Therefore, the country is very cautious in exporting, and the country ’s biggest income comes from tourism. Yes, it is tourism. The country ’s coastline is very wide, and it is known as the most beautiful seawater in the world. It is transparent and green, and the sand is clean and unstained. There are the most original undeveloped virgin forests here, and there are also foods from all over the world. Therefore, this is a tourist country. Of course, the per capita income here is also among the best.

Here is still the hereditary monarchy. The current king is only 24 years old, and his new princess is a famous but very low-key dance star. He is a foreigner and a native, but he is very popular among the people. Advocate, because this new princess, after the eighteenth wedding with the king, the next year, gave the royal family two heirs, twins, the royal family has not had a newborn for a long time, this is simply a universal celebration On the big day, the people here like their king very much, and they also support him.

Their king split a new coastline, which brought them more income and a richer life. Of course, the living environment of the entire country is very good. Although the law is strict, it is for law-abiding citizens. Language is the best guarantee.

So this is the first place in the world, suitable for human habitation.

"Jun Yi, brother Jun Yi ..." Xiao Yu angrily shouted Jun Yi's name.

Jun Yi was just talking to a few special assistants. When he saw a little rain, he quickly got up.

What's wrong, he stood in front of Xiaoyu Dian, how could he run so hurriedly, and he put his hand on the forehead of Xiao Yudian, "Was it uncomfortable?" There is the most complete medical team in the palace It's for her body.

"I'm fine," Xiaoyu quickly tightened Junyi's hand.

"Did mom and dad have an accident? They have been in the original Sensen for more than half a month, what should I do?" She eagerly cried. "They must be in an accident, otherwise they cannot go for so long. Before they I also love to go, but it hasn't been that long. "

"They ..." Jun Yi raised her eyebrows, and her eyes seemed to be hurting. "You can rest assured that they will be fine. Your dad has left the whole company to me. It is good for him now, and he will take you every day. Mom went on an adventure, and the company really left it behind. "

"Or else, I'll come?" Xiaoyu bit her own red lips. Indeed, she was also distressed to Jun Yi. To manage the country, she also had to control the Chu Group. Although they said it well, Chu Chu would pass on to Chu in the future. She is the twin brother of the twins she was born to, and is now brought back to China to be raised by Chu Li, but the child is now being given to Chu Jiang by Song Wan and Shen Yijun. These are the elderly. The little guy was raised white and fat, but Chu Lu and Xia Ruoxin were drilled in the virgin forest and called adventure.

"No, I'm busy here." Jun Yi said quickly, afraid that Xiaoyudian could not think of opening, and ran to manage the company to be a strong woman. First of all, it wasn't she or not. Even if he didn't let her go, At that time, when twins were born, it was because the doctor said that she had better give birth as soon as possible, otherwise she would fear the burden on her body. After the child was born, he paid special attention to her body. Dare to have any slack.

Rest assured, Jun Yi knows what she is worried about, he reaches out and places her in his arms, his back is her backer, his chest is her belongings, and he will give her the safest space, Will not let her be harmed any more, even if she is crying.

"I will send helicopters. No, I will go to them in person. Have you forgotten that they all have satellite positioning on them, and nothing will happen."

But Xiaoyudian is still worried. In fact, she is twenty-one years old. In the eyes of her parents, she is still a baby. Of course, in Junyi's eyes, she is also a baby.

At this time, a small tent was standing on the ground in a rain forest.

A very young woman was sitting on the ground, holding a few skewers in her hand, and the meat was roasting over the fire.

"What kind of meat is this?" The woman raised her face and asked the man who picked up the firewood,

The man sat down and threw the firewood into the fire one by one. "The snake meat here is quite delicious."

"Oh ..." The woman didn't feel scared either, and she was now very resilient.

"Have you ever been a special soldier?" The woman still had some disbelief. Of course, these two are not others. It is Xia Ruoxin and Chu Li. They have been here for almost half a month. He brought a lot of things, and Chu Li also had experience of survival in the wild. When he arrived here, he felt like he was in his own world, and everything could be solved. Since it was so good and free, why did they go back.

"You haven't seen it," Chu Li added firewood to the fire again,

And he reached out and rubbed the woman's hair lightly. Her hair was fine and there was no white hair, but he was all white, it had not been dyed for a long time, and he was old.

"Don't you want your brother?" Chu Li's voice changed, and there was audible teasing in the voice ...

"That's the grandson," Xia Ruo took Chulu's arm for a moment, at first joking, and said that she didn't want grandson, Chulu said that he wanted the grandson, not to call her grandma, be her brother, and now that little white plum She didn't really call her grandma, but her pretty sister.

This is definitely taught by this man. I have to say that Chu Lu's method of doing business is strong and the method of training heirs is even more terrible.

Well, grandson, Chu Li naturally won't carry it with her. He picked up the meat roasted on the fire, but he heard a strange sound in his ear. He looked up, and the wind was blowing on his face from time to time. Then it was bigger, and there was a helicopter in the air, hovering constantly.

Chu Li bit the meat on the bamboo stick again.

"Ruo Xin ..." he called his wife's name.

"Well?" Xia Ruoxin raised his face. "What happened?"

‘You are going back to see your brother ...’

Xia Ruoxin just watched the helicopter land in the sky.

She sighed softly.

What a beautiful holiday.

Unfortunately, it's over.

But it doesn't matter. After seeing my brother, they come again.

The eyes of the couple looking at each other are the same.

Because they all know.

If there is a lifetime, we will be together.

If we have the next life, we still have to be husband and wife.

Keep all your memories in your diary

Our love is as before

After the baptism of four seasons

Sweet memories in love

Only in the story

Is the true meaning of love

If there is an afterlife

We are still together

Endless words meet again in the afterlife

You are the legend

I will use love to pass

To be together in my next life

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