She didn't have time to stand here now, and she was about to squeeze inside.

The nanny kept Chu Xiang out with her arms and door. "Miss Chu Xiang, the private property here, sorry, you can't enter."

"I'm my house," Chu Xiang said loudly. This is her house. Why can't she enter?

"Your family?" The nanny sneered. "Your name has been removed from the Chu family. Where is the Chu family?"

As soon as Chu Xiang heard that her name had been removed from the Chu family, her heart tightened, um, not afraid, not afraid, she kept comforting herself. She still has grandma, yes, and grandma, as long as the grandma recognizes her. It doesn't matter if the Chu family is improper, she only needs grandma.

"Grandma, I'm Xiangxiang, I'm Xiangxiang, Grandma ..."

She shouted loudly at it.

"My wife is not here," the babysitter rolled her eyes. "She won't see you either, savvy, you should go now, or be careful I will beat you out."

The babysitters have seen enough of Chu Xiang's high look. I really thought that I was the Miss Chu family. When the young lady came, she would shout politely and bring gifts to her. This blood line is blood line. It is really incomparable. The person who came out of the orphanage did not know which blood was flowing and the work done was extremely dirty.

With a bang, the nanny took Chu Xiang's face and closed the door politely. Chu Xiang's body was leaning forward and her head was hitting the door. She just wanted to say a curse, but her abdomen was It hurts, there is no good wound, and then it hurts violently.

And she could only sit on the steps and gently cover her wound.

"You wait, wait well, wait for my grandma to come back, and I'll let you go," she just sat here all afternoon, until it was dark, until the sun went down, she still didn't wait for Song Wan to return.

Far away, two shadows came over under the street light, and under the street light, the shadow was stretched ...

The warm yellow light fell on them and brought a lot of warmth.

Vaguely, it can be seen that the tiny moths above the street lights slammed as if they were bumping forward, followed by ...

The head was bleeding.


Chu Xiang's surprise came, and people followed him.

However, what she imagined did not happen at all.

Grandma didn't hold her crying, didn't ask her if she had eaten well, what happened recently, what did she do, why didn't she go home for so long, but just stared at her strangely for a long time, and finally pulled Chu Jiang's sleeve .

"My wife, who is this person, and why is it my grandma?"

"Ignore her, a lunatic," Chu Jiang tightened Song Wan's hand. "Leave, let's go back, you are tired too."

"Yeah," Song Wan shook her head, "Look at me, the more you live, the more you forget, and the mind is getting more and more confused, and old ..." She sighed, and Chu Jiang was holding her back. Before continuing to walk.

And always, she didn't pay much attention to Chu Xiang, just like a stranger.

"Grandma, grandma, I'm Xiangxiang ..." After a long while, Chu Xiang reacted and chased after him like crazy, this is her grandma, her grandma, no matter what she did wrong, no Relationship, because she still has grandma, but what is going on, is she dreaming, or is she still awake, why does grandma ignore her.

The door was closed once more, and everything was dark outside of the black hours. Only the street light was shining on her face, accompanied by the cold wind, and she was desolate here.

The door was opened again, and the light in Chu Xiang's eyes flashed, but it was not Song Wan who came out, but Chu Jiang.

"Grandpa ..." She shouted carefully, Chu Jiang didn't agree, and his hidden face was cold. ,

"You go," Chu Jiang said lightly, "the farther away from my home, the better."

"Grandpa ..." Chu Xiang stepped forward, "You let me go, but where can I go, this is my house, I'm looking for grandma."

"Your house?" Chu Jiang smiled coldly, "Remember, there is no your house here, nor your grandfather, nor your grandma, you have no half relationship with our Chu family."

"I'm looking for grandma ..." Chu Xiang just said, and was immediately interrupted by Chu Jiang.

"There isn't your grandma here either, she doesn't even know you now," Chu Xiang had a somber face, and even his voice was the same. At this moment, he wanted to tear Chu Xiang apart. Xiangjin started to Chu's house.

"She had a brain hemorrhage caused by you. It was only after waking up that she didn't have Chu Xiang in her brain. She didn't remember anything."

Chu Jiang's face began to light up on the street lights, and it became obvious, but his expression was terrifyingly cold.

And he finished, turned, and closed the door with a slam.

And Chu Xiang's eyes widened, only the words of Chu Jiang.

Song Wan had a brain hemorrhage and forgot her. She has no home, no loved ones, and no more, grandma ...

But what should she do, she still needs to take medicine, she is still ill ...

No, no, she waited impatiently at the door of Chu's house, but the next day Chu Jiang left Song Wan with her. No matter how she chased and shouted, the car drove away.

After a long time, people will see a woman who looks like a beggar. From time to time, she looks around here. She has been laughed at, beaten, and scolded. She wants grandma and grandma. She is the eldest sister of the Chu family. Everything of the Chu family belongs to her.

There are many people with the last name Chu in this world, but in this area, there is only one surnamed Chu. However, the name of the young lady in their family is Chu Chuxi, also the princess of King Hea. They have caused a sensation in half a country, and almost everyone knows it.


This woman is gone.

Later, people also forgot her.

I don't know how long, no one will ever see her again.

The Kingdom of Hea is a small country with a small area and a small population, but it is one of the most affluent countries in the world. In terms of population and national area, the population is still very scarce. Of course, this country's industry and agriculture are very developed, and there are almost all the world's largest crude oil exports nearby. Of course, this country does not export crude oil. They export a rare ore, which can be synthesized into a new type. The energy that every country wants to buy, of course, the biggest income is not these, after all, these are non-renewable resources.

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