"Lin Qing, you say, what do you compare with me, eh?"

"Compared with me, you do n’t have, family, you do n’t have, looks, you are me, height, you are a lot lower than me, you say, what do you compare with me?"

"In my eyes, you are just a rubbish."

Lin Qing felt that his heart was shrinking fiercely. These words were the fact that he did not want to admit it, but he understood the fact. He refused to accept it, he was unwilling, he was unwilling.

"Why are you unwilling?"

Lu Anze chuckled.

Lin Qing closed her eyes and was unwilling to speak. She became the king and defeated the bandits.

"What you want to do, whatever."

"Really?" Lu Anze rolled up his sleeves and looked down. "It looks like you are a dead pig and you are not afraid of boiling water, but unfortunately you are not dead and you are not a dead pig," and he said Finally, he fell somewhere in Zheng Anze, and he was the only one who knew what he was talking about. Lin Qing was really shameless. In front of his simple sister, he played so lively. Double show.

Why, he likes it like this, it will be impossible, in the presence of others, that thing will react?

In this case, it might as well be cut off and what to do.

He lifted his feet, and Lin Qing seemed to feel something, and suddenly his eyes widened suddenly.

"you do not……"

It was a pity that before his words were heard, he heard the scream of madness.

With a click, the egg broke.

And Lu Anze's foot really stepped on a certain part of Lin Qing. His foot strength is extraordinary, and of course, he is very clear about the structure of the human body. When this foot goes down, Lin Qing's thing is definitely impossible to use, and Lin Qing's face hugs his lower body with a pale face. The cold sweat above also kept falling down, one by one, we can see how painful he was, twitching in pain, and crying in pain.

This thing must be ruined, and it will be completely destroyed.

Lu Anze really was fierce. He not only ruined a man's respectful words, but also turned him into eunuch.

When Lu Anze came out, all the people standing at the door couldn't help clamping their legs. Someone just heard the sound of broken eggs. I do n’t know if they all heard it.

"Find a doctor and show him, don't kill him," Lu Anze ordered his clothes and ordered.

"Not dead, throw him to Jiangnan and give it to the third brother."

A few men agreed quickly, but they felt that the kid inside, the fine-skinned and tender meat, was actually quite good, and some people should like it.

Although Jiangnan was whitewashed, the brothers of the third brother were not good people. The thoughts in their hearts were of course dark, and the kid inside seemed not to be too good.

It's not someone else's calculation. It's the third brother's wife. Their elder sister's head. This time, it might be okay to die. Yes, it's okay to die. This egg is all gone.

In the hospital, Drizzle was still lying there. She turned her face to the side and didn't like the way she is now. She didn't like her blood being purified by the cold machine, and then returned to her body.

Xia Ruoxin touched her daughter's forehead. "Not afraid, it's over soon. Mom will make your favorite fish for you, will you?" Yes, your aunt will also come, and Tang Tang, he said Miss Sister. "

"Okay," Xiao Yu said lightly, and his hands clung to the quilt.

After Xia Ruoxin waited for it, she was relieved and passed again.

"Sleep, it won't hurt when you fall asleep," she put her hand on her daughter's forehead. I don't know when her daughter will be able to have this illness and live a disease-free life.

She stood up, ready to go out and bring a few books to her daughter,

And she didn't know how long after she had just left, the door opened again, and a man in a formal suit walked in, with a pair of sunglasses on his face, and a lot of clothes stood at the door. Man in white robe.

The man came over step by step, then he lowered his head and reached out and gently stroked the little girl's eyebrows.

"How did you make yourself like this?"

Xiaoyudian may feel a little different. She opened her eyes and saw nothing other than people she knew. She was a stranger. She must not know her ... man.

His hair is golden brown, not neatly combed, but he can still see a messy freedom.

He also had a pair of sunglasses on his face, so he couldn't see his looks, but the curvature of his jaw was perfect.

"Give it to you," the man took out a baby and placed it in front of her.

Drizzle sat up and reached out and hugged the baby.

This seems to have been bought by her mother, and she is now a treasured doll.

"Is that you ..."

She didn't understand the men who looked at them, did they know each other?

"You forgot me?" The man's lips cornered a little, and he could feel those displeased beings, forget, forget ... what?

The man raised his hand and took off his sunglasses. He even had eyes like the sky, charming blue, deep blue, as vast as the sea, and as brilliant as the starry sky.

Xiao Yudian hugged the doll in her arms. For a moment, she really felt as if something had fallen on her heart, and she was so tired that there were some waves.

"Do we ... really know each other?"

"What do you say?" The man raised an eyebrow. "My name is Jun Yi. This is my Chinese name," the man sat down, and took the doll in her hand. "Aren't you like our eyes?"

Xiaoyudian looked up at the blue between his eyes. Really, it's very similar.

The same charming blue.

"Sir, are you a foreigner?"

The man raised his eyelids slightly.

"Really don't remember?"

Xiaoyu shook her head, she couldn't remember ...

"It's okay," the man wasn't angry, "you remember the same now," and he said, his eyes fell on the dialysis machine next to him. The look also became unpredictable.

Xiaoyu hugged the doll tightly. She seemed to be back in her childhood. She could hug the doll. Actually, she no longer needed to hug the doll. When she grew up and matured, she could no longer hold her favorite The baby is gone, and at this time, she really feels like returning home and going back. She is safe, she has no disease, and she does not hurt.

"Who are you?" When Chu Li came in, he saw an unfamiliar man in his daughter's ward, and he was blocked by a few strangely dressed people. He raised his sleeve, and when it was time to start, the man inside stood up and raised his finger. Gently waved his hand.