In a very luxurious private villa, at this time, a birthday party was being held by the Xia family for his second daughter Xia Yixuan. Xia Yixuan was wearing a beautiful princess dress, with a lovely face smiling from time to time, really like a Like the beautiful little princess, I enjoyed all the blessings of everyone here.

Not far away, there is a little girl looking at them from afar, a beautiful and gentle mother, a calm and mature father, and a young and lovely daughter. It is really a joy of joy and a warm family of three. Family.

She pursed her little lips and held her hands tightly together, "Mom, have you forgotten? Today is also my heart's birthday," she sucked her nose and went out, but it was just forbearance Unable to reach out his hand and wipe the tears on his face.

She has been for a long time and has never had a birthday.

She stood outside, holding an old doll in her arms, which was given to her by her dad, but not that dad. She hasn't remembered his father's appearance for too long, all she can remember is that he is a very handsome and laughable father.

It was just that Dad didn't want her anymore. They said that Dad was dead and wouldn't come back again, and then she had a new dad and a new sister.

The mother only loves her sister, and she no longer loves her.

"Who made you here?" A low-pitched voice sounded, and she turned back, hugging the old doll in her arms even more, and stepping out of the darkness to a boy no bigger than her.

The boy was wearing a pure black western-style tuxedo, a tight lips, with a little coldness, although young, but the indifferent temperament on his body was much older than his actual age.

"Why are you crying?" The boy approached suddenly, his fingers were strangely placed on her face, and it was cold.

And she just blinked her dark eyes, "Today is also my birthday." She flattened her little mouth and suddenly felt very wronged.

When she raised her eyes, she felt something hanging on her neck, and between her head, it was a beautiful amulet, made of jade, "for you." The boy's hand was on her small face again.

"Little brother ..." The soft child's voice is particularly nice, but the boy raised his lips, "I will come back," and he said. "Remember, you can only be my person," but he was very domineering at a young age.

And she just nodded her head forcefully, and the tearful face finally laughed.

For the hours, he did not forget, nor did she forget, but it was still wrong.

In a row of hotels decorated with white roses, guests gathered at this time. Today, the largest commercial leader Chu's and Xia's commercial marriage are held here, but no one is optimistic about the wedding.

On the other hand, only the parents of the groom and the parents of the bride were present. The smiles on the faces of the Chu couple were always reluctant, while the Xia couple kept their faces flat.

In the hall, everything is similar to a white color, not like a wedding, to a funeral, a white rose, a transparent crystal cup, and a white crystal lamp hanging from the top.

Maybe it is really a blessing to marry a new marriage, but, inexplicably, there is too little joy.

One woman put on makeup in the bathroom, revealing a self-satisfied smile, and another woman just asked strangely.

"Is it strange that Chu Lu loves Xia Yixuan so much, why did she marry her sister less than three months after her death?"

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