Chapter 948: Racial Transformation Artifact!

 Zhou Zhou pondered.

 He now has three racial artifacts in his hands.

 The first type is naturally a racial artifact exclusive to the Blue Star human race.

For example, Xuanyuan Sword and "The Record of Holy Words".

 The second type is a universal racial artifact.

 That is your lucky star.

 The third type of racial artifact is the racial artifact of a foreign race.

At present, he only has one in his hand, and that is the blessing of the ice ghost **** of the ice ghost tribe.

The first **** of his Kingdom of the Sun, Vicki, was able to achieve the status of a **** thanks to the probability of becoming a **** provided by this racial artifact, coupled with his own accumulation.

 He thought for a while, turned his right hand over, and a bone necklace appeared in his hand.

This bone necklace is completely bone white, and at the bottom of the necklace is an icy blue ice ghost head the size of a thumb's belly.

It closed its eyes quietly, and its face looked charitable.

 It is the blessing of the racial artifact-the Ice Ghost God.

  [Racial artifact name: Blessing of the Ice Ghost God]

  [Equipment Level: Race]

[Racial Artifact Ability 1 - Desire to Become a God: Before his death, the ice ghost **** Bayi returned all his divine power and accumulated faith to the people of his race by offering sacrifices to the supreme will. Yi longs for his race to be able to quickly give birth to new gods after his death to continue to protect his race.

 When the Ice Ghost clan members advance to become a lower level god, the probability of success in the advancement is increased by 10%. ]

  [Racial Artifact Ability 2 - Blessing of the Ice Thorn King: When the Ice Ghost Tribe is born, there is a very small chance that the people of the Ice Ghost Tribe will automatically have the talent - Invisibility. ]

[Introduction to the racial artifact: The ice ghost **** Bayi used himself as a sacrifice and asked for the mercy of the supreme will to create a racial artifact. It embodies Bayi's deep love for the ice ghost people. ]

  [Note: This racial artifact is exclusive to the Ice Ghost Tribe and is only valid for the ‘Ice Ghost Tribe’. ]

“This racial artifact has two effects. One is to increase the probability of being promoted to a **** by 10%.”

“The second one is to give the people of the Ice Ghost Tribe a very small chance of becoming invisible when they are born.”

“The effects of these two racial artifacts are really quite practical.”

 “Especially the former.”

“For someone like me who needs a large number of divine subordinates, this is the racial artifact effect I need most at the moment.”

“If you turn it into a racial artifact, even if the effect is reduced, it will still be worth it.”

Zhou Zhou thought.

 As for the Ice Ghost Tribe?

Well, although he does have ice ghost tribesmen under his command, their combined number does not exceed 50 million.

Compared with the more than 200 billion human race citizens in the Sun Kingdom today, the gap is not even a little bit.

With such a large gap in the number of people, it is natural to use racial artifacts on the human race to maximize the value of racial artifacts.

    The worst thing to do in the future is to give more resources to the Ice Ghost tribe in terms of resources for becoming gods. In this way, whether they have racial artifacts or not, there is actually not much difference.


 The most important point is that he is still a human being in the final analysis.

His selfish intention is to bring more benefits to mankind.

Zhou Zhou will not deny this.

After making the decision, Zhou Zhou no longer hesitated and directly put this racial artifact into the opening on the front of the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron.

Chaos Sacrifice Dao Cauldron seemed to feel something. The whole cauldron shook slightly, and then sent a message to Zhou Zhou.

"You need the Chaos Holy Power of the True God-level Chaos Human Race to open the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron, and then sacrifice a True God lower-level ice attribute material, and 100 True God Lower-level Divine Crystals, or a Divine Crystal that is comparable to the total energy of 100 True God Lower-level Divine Crystals? ?”

 Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue.

The Chaos Holy Power of the Chaos Human Race is naturally nothing.

 One piece of ice attribute material of the lower level True God and 100 crystals of the lower level True God are relatively expensive.

certainly.     This is for other living beings.

 For Zhou Zhou, it was naturally something he could get.

“It seems that if you want to use this Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron, you must have a True God-level Chaos Human Race.”

“Fortunately, I am not only a chaotic human race, but also a lord of law and spirit. I have mastered the ‘King’, a heaven-defying law technique that can temporarily increase the level of strength.”

 “Otherwise I really wouldn’t be able to use this racial artifact.”

 Zhou Zhou was secretly glad.

Then he waved his right hand, and the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron in front of him disappeared. Then his whole body disappeared in an instant. The next second, he came to a silent starry sky.

 This is a dead starry sky in His kingdom of God.

It’s just a starry sky.

 In fact, there is not even a planet within a radius of tens of millions of light years, let alone life.

 Only in places farther away are there a few planets, which are still dead planets without the slightest trace of life.

"Refining new racial artifacts here, even if there is any big commotion, there shouldn't be any problems, right?"

Zhou Zhou murmured.

Then he took out the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron from the King's Treasure Box and placed it in the starry sky.

Zhou Zhou then placed his hand on the surface of the cauldron, activated the Law Skill 'King', and upgraded his strength to the intermediate level of True God, and then began to continuously input his Chaos Holy Power into the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron.

With the continuous input of the Holy Power of Chaos, the violent vibrations of the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron at the beginning became smaller and smaller, and in the end it became completely quiet.

  But it is relative to this.

The chaotic air currents emanating from its surface are increasing, even covering the dead starry sky with a radius of millions of kilometers, turning this place into a chaotic world temporarily.

 Zhou Zhou was even more stunned when he saw this scene.

 The power of this racial artifact seems to be far greater than any racial artifact he has obtained before.

It is worthy of being the clan-suppressing artifact of the Chaos Human Race back then.

Even if the level is greatly reduced now, it cannot be compared with ordinary racial artifacts.

 Time flies by.

Just after Zhou Zhou input about 80% of the Chaos Holy Power in his body, the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron once again conveyed a message to him.

After Zhou Zhou got this information, he immediately put all the already prepared true **** lower-level ice attribute material ‘One Hundred Thousand Years Ice Soul Crystal’ and 100 million lower-level **** lower-level crystals into the Chaos Sacrifice Cauldron.

 The exchange ratio between true god-level divine crystals and lower-level god-level divine crystals is outrageous, reaching as much as 1:1 million!

This does not mean that one true **** is comparable to 1 million lower gods and lower gods.

 But the quality of one unit of lower-level divine power of a true **** is indeed comparable to the sum of the quality of 1 million units of lower-level divine power of lower-level gods.

It is precisely because of this that Zhou Zhou did not want to use the true god-level divine crystals easily, but used the lower-level god-level divine crystals that can be exploded by legendary powerhouses.

 After all, there are still hundreds of millions of pieces in Zhou Zhou's King's Treasure Box.

 In the former case, even if Zhou Zhou had the king of trophies, he only had two or three thousand in his hand.


 After investing 100,000-year ice soul crystals and 100 million lower-level **** crystals, the chaos sacrificial tripod suddenly emitted a chaotic light.

Chaos-colored flames burned within its cauldron, and it began to burn the alien racial artifacts in the cauldron.

 Zhou Zhou waited quietly.

 (End of this chapter)

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