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A gray-blue shirt with a hole in the collar, a repetitive stitch, a black-faced mullet shoe with a broken bottom, and an open plastic cup. Mountain students have donated for 68 years. The villagers said that they always pretended to be goodbye in their hearts and lost themselves.

In 1953, Li Zhenhua, who was only 17 years old, resolutely bid farewell to his hometown of Nanjing. Because of the arrival of this "in the city", rural schools that had been classes for half a year reopened.

Since joining the work, Li Zhenhua has donated 14 of his salary every month, which is 47 years.

He retired in 1997 and first had more than 30 part-time jobs. Only 500 yuan of the pension was reserved for living expenses, and the rest of the income was donated almost in full. As of last year, Li Zhenhua has donated a total of 1.36 million yuan to support more than 2,300 students.

On the campus of Hanwang Middle School in Yiyuan County, there is a stone statue of Hanyu, which was built by villagers in Yiyuan County who donated money to Li Zhenhua on their own initiative. In 68 years, he has been awarded 103 honorary titles at the municipal level including National Educational System Model Worker, 2015 Chinese Education Year, 2015 China Good, Shandong Province Outstanding Communist Party, and Shandong Province Civilian Teacher. 'S interview.

, The Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shandong Provincial Department of Education issued the "Notice on the Announcement of the Selection Results of the "2021 Qilu Most Beautiful Teachers" and Shandong Province Book Education Models." Comrade Li Zhenhua (formerly the Second High School of Chengguan, Yiyuan County) was awarded the "2021 Qilu Most Beautiful Teacher" Special Award.

After retiring, choose "work"

When I first saw Li Zhenhua, it was hard to imagine that he was 85 years old. Deaf, eyes, hunchback, gray hair and dark skin make him look awkward. Retirement, instead of staying at home, is busier than ever.

Due to direct subsidies to poor students, in the year of retirement, Li Zhenhua donated his only savings of 15,000 yuan, plus the special allowance of the State Council, a total of 20,000 yuan, respectively, to the former Hanwang Primary School, Zhangjiapo Middle School, and Yiyuan County Experimental Middle School. For the donation, the local government established the "Zhenhua Scholarship Fund for the Impoverished". Through this foundation, nearly 10,000 poor students have been funded.

Knowing that there are still poor students outside the scope of the foundation, Li Zhenhua decided to continue funding. After all, pensions are limited. In order to support more needy children, I choose to "work" outside. In Zibo Wanjie Chaoyang School, Li Zhenhua served as a junior high school, earning 500,000 yuan in eight years and subsidizing 23 poor students outside the foundation. "Five students are given 5,000 yuan per year, five middle school and technical secondary school students are given 3,000 yuan per year, and 13 junior high school students are given 1100 yuan per year.”

At the most difficult time, Li Zhenhua took Zhang Wenqiang, who was once funded and now graduated from technical secondary school, to pick up **** on campus, and sold a total of 16,000 yuan in eight years. The money was all used to subsidize poor students and widows.

In the first month of receiving his pension, Li Zhenhua tried to keep only 200 yuan, but because it was enough, he changed to 500 yuan for living expenses every month and donated all the rest. In 1968, he donated 1.36 million yuan to support more than 2,300 impoverished children to realize their academic dreams.

Retired Li Zhenhua (left) traveled to more than 300 villages in Yiyuan County, Shandong Province, to investigate poor students and left-behind children, and help them financially and psychologically. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

Although Li Zhenhua enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, he lives in poverty. Take three meals, drink noodles and radish sticks in the morning and evening, and eat pumpkin, radish and steamed buns at noon. I will drink alcohol and cigarettes in my life, and I am willing to drink tea. I usually only carry a plastic cup to open it.

Li Zhenhua's dress can be simpler: a piece can be worn for six or seven years, and it is often stitched and then patched, patched and worn. After wearing the cloth shoes for two or three years, the bottom was broken, so I went to the street to let the shoe repairer take a cart and continue to wear it. I didn't wear shoes and suits in my life because economic conditions allowed, but instead spent all the money on poor children.

"Although life is poor, but the heart is very rich, and I am happy all day long."

What makes Li Zhenhua the most is that the students have gradually become talented, and they are also giving back to the society.

Li Zhenhua likes to play with the children the most. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

Among the 23 poor students that Li Zhenhua has funded, Ren Jilan is one of them. Ren Jilan's family was in embarrassment because of cancer and death. In 2013, when Ren Jilan was in her third year of study, cancer was at its most dangerous period, and the hospital was notified that she was critically ill. This year, Ren Jilan basically did not go back to school and could only review at home. Because it is very busy because of feeding medicine, taking care of it, and also working on the land. Ren Jilan was very upbeat, and got 576 points in the exam and was admitted to Qufu Normal School. But because of the lack of tuition, I see hope of learning. At this time, Li Zhenhua from the Yiyuan County Experimental Middle School at the time put the tuition fees into the hands of the girl with a warm hand. For each summer vacation of the four years, tuition will be paid.

From then on, Ren Jilan was determined to be like Grandpa Li. After graduating from school, Ren Jilan returned to his hometown of Yiyuan, passed the teacher recruitment examination, and went to Fuluping Primary School where Li Zhenhua once worked. Affected by Grandpa Li, he squeezed money out of his salary from his first year as a teacher, and supported two poor students, fulfilling his original promise with practical deeds.

Li Zhenhua is tutoring the students with homework. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

Walking from the city to the mountain branch of Yiyuan In 1953, Nanjing and Yiyuan had a relatively different quality of life. During his studies, Li Zhenhua often heard the teachers tell stories about the revolution of Yimeng's wife and Yimeng's sixth sister. At that time, he secretly determined to contribute to Hemin.

At that time, the country called on young people to "go to the most difficult place of the revolution, to the most magnificent place of the motherland." Under the influence of the old Yimeng district, Li Zhenhua, who was only 17 years old, responded to the call to walk through the gate of Nanjing Normal School to the remote and poor old district of Yimeng.

In Yiyuan, there are Duanqu. Because he was from the city and was young, the competent department was afraid that Li Zhenhua could adapt to the hardships of the place, so he assigned him to Weifang. However, "young", Li Zhenhua pointed to the map and mentioned the position of Hanwang Primary School in Yiyuan Mountain, which has the most mountains and the hardest. Li Zhenhua told reporters:

"When I actually arrived in Hanwang Village, I found that the local area was too poor, so I found a tile that didn't even have a square meter of mud."

After living in the county for a day, Li Zhenhua sent his luggage to Hanwang Village, 110 miles away, the next day. At that time, there were no roads, so I had to climb mountains and ridges, and walked the Tianshan Road until I was too tired to walk again. On the 16th day of the first lunar month, when Li Zhenhua rushed to Han Wang, the old secretary of the village led the whole village to pick him up at the head of the village.

Li Zhenhua was stunned when he walked through the room converted from the broken temple. There was no glass in the windows, and the door fell halfway. The air was ventilated, and the ground was littered with small stones. "The village is poor. The stone is the desk and the little stone is the bench." The old secretary sighed and said, please teacher, the students have been out of class for half a year. Because there is no teacher for half a year, the students are willing to wait for the next day of class. As soon as the sun climbed the mountain, Shilizi sat with 38 students. The most were three children, and the youngest was only 7 years old. There were villagers outside the windows of the room.

Li Zhenhua specially gave him a tunic suit. The villagers did not see the cloth woven by the machine, and Li Zhenhua was just said to be a foreigner. Amidst anxiety, he plucked up the courage to give lectures, but Zhang and the southern dialect burst into laughter and discussion. Li Zhenhua felt uncomfortable when the lecture failed. At night, I lived in a closed room, listening to the wailing wolves, I was so scared that I was homesick, and tears fell away. For the first time away from home, sometimes taking a nap, you can dream of getting old. I opened my eyes to see, but found myself alone.

"Looking back now, I know how it was spent at that time."

Li Zhenhua, who was immersed in sadness, was awakened by the villagers. It is a sweet potato noodle pancake made of leaves and bran, and the outer layer looks like cow paper. While surprised by the "exquisiteness" of the villagers, they opened the pancakes and opened the pancakes. There was nothing in them, and they were warm, so I realized that this was rice.

Li Zhenhua swallowed lumply and swallowed, also, dipped in the bitter bean-mozi soup, and barely finished one. "After eating, I said I was full, but in fact I was thinking, I really want to eat." At that time, Li Zhenhua's heart was like a needle, knowing how to cope with the learning, but also how to swallow the blackness that he has never seen before. Sweet potato noodle pancakes, bran wotou.

Li Zhenhua is playing with the children. (Photo courtesy of the interviewee)

Going back to the city again

Ideals and reality are like twin sisters, and the realization of ideals must pass countless tests. If you find the support of God, no matter how good your ideal is, it can be realized.

Faced with the difficulties of language and life, Li Zhenhua, who has reached the poverty line with his enthusiasm, shook his heart: "This place can stay, and the sky can stay."

When he first came to the Yimeng Mountains, Li Zhenhua did not consider staying in his life. I wanted to go back in three to five years. When I went back, don't ask what to answer when I asked, Li Zhenhua was very uncomfortable. "At that time, I thought of a compromise. If I can stay for five days, stay for three days, and wait for more days. When I go back, I will be laughed at."

In the past six months, more than 40 students from the same school who went to the Yiyuan branch returned to 37, but Li Zhenhua gradually left the Yimeng mountain area. In the village, in the Huan group, there was a mediocre one who looked in his eyes and thought in his heart. Back with the old mirror, I used a spinning wheel to spun the cotton into a thread, and then woven it into a cloth with a wood loom. I sewed the cotton jacket and cotton, returned the bobbin, and wrapped the thatch and reed in the shoes to warm it.

"When I put it on, I shed tears. I feel old."

Li Zhenhua recalled that when he learned of his pancakes, the villagers ate chaffy vegetables and ate good meals. The old man in someone's family lay an egg, and originally changed firewood and salt, but the township gave it to him in his arms.

"Whenever I receive an egg with warmth, I have something to say in my heart."

"It's a culture, you can go."

Li Zhenhua recalled that during the Battle of Menglianggu, the village sent 72 young people to carry the wounded, and the leftover pancakes and nab shoes at home were all used for the revolution. "Family sacrificed your life for the revolution. Are you afraid of this difficulty?" Yimeng God and the villagers' simplicity made Li Zhenhua, and he drove home again, knowing he was gone.

Sprinkle all the students

Li Zhenhua is determined to use his knowledge to change the face of impoverished mountainous areas. Therefore, in 68 years, one thing is firm: study hard. From then on, Zakah took five or six miles to make up lessons for the students in the evening. In order to improve the conditions for running a school, use baskets and old newspapers to draw the lines of longitude and latitude, and show them to students when talking about geography. Where is the Western and Pacific, where is Europe and Asia; Lunar eclipse.

Hanwang Elementary School is located in the mountain. Sometimes when a student suddenly falls ill, Li Zhenhua would carry the student back to the mountain to treat the illness; Helifa, so he waited by the river early, carried all the students back to the other side after school.

With whole-hearted dedication, students' grades skyrocketed. In 1955, the enrollment rate of its schools in Yiyuan County was 10:1, and all the eight fresh graduates with whom they were admitted to junior high school, hit the whole county.

In 1982, Li Zhenhua was transferred to work in Yiyuan County. It was a newly established special school, and the source of students were all those who failed the junior high school exams in the county. Against this background, Li Zhenhua made a name-"Sprinkle it all on the students", and the teacher was very prosperous for the students. Among the first batch of students, Liu Yang (pseudonym) was very tuned, and the policemen at the police station were also used to making trouble. In the second class, Li Zhenhua found that Liu Yang had a recurrence and immediately went home and cooked a bowl of egg noodles. The students had to cry so that they could no longer adjust, and finally took the exam.

No one would have imagined that 108 students with an average score of 28.6 can get 78 into the key and 26 into the grade in three years. This result hits the society. The county was about to change the name of Chengguan No. 2 Middle School to Yiyuan County Experimental Middle School. Therefore, the Experimental Middle School is the best school in Yiyuan.

At that time, only three volunteers could be filled. Affected by Li Zhenhua, 60% to 70% of students chose normal colleges and eventually became extinct. After 10,000 years, scientists are "resurrecting" mammoths.

According to reports, this "resurrection" plan is not to reproduce the real mammoth, but to create embryos carrying mammoth DNA, creating a hybrid offspring of elephants and mammoths. Church explained in an interview: "Our goal is to make a cold-resistant elephant that looks and behaves like a mammoth. This is not because we want to deceive everyone, but because we want a kind of function. An animal like a mammoth-can enjoy life in an environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius, and can do all the things that elephants and mammoths can do, especially knocking down trees."

By comparing genomes extracted from mammoths and Asian elephants in permafrost, researchers have identified specific genes responsible for mammoth hair, insulating fat layer, and other cold climate adaptations. Subsequently, they extracted skin cells from Asian elephants and set about re-editing them into pluripotent stem cells carrying mammoth DNA.

Eventually, these embryos will be delivered by a surrogate mother or artificial uterus. Colossal hopes to quickly breed a large-scale mammoth herd by developing an artificial uterus. If all goes well, the researchers will usher in the birth of the first cubs within 6 years.

Steps to "resurrect" the mammoth

It is reported that the project aims to help protect Asian elephants, by giving them some characteristics, so that they can be in the area called "Pleistocene Park".

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