The pain from his arm caused some cold sweat to ooze from his forehead, and then his eyes fell on the body of the raindrops, which was very complicated.

"My name is Lin Qing, and I have a younger sister named Guoer." He struggled to stand up, and a lot of sweat beads burst on his forehead. There were some things that he would rather say by himself than unintentionally. In the meantime, he took off completely, at least he wanted to leave some last words of honor for himself, instead of being like Chu Xiang, he was stripped of his clothes, and he was disgusted like a dog. .

He said word by word, talking about his past, how he and Guoer got to the orphan garden, they depended on each other, he and Guoer both liked to draw, and he also saved money, and asked his sister to manage the legs, although he I know that my sister can only use the prosthesis to make her pupils, but her sister thinks that her legs can grow out.

Later, their siblings met Xia Ruoxin, an aunt who was very good to them, and an aunt who could help them for no reason, and even this aunt was willing to help him and help his younger sister's legs.

Everything was fine, but his sister was dead. He saw his sister's tragic death with his own eyes, and it was not others, but Chu Li, who had no expression on his face that dealt with all this.

After that day, he began to want revenge. Of course, soon, he found a chance. He raised his face, and then a drop of cold sweat fell down. "I saw you take an injured woman and hid in In an ordinary health clinic, on the way back, I met someone looking for you, so I betrayed you. "

Xia Ruoxin was stunned, but she now knew it. It turned out that it wasn't anyone else who turned her and Shen Wei into the Gold Rush Island. It was Lin Qing, who was still laughing and calling his aunt at that time.

Lin Qing took his sight back again, "I sold Xiaoyudian, and I sold her to a trafficker. On that day, when I found an opportunity, I brought Xiaoyudian to a place without people, and the trafficker Took her away. "

"And before that, I knew that Xiaoyu had only one kidney, so I always gave her something very salty and didn't give her water, but later, if it wasn't for Chu Lu, she would bring it with her. She, I think, her kidney might not have been preserved for a long time, right? "

"Haha ..." He laughed wildly, but tears were falling from the corners of his eyes while he was smiling.

Suddenly, a foot stretched out and kicked him directly on Lin Qing's face. He also kicked Lin Qing to the ground, and this was not someone else, it was Lu Anze.

No one knows how good Lu Anze is. He is a real special soldier, and Chu Li has only been a year, but Lu Anze has been a special soldier for three years. No matter which one, They are all ordinary soldiers, and Lu Anze's hands are obviously stained with blood.

He stomped his feet on Lin Qing's face without a trace of mercy. Suddenly, he sneered and removed his feet. When all had not responded, he heard Lin Qing's scream

Lu Anze stepped on his arm and hand bones.

He squatted down, stretched out his hand, and slap Zheng Anze's face forcefully. "You dare to hurt my sister and let him see those disgusting things, things of our generation, we solve it ourselves."

Lin Qing glared at the young man in front of him. He spit out blood, and a tooth was added to the blood.

"The person I hate the most in my life is actually you," he burst out laughing, "why are you picking up everything, but you are better than me, and by what means, you can get Chu Li personally Teaching, why are you from the Lu family, you are still taking over the family of the Lu family, and I am just fostered by an unknown orphan in the Chu family. "

"Why do you want anything, but I have nothing?"

"Why?" Lu Anze stood up, "I tell you why? Because, your mind is not correct," there is no expression in his eyes, just like the beast in the forest, Sen Leng is ruthless. When necessary, he can He stingily eats all his opponents. He is not Chu Li. His three-year special service career has made him harder than Chu Li, but no one knows that he is not cold by the day. He is also the same as Lu Jinrong. Often laugh, but hidden among these smiles, who knows what it is.

No one in this world has offended him too hard, so he has not hurt others.

But Lin Qing is different today because he really messed with him.

It didn't matter who he found the idea on, but he couldn't hit his sister. Although the sister was not his own sister, the sister picked it up from him and was given to him by his mother.

Therefore, he met his uncle, and later found his grandparents, and the father he had to recognize.

No one in this world can hit his sister, otherwise, it is not as simple as death.

Xiaoyudian was standing next to his father at this time, Chulu clenched his daughter's small shoulder, but Xiaoyudian calmly held his father's hand, Chulu lowered his head and smiled at her daughter.

"Guess what your brother is going to do to him?"

Xiaoyu twisted her head. Well, she didn't know?

Of course, she won't plead with Lin Qing. She is Chu Lu's daughter. She is very kind, but it doesn't mean that her body doesn't have the genetic factors of Chu Lu. He counts her and her father. She would not ask.

She rested her head on Chu Li's shoulder, put her hand on her belly and touched it gently.

Zheng Anze stood up, winked at the two people, pulled the person out first, and the account was slowly calculated.

The two men pulled Lin Qing left and right, as if dragging a dog, and pulled him out. No one knows where Lu Anze took him.

At night, Huaning was in the early Ming Dynasty. The cold wind brought a lot of water and gas, and it passed from time to time.

With a squeak, the door opened, Lin Qing dragged a heavy step, and his arm was connected, but with a chain on his feet, it was very dim here, and there was almost no sunlight here, and there was nothing here.

At this moment a man in light gray casual clothes came in, and then stood in front of Lin Qing like this.

"You're so proud, Lu Anze?"

Lin Qing grinned, his face was pale, his hair was messy, and his glasses were gone. He was slightly with myopia, and everything he saw in front of him was confused and could not see anything clearly.

Maybe what he wants is not clear.

"Shouldn't I be proud?" Lu Anze stepped aside and sat down. He didn't look down on Lin Qing, but never looked up on him.

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