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The whole people came to the Supreme Continent, became the lord of one party, and participated in the struggle for hegemony among the lords of all races! Some lucky lords will awaken their lord talents! “Haha, my lord’s talent is the Hall of Knights, which can allow t.... Read more

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Chapter 280 A tool for changing races! The King of Hades! Chapter 279 Zaha's Spoils! Feng Luo's sword skills! Chapter 278 incite defection! 7396 green-headed mist demons!

Chapter 277 Green-headed Fog Demon! All guns fired! Chapter 276 Silver inferior chaotic human race bloodline! racial talent and Chapter 275 High Wood Elf Chapter 274 black seeds Chapter 273 Use the death immunity scroll! Chapter 272 Go to Yeming Town! Stumbled into the stomach of the Sky-Swallowing Thunder Dragon! Chapter 271 A different sword and shield soldier! Deal with Li Ya! Chapter 270 Confused overlord lord and dragon lady lord! Chapter 269 Five talents!

~ typo correction Chapter 268 True god-level potential clan member recruitment card! Xiao Xuan! Chapter 267 The upper rank of mythology!

Chapter 266 Amethyst Behemoth! The power of the Aurora Tower! Chapter 265 The power of hero skills! Kesha surrenders! Chapter 264 Lord of the Sun vs Lord of Light! Chapter 263 Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction! Chapter 262 The monster army is formed! Transaction results! Chapter 261 Monster Ranch Harvest! "Certificate of the Legion"! Chapter 260 Auguste promoted! Chapter 259 The power of Aurora Tower and Fog Cannon! Chapter 258 Silver-level territory fusion proof! Diamond Junior Aurora

Chapter 257 Chapter 256 Powerful Storm Spirit! Greedy wolf totem! Chapter 255 The upgraded lord talent! Storm Spirit - Wang Han! Chapter 254 Ghost Dragon - Augsted! Chapter 253 Pioneer's Glory III! New Silver Lord Days Chapter 252 Crossing the Evil Panacea! Zhou Zhou and Nesario! Chapter 251 Gold subordinate territory! Strengthened Supreme Barrier! Chapter 250 reward! Upgrade the territory! Chapter 249 The power of silver level instigating rebellion! Wildstone King's Spoils Chapter 248 Greatly improved conquest efficiency! special wild stone king Chapter 247 "Mount Contract" Chapter 246 The Scepter of Glory of the Sand Emperor!

Chapter 245 third piece Chapter 244 Five Treasures (Part 2) Chapter 243 Five treasures! (superior) ~ Ask for leave Chapter 242 The King of Eternal Silence and the Queen of Eternal Silence are confused Chapter 241 Eternal Silence Kingdom! "Inheritance of Heroes" that can explode Chapter 240 The speed of the Black Ghost! The first time I saw the sandstorm forbidden area! Chapter 239 Silver level instigation! Silver class homecoming! Chapter 238 Complete drawing of the Arc de Triomphe! Prepare to upgrade Lord's Day Chapter 237 exchange! Special "Hero Inheritance Codex"! ~ take a day off Chapter 236 Kingdom order! The next god-level hero inherits the secret code!

Chapter 235 Dragon Slayer's Tale Chapter 234 Shocked Lord Baihe! Disadvantages of Dragon Slaying Township! Chapter 233 Mythical lower rank! Everyone shakes! Chapter 232 Gradeless Territory Fusion Proof! Chapter 231 Lord Dragon God and Lord Bug Lord! (seeking subscription) Chapter 230 Powerful dragon-slaying will effect! Zhou Zhou's ambition! Chapter 229 Sun Qi'an's pets! Chapter 228 Silver Behemoth and the Dragon Clan! Chapter 227 Platinum Junior Beastmaster-Sun Qi'an! Chapter 226 The linkage of lord talents! (seeking subscription) Chapter 225 The gaze of the Heroic Spirits! (seeking subscription) Chapter 224 Six major knight genres! To the Hall of Valor!

Chapter 223 Silver Meteor Knight - Rob Allen! Chapter 222 Extraordinary Lord Talent - Knight Temple! (seeking subscription Chapter 221 Platinum level lord talent - the village of dragon slaying! Chapter 220 Three lord talent balls! 702 Bronze Lord Heavens Chapter 219 Extraordinary lord talent ball! (seeking subscription) Chapter 218 Siege! Spoils of the Lord of Knights! (seeking subscription Chapter 217 The sneak attack of the knight lord! Instigate a rebellion! (ask for order Chapter 216 Enhanced Ancestral Blessing! The attacking knight lord! Chapter 215 The influence of Xuanyuan Sword! (seeking subscription) Chapter 214 Treat the wounded! Belief in God Crystal Transformation! (seeking subscription Chapter 213 The arrogance and ambition of a knight lord! (seeking subscription) Chapter 212 Xuanyuan Sword - Farming and Storage Sword! (seeking subscription)

Chapter 211 The title of the strongest lord rank! Racial artifact! (beg Chapter 210 First defeat! The strongest lord (limited time)! Chapter 209 Battle to the top! The lord of the gods! (seeking subscription) Chapter 208 Diamond Lord! Battle Veteran! Chapter 207 The origin of the Dragon God Lord and the Bug Lord Lord! Chapter 206 Diamond Lower Rank! Is this the high-end power leveling? Chapter 205 Lord Qingluan! White Ghost! (seeking subscription) Chapter 204 50 million hearts of fog! Start ranking! Chapter 203 Tens of thousands of arms recruitment books! Double happiness! (beg Chapter 202 Mysterious caravan upgrade! Seven Monster Ranch! (beg Chapter 201 Shining Troopers! The first jewel craftsman! (ask for order Chapter 200 Upgrade the territory! Upgrade the Summoning Gate! (seeking subscription

Chapter 199 Bronze Level - Homecoming! (seeking subscription) Chapter 198 King of Hearts Gem! Little Heavenly Formation Zong Jing Hongzi! ( Chapter 197 Secrets of the Kingdom of the Dead! All channel lord announcement! ( Chapter 196 Diamond Intermediate Alchemy Technology - Divine Light Giant! Zheng Fugui Chapter 195 Diamond Intermediate Alchemist Technologist - Zhang Kexuan! (ask for order Chapter 194 Platinum advanced alchemy pharmacist! Transform into a potion! ( Chapter 193 Cardinal - Carol Moira! Zhou Zhou's conjecture Chapter 192 Platinum Level Lord Talent - The Sanctuary of the Goddess of Life! Chapter 191 Platinum Level Lord Talent - The Sanctuary of the Goddess of Life! Chapter 190 Loyal people! Prepare to use the talent ball (please subscribe Chapter 189 Villager job in Deadwood Village! (seeking subscription) Chapter 188 Yuyang tree species! Heart Gem! (seeking subscription)

Chapter 187 Burn the withered tree demon lord! mission completed! (beg Chapter 186 Different loot! Withered Tree Demon Lord! ( Chapter 185 The past of the glow knight! Platinum low-level mission! ( Chapter 184 Deadwood Village! Quest: Withered Seeds! (ask for order Chapter 183 Platinum level scarlet lord talent ball! Platinum Senior Soldier Chapter 182 The leader of the Necromancer Knights - Meredith! Gold Scarlet Chapter 181 Death Knight! A new middle class! (seeking subscription Chapter 180 Platinum Advanced Rank! Intermediate arms! (seeking subscription Chapter 179 Silver Intermediate! Gold junior Neltharion! (beg Chapter 178 Group income! Redeem goods (for subscription) Chapter 177 Title upgrade! Fashion upgrades! (seeking subscription) Chapter 176 Rapid promotion! Silver Intermediate Rank! (seeking subscription

Chapter 175 Start grouping! Old rival! (seeking subscription) Chapter 174 God's Familiar Medicine Garden! Share talent! (seeking subscription) Chapter 173 Talent - Eye of Time! Soldiers advance! (seeking subscription Chapter 172 Three conditions! Silver junior archaeologist! (beg Chapter 171 Sign the master-slave contract! Conditions for building a kingdom! ( Chapter 170 Tiantu Army! Linger's expectation! (seeking subscription) Chapter 169 The mysterious forces in the sandstorm forbidden area! Maid sisters! ( Chapter 168 Guotai Minan achievement achieved! Lords who can be promoted Chapter 167 Bai Yuejing and Sun Simiao! The collision of two medical systems Chapter 166 Event limited fashion! The new blue star human race is built Chapter 165 Master-slave territory contract! Complete the segment! (seeking subscription Chapter 164 Silver level lord talent! Start ranking (asking for subscription

Chapter 163 Hero skill book! (seeking subscription) Chapter 162 Blue Star Terran Ancestor Statue - Gongshuban! new alchemy Chapter 161 trade! The Ceremony of the Silver Lower Level New Wind! (ask for order Chapter 160 23 ranked times! Zhou Zhou's expectation (seeking subscription Chapter 159 The number of rankings has increased! Zhou Zhou's request! (ask for order Chapter 158 Gold Grade Aurora Crystal and Platinum Grade Aurora Crystal! (beg Chapter 157 The Extinguishing Sun Meeting is over! Go to Lieyang City! (seeking subscription ~ written request for leave Chapter 156 Ancestors blessed! Acquisition of Ancestor Statues (Seeking Subscription) Chapter 155 In terms of skin thickness, I would like to call you the strongest! ( Chapter 154 "Illustrated Book of All Worlds and Ten Thousand Races (Volume 1! immortal Chapter 153 Lord of the Gophers - Lord of Nord! Rank promotion! (

Chapter 152 The battlefield of the lords of all races is open! Start ranking! (beg Chapter 151 Silver junior! Lord attribute panel! (4000 words Chapter 150 Upcoming events! Call the people! (ask for order Chapter 149 Four types of firearms! Profits! (seeking subscription) ~ Release Notes Chapter 148 Wu Tu's map! Starfire Adventure Group! (seeking subscription Chapter 147 Ancestor buff! "Thousands of Gold Prescriptions"! (seeking subscription Chapter 146 New Lord Talents! Blessings from God of War! ( Chapter 145 surrender! Blue Star Terran Ancestor Statue! (seeking subscription Chapter 144 Zone order for Briar Dunes! Surrender! Chapter 143 Bronze level scarlet level lord talent ball! Sand Emperor's Chapter 142 Attack the thorny dunes! "Sand Corpse Summoner Transfer Certificate"

Chapter 141 Lord Potential! (seeking subscription) Chapter 140 Zhou Zhou's plan! Attack the thorny dunes! (ask for order Chapter 139 Thousands of soldiers! Get through the business! (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival) Chapter 138 Farmers! Performance of Soul Reaper! ( Chapter 137 Natural disaster restricted zone! Organize the harvest! (seeking subscription) Chapter 136 Troop Recruitment Building - Stone Demon Lair! Mysterious businessman back Chapter 135 Micro Iron Ore! Upgrade the door of summoning (seeking subscription) Chapter 134 Upgrade the territory! Administrative hall! (seeking subscription) ~ illustrate Chapter 133 Soul Reaper Maris! (seeking subscription) Chapter 132 Bronze level instigation! 3 legendary talents! (ask for order Chapter 131 Fog Cannon! Order of the barren Gobi region! (seeking subscription

Chapter 130 Hero Skill - Golden Dragon Break! Kill the Stone Demon Lord! (beg Chapter 129 Reaper's reward! Death Immunity Scroll! Chapter 128 Divine country-level arms! "Soul Reaper Recruitment Book" Chapter 127 invest! The sneak attack of the kobold tribe! (seeking subscription Chapter 126 41 shards of black iron lord talent crystallization! (beg Chapter 125 Chaos human race talent! Blood talent! (beg Chapter 124 Attack the Blood Sun Lords! The blood of the vampire viscount! ( Chapter 123 Dragon Horse Gunner - Wu Xin! Chapter 122 Yu pharmacist! Bronze-level building material Ji Guangjing! ( Chapter 121 Absorb the blood of low-level blood! Grant rewards (please order Chapter 120 Use the Chaos Human Bloodline! Optimize low-level blood Chapter 119 Mythical Lord Talent - King of Loot! (ask for order

Chapter 118 Legendary lord talent - the thief's magic gloves! Chapter 117 The strongest novice lord! The lord's talent is promoted to source crystal! Chapter 116 Kill Altena! Chaos human race bloodline! (beg Chapter 115 Hero Inheritance Codex! Supreme Challenge Waiver Card! ( Chapter 114 Round 4 Supreme Challenge! The aurora cannon is in full swing! (beg ~ Readers, please click in (ó﹏ò?) Chapter 113 Fire Demon Lord - Altena! No. 1! ( Chapter 112 Supreme challenge! Flame Demon! (4000 characters large Chapter 111 Check out the rewards! Taimiao! (seeking subscription) Chapter 110 Official lord status! Official Lord Rewards! (beg Chapter 109 Easy win! Life Career Recruitment Book Spree Chapter 108 Rank up! Gradeless Basic Arms Transfer Certificate

Chapter 107 Novice lord test! Round 1 monsters! (ask for order Chapter 106 The people who came to take effect! The novice lord test is officially Chapter 105 Zhao Changshou is loyal! The eve of the novice lord's test! Chapter 104 New changes to the city wall! Zhou Zhou's confidence! (seeking subscription Chapter 103 The Ritual of the New Wind! The influence of the mysterious merchant! (beg Chapter 102 Lucky gift! Zhang Li's gift! (seeking subscription) Chapter 101 The grand meeting of the Blue Star Lord! Amazing Auction Proceeds! Chapter 100 auctions! (seeking subscription) Chapter 99 The era of the alliance of lords! Overlord lords and military lords! Chapter 98 Upgrade buildings! Troop situation! (seeking subscription) Chapter 97 Gold Level Lord Talent - Mysterious Caravan! Chapter 96 Legendary talent - Wu Xin! Recruit Park Swordsmen! (beg

Chapter 95 Unlock your talent potential! New faces? (seeking subscription) Chapter 94 "Secluded Water Profound Art"! Zhang Boen's shock! (ask for order Chapter 93 The spoils of the water ghost lord Ans! (seeking subscription) Chapter 92 Kill the water ghost lord! mission completed! (seeking subscription) Chapter 91 Blood bat form! Get the vampire racial talent! (beg Chapter 90 Bai Yun breaks through! The corpse of a vampire! Chapter 89 Gold-level scarlet lord talent ball! Gold Lord's Day Chapter 88 Purple scale fierce fish! Lava melting lake! (seeking subscription) Chapter 87 The spoils of the leader of the wild sand! keep going! (ask for order Chapter 86 Kuangsha believers! Pu Dao arms! (seeking subscription) Chapter 85 7415 soldiers! Ready to go! (seeking subscription) Chapter 84 Bronze Intermediate Monster Ranch! (seeking subscription)

Chapter 83 The lords who hold together to keep warm! Zhao Changshou is promoted! (beg Chapter 82 Tens of millions of units of basic materials! you call it simple Chapter 81 Wall - sand crystal city wall! New gear deals! (beg Chapter 80 Occupy Gwent City! Martial arts and martial artists! (seeking subscription) Chapter 79 Capture Gwent City! Amazing harvest! (seeking subscription) Chapter 78 All job changes! Bronze Advanced Aurora Tower! (seeking subscription Chapter 77 Inaugural Warrior! Storm Knife! (seeking first order) Chapter 76 Conquer! Quint is a lord? (seeking first order) Chapter 75 Available now! Chapter 74 More than 3000 slaves! Guotai Minan takes effect! Chapter 73 Conqueror Blast! Lucky career! ? Chapter 72 Zhang Li's request! Go to the Lord's Market!

Chapter 71 mission completed! New entrusted tasks! Chapter 70 Lord of Yuquan Town! Set off! Chapter 69 Ashburn promoted! Wu Tu is back! Chapter 68 Aurora Prime Minister! Potential promotion potion! Chapter 67 Regional Chests! Mask of Nothingness! Chapter 66 Upgrade buildings! Blue Star Full Channel Announcement! Chapter 65 Regional order! New Black Iron Lord talent! Chapter 64 Kill the sandman lord! Sand Emperor Items! Chapter 63 Hero Skill - Blood Fire Meteor! The sandman lord appears! Chapter 62 Hero Skill - Stabilize Morale! Instigate rebellion again! Chapter 61 Blood Rocket Spirit - Bai Yun! The Scorching Sun Legion is established! Chapter 60 The troops have increased greatly! Hearing the Conqueror Blast Furnace for the first time!

Chapter 59 The sixth day begins! Call the people! Chapter 58 Trade gear! Zhou Zhou's expectation! Chapter 57 2290 soldiers! Re-enter the ruins of time! Chapter 56 Diamond-level lord talent - Guotai Minan! Chapter 55 "Hero Inheritance Secret Code"! Diamond Crimson Lord's Day Chapter 54 "Elemental Archers Recruitment Book"! mission completed! Chapter 53 Balrog Mist Wolf Set! Suit features! Chapter 52 Enter the time ruins! Time mission! Chapter 51 Monster Ranch is built! Find Fish Springs! Chapter 50 Huge upgrade in Pastoral Valley! Use instigation! Chapter 49 The key to the time relic! Upgrade the Summoning Gate! Chapter 48 Full Channel Announcement! The unique title of the race!

Chapter 47 Lord Talent - Instigate Rebellion! Get ready to upgrade your territory! Chapter 46 The fourth lord talent! Chapter 45 The true face of the overlord! Kill with your own hands! Chapter 44 Collect Aurora Crystals! Terran lord! Chapter 43 Platinum subordinate hidden mission! Chapter 42 Bronze junior! Neltharion breakthrough! Chapter 41 fifth day! First carpenter! Chapter 40 Building material sand crystal! Zhou Zhou's arrangement! Chapter 39 Wu Tu's map! New monsters! Chapter 38 50 Mechachocobos! The second monster ranch! Chapter 37 Talented people with extraordinary potential! You call this repairing? Chapter 36 Purchase materials! Linger's opportunity!

Chapter 35 Organize the harvest! Thousands of arms professionals! Chapter 34 The amazing effect of lord talent crystal fragments! Chapter 33 Kill the leader of the black-tailed fog scorpions! Chapter 32 Let's attack! Black Scorpion Poison Crossbow! Chapter 31 The Harvest of Monster Ranch! The troops have increased greatly! Chapter 30 Call the people! Cartographer! Chapter 29 intelligence! Not the same blue star full channel lord announcement! Chapter 28 The usefulness of the eyes of blood! The medical hall is established! Chapter 27 Sand Emperor's space ring! Scouting Squad Conception! Chapter 26 Monster Rancher - Maki Valley! Chapter 25 Silver Level Lord Talent - Monster Ranch! Chapter 24 Organize your loot! Full Channel Announcement Reappearance!

Chapter 23 The scarlet lord also has the lord talent? Chapter 22 Linger's lord talent! Ready to fight! Chapter 21 Aurora Tower! The fruit of Ashburn! Chapter 20 Greatly increased strength! Platinum Intermediate Architect! Chapter 19 Bai Yun was promoted! Poison crossbowmen skills! Chapter 18 New Mist Monsters! New loot! (plus more) Chapter 17 The effect of the golden corpse water! The location of the scarlet lord! Chapter 16 Scarlet Lord! Alchemy Potion Formula! Chapter 15 Superior Black Iron! Monsters are coming! Chapter 14 Architectural Effects! Mechanical Chocobo! Chapter 13 Lava Dragon Egg! Upgrade buildings! Chapter 12 Lord Dragon Lady! Undead lord!

Chapter 11 Gnome Alchemy Workshop! Full Channel Announcement! Chapter 10 Kill Lord Potts! Bronze lord talent ball! Chapter 9 Sixty thousand units of basic materials! Gold level potential leader! Chapter 8 Upgrade buildings! 212 sword and shield soldiers! Chapter 7 Number one pageview! 20,000 units of basic materials! Chapter 6 Mind manipulation! Primary spiritual potential! Chapter 5 Racial Skill Book! Racial talent ball! Chapter 4 Clean up the monsters! Huge harvest! Chapter 3 World Channel! Sword and Shield Soldiers Recruitment Book! Chapter 2 Sword and Shield Soldier Transfer Proof! Chapter 1 Legendary lord talent! 100% explosion rate!

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