Chapter 949 New racial artifact-Ice Spirit Sacred Heart! The alien army is coming!

  After a while.

As the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron shook with a bang, the lid of the cauldron suddenly opened, and then a dark blue stream of light flew out of it. After flying several times in the starry sky, it reluctantly flew back to Zhou Zhou.

 Zhou Zhou couldn't help but smile when he saw this scene.

 The treasure has a spirit.

What's more, it is a supreme treasure like a racial artifact, so he is not surprised by the behavior of this new racial artifact just now.

 He looked at the artifact.

This new racial artifact has undergone earth-shaking changes after undergoing some transformations by the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron.

 The original blessing of the Ice Ghost God was a chain of bone necklaces.

Now, this new racial artifact is made entirely of true god-level divine crystals with ice attributes. At the core of the necklace, there is an extremely delicate human skull ornament that looks like dark blue crystal.

 He looked at it and the written prompt appeared.

                                                          companies since: Ice Spirit Sacred Heart]

  [Equipment Level: Race]

                                        ulation: Desire to Become a God: Originally a racial artifact of the Ice Ghost Clan, it was later transformed into an exclusive racial artifact of the Human Race after being transformed by the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron of the Chaos Human Race.

 When a human race member advances to become a subordinate of a lower god, the probability of success in the advancement is increased by 8%. ]

  [Racial Artifact Ability 2 - Blessing of the Law of Ice: When a human being is born, there is a very small probability that he will automatically have the ice attribute talent - Heart of Ice. ]

[Introduction to the racial artifact: It was formerly a racial artifact of the Ice Ghost Tribe. It was later transformed into an exclusive racial artifact of the human race by the Emperor of the Clan using the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron. It has the function of helping the human race improve their probability of becoming a **** and increasing their talent. ]

  [Note 1: This racial artifact is exclusive to the human race and is only valid for the ‘human race’. ]

  [Heart of Ice: Creatures with a heart of ice can more easily control ice attribute elements and comprehend ice attribute spells. ]

"not bad."

 Zhou Zhou couldn't help but breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the specific effects of his promotion, and a smile appeared on his face.

 Although the probability of becoming a **** has dropped by 2%, he has long been mentally prepared for this loss.

 What's more, the 8% probability is also a terrifying increase in the probability for the human race in the endless heavens.

Coupled with the ability of the blessing of the Law of Ice, in the future, many geniuses with ice attribute spells will be born among his human race.

 He looked at the number of remaining transformations of the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron.

 There are still five times left, and you can transform into five more alien racial artifacts.

 “We have to find other racial artifacts...”

Zhou Zhou thought.

 Actually, it’s not that difficult.


 He can ask Bodhisattva directly.

Bodhi Master is almost omniscient and must know where several unowned racial artifacts are.

However, when it comes to the racial artifact, which is the most important weapon of the race, Bodhi Lord will definitely require a formal number of puzzles to be solved before he is willing to tell him the answer.

 Zhou Zhou attaches great importance to the number of times Bodhisattva answers questions. After all, a formal number of times to answer questions may save his life at a critical moment, so he doesn’t want to ask questions to Bodhisattva easily until it is necessary.

 As for the second type, it is to expand the territory!

There must be several alien races on the Supreme Continent that possess racial artifacts. Zhou Zhouda can directly attack them and plunder their racial artifacts.

 On the Supreme Continent, war and conquest are the themes of the entire continent. As long as there is no alliance between foreign countries, they can directly attack the territory of the foreign race without a reason.

If you have to ask for a reason for attacking, it is to develop yourself in order to compete for the position of supreme lord.

No one can say anything about this hard-core and universal reason.

  If the lord forces under the supreme will attack the scarlet lord forces under the scarlet lord, that's even less so.

 When they meet, fight or rob them and that’s it!

"If you want to find information about the racial artifact, if you don't ask Bodhi Lord, you can only temporarily collect information in this area through the three intelligence forces of Tiantu Legion, Spark Mercenary Group and Mysterious Caravan."

Zhou Zhou thought.

Tiantu Legion collects grassroots secret intelligence.

 The Spark Mercenary Group collects secret information from mid-level forces.

 The mysterious caravan collects secret information from high-level forces.

These three intelligence forces together formed a complete and useful intelligence network in Zhou Zhou's hands.

 Then he thought about the future development arrangements for a while, and then started the daily Eye of Disgusting activities again.

 Time flies by.

 In the blink of an eye.

 Night falls.

  The territory of the Saha Empire.

 Infinite imperial capital.    Wu Zhi Buddha Palace.

 Monday is sitting here quietly.

The reason He is here is that, according to the information they have received, the foreign coalition forces will arrive at the Saha Empire as soon as possible tonight, and they will meditate and wait here on Monday, just waiting for them.

 I don’t know how long it took.

 Suddenly opened his eyes on Monday.

 When He stood up, his divine body also disappeared from the same place.

 The border city of the Saha Empire - Vaishya City.

This is an epic upper-level territory, and it is also a military fortress. Various powerful war machines are placed on it, making it look like an indestructible iron city.

 But at this time, the defenders on this iron city looked at the enemies outside the city, but they had no idea how long the city could resist their attack.

 Because there are too many enemies outside!

 How many?

So many that even the gods, using their best eyesight and mind to observe into the distance, could not see the end of the enemy millions of kilometers away.

They seem to be trapped in a world full of enemies, and they are like turtles in a urn.

 Although describing it this way may dampen confidence, the reality is that it is indeed the case.

 “Many gods…”

As a member of the Shepherd God clan, Yuan Chong has been successfully promoted to a superior **** and a lower-level **** with the help of the massive promotion energy provided by the blessing of the war **** and his own sufficient understanding of the law after the battle in the morning.

He, who has astonishing senses, can feel that among the hundreds of billions of troops in front of him, there are thousands of alien gods!

Moreover, there are dozens of them that make even the superior **** like him feel the terrifying aura of his divine body trembling.

That is the breath of true God!

There are actually dozens of true god-level beings among this alien coalition force!

Facing so many true gods, even if he is the **** of the Shepherd Clan, he can't help but feel suffocated at this time.

 But at this moment.

A middle-aged man with gray hair walked up to Him, looked at these alien coalition forces solemnly, and then released his true god-level pressure.

It is none other than the true **** of original sin and demon hunting - Geralt!

"Are you one of the true gods who are the backbone of the human race?"

 An arrogant voice came from the alien coalition.

Geralt searched around with his spiritual mind, and his heart suddenly became awe-inspiring.

 Because he didn't notice what the other party said.

 This means that the opponent's strength has surpassed his own, at least at the intermediate level of True God.

"I am…"

 Geralt was about to speak.


 A gloomy green divine light burst out from the alien coalition forces.

This divine light exudes the charm of the law of decay. Once it hits Geralt, even if Geralt is a true god, he will probably be seriously injured.

Geralt's expression changed. He didn't expect that the opponent would take action so suddenly.

 The speed of light is extremely fast.

Geralt didn't even have time to activate the Evil Crown of Original Sin to resist this divine light attack.

at this time.


A cold snort sounded.

 The next moment.

Just then, Zhou Yi, wearing the emperor's dragon robe, suddenly appeared in front of Geralt.

He held the World-Destroying Blade and cut off the miserable green divine light with one strike. He also used the Palm of the Ten Thousand Stars to absorb all the power of its laws. Then he raised his head and looked at the alien coalition. One of them was hiding in the void. , the slovenly alien true **** in green robes said coldly:

 “Dare to take action against my king’s worship of gods.”

 “Are you going to violate the supreme agreement and go to war with this king?”

  After hearing the words "Supreme Agreement", the alien coalition's originally arrogant arrogance suddenly calmed down.

 (End of this chapter)