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In the Tranquil Sun province of the empire, there exists an unremarkable lordship known as Xue Ying Territory! This is the home of the Dong Bo clan, the clan of our hero Xue Ying!

His father, a commoner turned noble; his mother, a noble who abandoned her clan for love, and his brother, an innocent toddler. But peace cannot last forever, Xue Ying’s peaceful life is shattered, and the only way to reclaim it is through power!

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Short Title:LXY
Alternate Title:雪鹰领主
Author:I Eat Tomatoes
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#2927
Monthly Rank:#2713
All Time Rank:#2353
Tags:Adapted to Anime, Adapted to Manhua, Age Progression, Artifact Crafting, Assassins, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Caring Protagonist, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Demons, Devoted Love Interests, Elemental Magic, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Immortals, Inheritance, Knights, Magic, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Revenge, Romantic Subplot, Spear Wielder, Sudden Strength Gain, Time Skip, Underestimated Protagonist, Wars, Weak to Strong, World Travel,

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