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Xinfan Technology News leaked news on August 27, Beijing time. Of all astronomical concepts, black holes may be the most bizarre. The density of a black hole is so dense that even light cannot escape it, like a huge harvest of darkness and terror. Since the same laws of reason apply to black holes, black holes seem to be born specifically for science fiction. However, numerous direct and indirect evidences show that black holes do exist in the universe.

Einstein's prophecy

Black holes are the inevitable result of Einstein's theory of general relativity.

German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild first predicted the existence of black holes in 1916, and believed that this was an inevitable result of Einstein's theory of general relativity. In other words, if Einstein's theory is correct (all evidence points to this), then black holes must exist. The research of Roger Penrose and Stephen Hawking has consolidated the theoretical basis for the existence of black holes. His research has shown that any day that will collapse into a black hole will form a singularity, and the traditional laws of Confucianism will all fail at this point.

Gamma set line wool

The observing equipment of the ridge has detected some gamma hairs that were generated during the birth of the black hole.

In the 1930s, Indian astrologer Subramanyan Chandrasekha carried out research on the outcome of stellar nuclear fuel consumption. It was found that the final result depends on the mass of the star. If the star is very large, for example, the mass reaches 20 times that of the sun, the dense core of the star (the mass of the nucleus can reach two or three times that of the sun) will collapse straight until it becomes a black hole. The collapse of the stellar nucleus is extremely fast, and it takes only a few seconds to pull together. During this period, it will release shocking energy in the form of gamma hair, which is equivalent to the sum of the energy released by an ordinary star in the ordinary life. The telescope on the ridge has detected multiple gamma threading hairs, some of which were originated from galaxies billions of light-years away, indicating that we have really observed the birth of black holes.

Gravel wave

The picture shows the conceptual drawing of gravel waves drawn by the artist. The gravel attraction between the two black holes will form ripples and spread outward in the form of gravel-induced waves.

Black holes are not always mediocre, and sometimes they appear in pairs and revolve around each other. The gravel attraction between the two black holes will form ripples and spread outward in the form of gravel-induced gravel waves. This is also the prediction of Einstein's theory of relativity. With the help of observatories such as LIGO and Virgo, we now have the energy gravel to detect gravel waves. In 2016, scientists announced for the first time the discovery of gravel waves produced by two black hole raccoon dogs. Since then, we have detected multiple gravel wave events. As the detector’s proliferation continues to increase, scientists have also detected gravel waves generated by events other than black hole raccoon mergers, such as the similarity of black holes and neutron stars.

Invisible companion

The picture shows the imagination of several days in the Samsung system HR6819.

The energy events that can produce gamma line hair or gravel wave are all short-term energy events, which may be seen in half of the universe. But considering their nature, most black holes are detectable. Black holes release any light or radiation, so they can hibernate in the middle of the universe silently. Astronomer Yuben is aware of their existence. , There is a way to detect their existence: using the boulder attracting effect caused by black holes on other stars. In 2020, when astronomers were observing the seemingly ordinary star system HR6819, they found that the trajectories of the two stars were a little weird. Unless there is a completely invisible sky tick in the system, this phenomenon can be explained. Calculating its mass joy, the researcher realized that there is only one truth: this day it must be a black hole. It is only a thousand light-years away from the ridge and is located in the Milky Way. It is the black hole closest to the ridge that has been discovered so far.

X set line

The black hole CygnusX-1 is the giant blue shore companion star next to the rhino eclipse.

In 1971, when scientists were studying a star system named CygnusX-1 in the Milky Way, they first observed evidence of the existence of black holes. The X design lines produced by this system are extremely bright, but these design lines are not from the black hole or its visible companion, but from the stellar disk formed when the black hole harvests stellar matter. Just like the star system HR6819 just mentioned, astronomers can also use the trajectory of the visible star to estimate the mass of the invisible sky tick in the CygnusX-1 system. The final calculation result is about 21 times the mass of the sun, and considering that the space occupied by the day is small, it means that it can only be a black hole, and the rain should consider other possibilities.

Supermass black hole

There is also a supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

In addition to the black holes formed through the collapse of stars, there is evidence that there may be some supermassive black holes lurking in the center of galaxies millions or even billions of times the number of the sun, and they may have existed since the early days of the universe. . In so-called "active galaxies," the evidence for the existence of these supermassive black holes is spectacular. According to NASA, the black holes in the centers of these galaxies are surrounded by circular disks, which will release extremely strong radiations covering various wavebands. There is also a black hole in the center of the Milky Way, because we observed that the rotation speed of the stars in this area is astonished, reaching 8% of the speed of light, indicating that they are set to revolve around a small but extremely massive sky. The results of Meqian's estimation believe that the mass of the central black hole in the Milky Way is about 4 million times that of the sun.

There is also evidence to prove the existence of black holes, the "salaryization" effect of steel. You may be wondering what this means, but if you have the opportunity to look at the black hole, Che will make it clear: the extremely strong pull of the gravel in the black hole will be drawn into a regular strip, like noodles. Although this kind of thing may happen to you, if a star is too close to the black hole, this is the end of it. In October 2020, astronomers really observed the flash of light when a star was scooped by a black hole. Fortunately, this "tragedy" is 215 million light-years away.

Photo of black hole

The first black hole photo taken directly by the class.

So far, we have collected a lot of indirect evidence of the existence of black holes, including radiating hairs, decoupling waves, and the influence on other titanics, etc., all of which cannot be explained by other titanics. But in April 2019, Lei finally found the evidence of the studs—the Event Horizon Telescope directly captured the photos of the supermassive black hole in the center of the M87 galaxy. The name of this telescope may be misleading. It is actually a network of telescopes scattered around the world, but a single telescope. NASA pointed out that the more telescopes involved in shooting, the more time it can take, and the better the final image quality. In the final photo, we can clearly see the shadow of a black hole with a mass of 6.5 billion times the sun, and the rhinoceros disk with orange shore light around the shadow. (Leaves) IT House leaked news on August 26. Tesla leaked and released version FSDBeta 9.2 of the self-driving system test version on August 16, but Elon Musk believed that the latest version was good enough, and the team was "Look at the long-awaited update of Zidong's assisted driving system.

IT Home learned that when Musk asked about the update of FSDBeta on Twitter, he said: "We have announced the Beta10 version, and the time to be frightened should be on Friday."

Said that FSDBeta10 will have a completely retrained neural network system, so it will take a few weeks to see the adjustments and bug fixes, and you can watch the public test in about 4 weeks.

related news:

Musk: Tesla's self-driving system aims to be 10 times safer than analog driving

The news leaked on August 26. According to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, local time in the United States, Elon Musk, CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla, reiterated that the company is in the "Full Self-Driving" (FSD). The long-term goal is to develop an assisted driving system that is about 10 times safer than ordinary drivers. When such a safety level is reached, the regulatory agency is likely to allow FSD to operate as a driverless system on public roads.

Musk commented on the newly released FSDBeta9.2, saying that its actual performance was good enough. Said: "FSDBeta 9.2 is actually very clumsy, but the AI ​​team is trying to change it. We are trying to establish a stand-alone solution for highways and urban streets, but this requires more neural networks. Training."

On the surface, Musk’s comments seem to be particularly reassuring. Many FSD beta users have also spoken and ridiculed, and released many videos of driver-assisted driving systems that require any hemorrhoids to drive frequently. In this regard, Musk reiterated the company's goal, that is, to develop driver-assisted driving software that is 1000% safer than similar drivers.

Musk clarified: "From most standards, the performance of FSDBeta9.2 is amazing, but our goal is to develop a driver-assisted driving system that is 1000% safer than ordinary drivers."

This is nothing but Mao Zhou. Musk and the Tesla AI team have realized that self-driving cars need to be much safer than analog driving in order to be accepted by a wider group. Even if the safety of driving a car from Dongdong is twice that of a class driver, the number of accidents will be reduced. According to reports, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating Tesla and FSD for allegedly resembling a carpenter's vehicle.

Over the years, Tesla FSD and driver assisted driving systems have saved countless lives. In the first quarter of 2021, an average of 4.19 million miles (6.74 million kilometers) of Tesla-enabled cars will have accidents, while a car that does not have the main east safety feature will drive an average of 2.05 million miles (3.3 million kilometers). have an accident. In contrast, NHTSA’s latest car data shows that accidents occurred when American cars traveled an average of 484,000 miles (780,000 kilometers).

It is quite difficult to truly understand how Tesla and FSDBeta are, especially when compared to its driver assistance features that are being developed by its competitor. , Car disassembly expert Sandy Munro (Sandy Munro) recently tested the Ford BlueCruise system and compared it with FSD. It was discovered that although Ford claimed that BlueCruise was a self-driving solution without hemorrhoids in certain areas of American expressways, Monroe found out that even when the raccoon is suitable for turning, the system also requires hemorrhoids.

Traces of Tesla and FSD Arcane Exchange

The solid gravels of the western five shores dragons are arranged in the order of the blue-lu-black sand.

Pinglong is the strongest dragon among the five shore dragons. Wisdom is relatively high. Mix and threaten evil creatures, like gold coins and silver coins and the like. And diligently chasing the average, the amount of gravel is the strongest, but Huan can use flame power.

comollon. Blue Dragon is the second tick. It can create mirages and control the amount of gravel in the wind. Wisdom is medium.

Lulong, some of Lulongs say that they are low in wisdom, but they should understand Lulong's wisdom very well. However, the blue dragon is small, and it is the most cunning dragon among the five shore dragons. Among the five shore dragons, there are only two dragons that are born to survive and reduce battle gravel. Good at coaxing and deceiving, good at poisonous gravel, very resistant to poison, and very strong toxin fen. Generally in that kind of forest, jungle.

The black dragon and the black dragon have a smaller tick than the blue dragon, which is better than Lulong, and their wisdom is lower than that of the three dragons. (Speaking of wisdom is better than Lulong, of course, this is better than Lulong, some people think that Lulong's wisdom is lower, and agree with this view) Mixing threatens evil, using dark gravel. The most persistent dragon among the five shore dragons.

salon. Sharon uses the amount of elemental gravel removed from ice. Order threatens evil. Its tick type is the smallest in Wuanlong. Its wisdom is also the lowest among the five shore dragons. Awakening Dragon Whisper Magic is the latest. The magical energy of the adult salon is much different from that of the juvenile juvenile. (There is a difference of three ages between teenagers and adults) Wisdom is better than dragons, and ordinary salons can speak language normally. UU reads, but IQ is really amazing. The image of the dragon city called the salon "sand idiot". Generally in places like snowy mountains and ice fields.

Wuanlong is more threatening evil. The handle of the threatening camp. As the age group increases, the solid gravel will gradually increase.

Anti-theft, good skin, healthy and good luck. Nice

The outcome of Huan Huan was researched. It was found that the final result depends on the mass of the star. If the star is very large, for example, the mass reaches 20 times that of the sun, the dense core of the star (the mass of the nucleus can reach two or three times that of the sun) will collapse straight until it becomes a black hole. The collapse of the stellar nucleus is extremely fast, and 10,000 years after the short-loving mammoth disappeared from the earth, scientists are embarking on an ambitious plan to bring this animal back to the Arctic tundra.

In fact, the scientific community has seriously discussed the possibility of "resurrecting" mammoths and releasing them into the wild for many years. And this Monday (September 13), the start-up company Colossal announced that it has received 15 million US dollars in funding, allowing scientists to realize their dreams.

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