. .

He was told, yes, he was told. Rather than looking for a man who does n’t know his temperament or the bottom line, he might as well find this one called Jun Yi. Even if he comes to the door, he is very selective. It is also unknowing.

Among many people, this junyi is indeed chosen by many miles, but just thinking about his baby being deceived in this way, he feels uncomfortable, but after all, they still have to plan for their daughter's future, And the most important thing is that this man doesn't care if Drizzle is sick, whether he needs to change his kidney in the future, maybe more than once.

At this time, he can still make such a request, and he can still change his original heart. This man, he knows, is suitable for his painstakingly raised daughter.

However, Xiaoyudian's illness is still pressing on their hearts, and the pain will never seem to be untethered.

"Are you going to change your kidney?" Jun Yi's dangerously closed up, he took the examination and showed it to the people behind him, and these are the authority of their country, if he really needs surgery, he doesn't believe in other Yes, his little girl, he came to protect himself, to save himself.

After the person behind him turned it over, he said something in Jun Yi's face and ears. He was speaking a native language, probably local, so in fact people couldn't understand.

"Why does she have only one kidney?"

Jun Yi asked the people present.

"Isn't this natural?"

Chu Li clenched his fingers firmly on his side. He raised his face, his voice was still tight, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

"Her kidney is in someone else's body."

Jun Yi stood up, then turned around again, talking to the person who just read the inspection report, the person thought for a while, then nodded steadily, wondering what the two were discussing?

And Jun Yi didn't ask the reason for that kidney, he just wanted to find the most suitable surgical arrangement for the little girl.

"Where is the man with the kidney?"

He asked Chu Li, yes, if it was in someone else's body, was it Chu Xiang? The Chu family concealed the matter deeply. He just found out that when Chu Xiang was a child, he had an operation and changed it. Kidney, is it difficult to change the kidney of the little girl?

"you think……"

Chu Li suddenly understood

He quickly asked Guan Gaoyi, "Gao Yi, what happens if we transplant Xiaoyudian's original kidney back?"

"This ..." Gao Yi also stood up, "Yeah, how did we forget this thing? The kidney in Chu Xiang's body is just a little raindrop, and there is no one in this world. The one in Chu Xiang's body is suitable for light rain. Although the kidney has been working in Chu Xiang's body for more than ten years, it still belongs to the light rain. "

The transplant may be just like its own, and the rejection will be very small, or it may be completely non-exclusive.

"What about Chu Xiang?"

Gao Yi is a doctor. This kind of killing a person to save a person, in fact, he didn't want to do it, but if he had to get to that one, he thought, he would move this hand.