[Name: Zong Shen]

  [Age: 21]

  [Race: Earth/Humanity]

  [Level: LV3]

  【Experience: 155/400】

  【HP: 182】

  【Number of people in charge: 12/39】

  【Power: 12】

   [Each point increases life by 5 points, damage increases by 1%, and the power of the lord is increased. The following skills cannot exceed 1/3 of the power attribute: iron bone, strong attack, strong throw, strong bow]

   [Agility: 8]

[Each point increases 5 points of weapon proficiency, and slightly increases the movement speed, increases the reaction ability of the lord, the following skills cannot exceed 1/3 of the agility and familiarity: shield defense, running, weapon mastery, riding, riding and shooting 】

  【Intelligence: 7】

   [Each point of intelligence adds 1 extra skill point. The following skills cannot exceed 1/3 of the intelligence attribute: coaching, tracking, tactics, guidance, reconnaissance, etc.]

   [Charm: 9]

   [Increase the upper limit of troops by 1 per point. The following skills cannot exceed 1/3 of the charm: dominance, captive management, trading]


  【Power Type】

  ①【Iron bone: 2】

   [Add 10 points of health per point (personal skills)]

  ②【Strike: 4】

  【Increase 8% fighting damage per point (personal skill)】

  ③【Strong Throw:0】

   [Increase throwing damage by 10% per point (personal skill)]

  ④【Strong bow:0】

   [Enable the lord to use a stronger bow, increasing the damage of the bow and arrow by 14% per point, and the highest level does not exceed the level of the bow plus four (personal skills)]

  【Agile Type】

  ①【Weapon Mastery: 2】

   [Make the weapon proficiency increase faster and increase the upper limit of the number of weapons proficiency, each level increases the upper limit by 60 points (personal skills


  ②【Shield Defense:0】

   [Reduce the damage of the shield (8% per point), increase the blocking speed of the shield, and coverage (personal skills)]

  ③【Running: 1】

  【Improve running speed (personal skills)】

  ④【Riding: 2】

  【You can ride a better mount, improve riding speed and maneuverability. (personal skills)】

  ⑤【Riding and shooting:0】

   [Reduce the accuracy and damage loss of archery and throwing on the back of the mount (personal skills)]


   [Increase the number of loot obtained by 10% per point (team skill)]

  【Type of intelligence】

  ①【Coach: 1】

   [Lord who possesses this skill every day will increase experience points to other team members of lower levels, 10 experience per level, increasing by level]


   [Discover more information from footprints in the wild and various other traces (team skills)]


   [Add 1 point of combat advantage for every 1 point (increase team member damage by 1%) (team skill)]

  ④【Guide: 1】

   [Each point increases the team’s overall movement speed by 3% (team skill)]


   [Increase the team's detection range by 10% per point (team skill)]

  ⑥【Item Management: 2】

   [Increase the capacity of your personal inventory by 6 cells per point (lord skills)]

  ⑦【Healing: 2】

   [Each point increases the team’s HP recovery speed by 20% (team skills)]


   [Each point increases the chance of 4%, so that team members who would otherwise die will save their lives. (Upper limit 40%) (Team skill)]

  ⑨【First aid:0】

   [Every time the battle is over, 5% of the life lost in the battle will be returned to the lord hero. (Team Skills)]

  ⑩【Engineering: 2】

   [This skill allows you to build your own territory and siege equipment more effectively, increasing the construction speed by 10% per level (team skill)]

  【Charm Type】

  ①【Persuasiveness: 1】

   [This skill will be able to help you, U U Reading www.uukanshu. Com makes your views more acceptable to others, and at the same time reduces the hostility of the aborigines and increases the speed of cultivating goodwill. 】

  ②【Captive management: 0】

   [Increase captive carrying cap by 5 per point (leadership skills)]

  ③【Domination: 3】

   [Increase the upper limit of the troop by 10 per point, increase the morale of the troop, and reduce troop expenditure and wages by 5% (leadership skills)]


   [5% reduction in trading losses per skill point (applicable to the [transaction] function and transactions of major indigenous forces. (Team skills)]


  【Weapon Proficiency】

  [One-handed weapon: 99]

  [Two-handed weapon: 80]

  【Pole Weapon: 88】

  【Bow and Arrow: 52】

  【Crossbow: 57】


  【Firearm: 60】

   [For each point of weapon proficiency, an additional 0.01% of corresponding weapon damage is added]


  【Lord: Zong Shen】

   [Equipment: [Unkempt leather short-sleeved shirt] [Emerald green leg armor] [Tattered leather boots] [Sharp Germanic sword] [Bow hunting] [Curved crossbow arrow] [Depressed simple koto shield]]

   [Slashing damage: 29×(1.12+0.32+0.089) (strength + strong attack + weapon proficiency) = 44.63]

   [piercing damage: 33×(1.12+0.32+0.057)=49.4]

  【Head Armor:0】

  【Upper body armor: 13】

  【Leg Armor: 37】

  [Magic Resistance: 13]

   [Skill: None]

  [Territory Level: 1]

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