"Brother Lin Qing, I can guarantee that I didn't kill Sister Guoer. I was only four years old at that time, and I didn't have much energy, but someone could ..."

"Don't listen to her nonsense," Chu Xiang suddenly yelled, "It's her who killed Guo Er, it's Chu Yunxi who did it."

Not to mention Lin Qing, in fact, all the people present were somewhat understandable. In the hysterics of Chu Xiang, she was clearly telling everyone that she was lying, but how old Chu Xiang was at that time, a child less than ten years old actually murdered Up,

And what kind of child did Song Wan raise for the Chu family?

"It doesn't matter if you don't admit it," Xiao Yudian knew that it was impossible for Chu Xiang to admit it so easily. "I have an uncle. He is a famous hypnotist. I think he should have a way."

"Of course, I also think, Brother Lin Qing, you should also listen?"

Chu Xiang suddenly fell weakly on the ground, hypnotic, hypnotic, right, she was thinking wildly, even if hypnotic, she would not admit it, she would never admit it.

Chu Li took out her cell phone and called Edward. Yes, this was the best way. He sneered, didn't he admit it, he would have to see when she could die without admitting when.

Soon after, Edward came over. Actually, they only came to see Xiaoyudian yesterday. Suddenly he received a call from Chu Li, and he was frightened. It would not be what happened to Xiaoyudian, and he was in a hurry. He rushed over, and his heart was passing too much anxiety, and this matter, he has not yet told his wife that Wu Sha has cultivated with Xia Ruoxin in the past few years and feels like a sister, and now Wu Sha is old, and he is really afraid that she can't bear it, so he came here first.

Fortunately, when he saw Xiao Yudian's safety, he was relieved.

Oh, hypnosis.

Edward suddenly smiled. This one was very simple. He came over, crouched on the ground, and took out a pocket watch from his chest pocket, and opened it. This is the old-fashioned old style. There was a sound that seemed to be moving around.

Didi Dada ...

Represents the passage of time, represents the eternity of time ...

"Chuxiang," Edward called Chuxiang's name.

Chu Xiang froze a moment, she suddenly clenched her head, she did not listen, she did not look ...

And Edward is still laughing. Such a patient, he has seen too many people who are more crazy and more mad than Chu Xiang, he has seen, so Chu Xiang really is not such a difficult guest.

"Chu Xiang, have you heard your voice?"

Chu Xiang was surprised ...

Sound, is this sound?

Didi Dada ...

Another second passed, and another second passed.

Chu Xiang's gaze seemed to be startled. She shook her head and didn't want to be affected, but her eyelids became more and more heavy.

With a bang, Edward knocked the pocket watch in his hand. Did you see anyone? Your time is starting to go backwards, and you will follow your time back to when you were very young.

You were not upset then, you were not sad, you were just an ordinary child.

Chu Xiang started to become dementia, and then she opened her mouth and smiled, just like a fool.

"Well, good, Chu Xiang, how old are you?" Edward asked again.

"I'm five years old."

"When you were five years old, what were you doing?"

"I was picked back by my grandma and became the youngest lady of the Chu family. I like this identity. I have clothes to wear, I have good food to eat, and I have a lot of story books to read. With a soft and warm quilt, I snatched it from Lin Qing. Lin Qing's fool didn't even want to go. "

"I know my grandmother's family is rich. As long as she is a granddaughter, I will not be bullied by others."

"So are you happy?" Edward asked again.

And Chu Xiang didn't know where the voice came from. She was confused, and the words in her mouth were talking flat and narrating.

"At first I was very happy. I had a grandma, a grandfather, and a handsome dad, but since I have a little sister, I am not happy. Dad loves little sister, and grandpa loves little sister."

"What do you want?"

"I hope there is no younger sister in this family," Suddenly, Chu Xiang's voice was almost crazy.

"I saw my little sister taken away by the bad guys. I'm so happy that my dad will be alone afterwards, but why was she finally found by my dad. Later, the little sister left with her mother. I'm alone, I'm happy. "

"But later, this little sister came back again, haha ​​... But grandma lost her, I know where she went, I saw it, and I didn't tell anyone, I want only one person in the family, Only Chu Xiang is alone ... "

Suddenly, Edward didn't want to ask.

Chu Xiang was still a child at that time, a little girl, remembering the innocence and cuteness of her daughter, remembering the little raindrops who were smart and clever, and Xu Meng's sensible and obedient. Edward thought that all children were like this, all are little angels, but now But he was wrong. It turned out that not only little angels, but also little demons were there.

He sighed. Some things still have to be asked, some things have to be asked ...

Do you know Li Guoer?

"I know, I know," Chu Xiang still replied unconsciously. She wanted to say what she didn't want to say. At this point, everything was said.

"She hates it like that little sister, but she has an older brother. Is it great to have an older brother? One day, I will kill her, that little bitch."

"How did she die?" Edward always smiled in Wen's eyes. At this time, news began slowly. He really felt that Chu Xiang's child was not saved.

"I pushed it down, I pushed it down ..."

Chu Xiang screamed suddenly, the watch also rolled his eyes, as if to faint.

Edward closed his pocket watch and made a sound of card, accompanied by his undulating sound.

When you wake up, you will forget everything you said ...

He came to Lin Qing again, "Does he want it?"

Lin Qing grinned, "No, I said it myself."

At this time, everything that Chu Xiang said completely subverted his half-life. In fact, he did not live half a life. It turned out that all these years of hard work, so many years of hatred, and so many years of calculation are all jokes.

He hated the wrong person, no, he would rather not, he would rather hate the right person, his sister was killed by Chu Xixi, but no, Guo Er was actually killed by Chu Xiang, and he was so For many years, he lived with his own girl-killer.