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Lords Trying to Survive: Strategizing from a Rundown Yard

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Novel Summary

Upon waking up, the whole people crossed the alien world.

This is a terrifying world, almost immeasurable.

There are dragons, griffins, goblins, goblins, dwarves, and orcs.

There are also zombies, undead dens, and various mythological monsters.

Everyone is a lord, starting with a life experience, a small courtyard, and three farmers.

To get rich, start by arranging trees and gradually establishing territory.

Lords need to explore the map, occupy areas, obtain resources, develop urban construction, and conquer monster dens.

Every other month, you need to resist the looting of monster legions and various alien forces in order to survive.

Zong Shen started the game and awakened the strategy system.

Raiders will appear in everything you can see.

Help him find all the hidden treasures.

[The crooked neck tree 50 meters southeast of the territory is actually not simple. 】

[Go forward 35 steps from your current position and start digging, you will get a surprise. 】

[Don’t look, this treasure chest is a trap, and the poison gas inside will make you unconscious for three days and three nights. 】

While others were still struggling to support, Zong Shen had already built a strong city.

With countless powerful soldiers and epic heroes, resources are piled up like a mountain.

Epic dragon Nithogg: “You…Don’t come here…I will give you all the treasures!”

Chief Goblin: “I am willing to serve the adults.”

King of Avalon: “I am willing to marry my beloved little daughter to you…”

Zong Shen: “Children make choices, I want them all!”

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Short Title:SFRY
Alternate Title:领主求生:从残破小院开始攻略
Author:Chinese Little Blacksmith
Weekly Rank:#437
Monthly Rank:#172
All Time Rank:#504
Tags:Army Building, Cannibalism, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Dragons, Elves, Fan-fiction, Fantasy, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Goblins, Harem, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Level System, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Male Protagonist, Multiple Transported Individuals, Necromancer, Orcs, Slow Growth at Start, Strategic Battles, Survival, System, Transported into a Game World,
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