Chapter 265 The Power of Hero Skills! Kesha surrenders!

  The sea of ​​magma pours back!

This scene.

   It shocks all living beings just like the Tianhe destroys the world.

  The holy white flames in the eyes of Lord Kesha became even more blazing!

   "Don't panic!"

at this moment.

  The voice of Lord Kesha rang in the ears of all the angels of light.

  Then they saw that Lord Keisha flew directly into the sky with the holy sword of light in his hand, and rushed straight towards the pouring magma sea!

  She held up the holy sword of light in her hand, burning holy white flames all over her body, looking like a god!

   Then I saw the holy white blazing flames on her body, all condensed on the holy sword of light in her hand.

at this moment.

  The holy sword of light in her hand suddenly condensed a thousand-meter-long holy white sword light!

  Hero Skill - Judgment of the God of Light!

   Next second.

  She swung the holy sword of light, and swung her sword heavily at the sea of ​​magma and Neltharion who was in the middle of the sea of ​​magma!

  I saw a holy white sword light flashing across the sky in an instant, splitting the sea of ​​magma directly!

  Slash the sea with one sword!

   And after the judgment of the God of Light passed over Neltharion's body, the lava armor on the surface of its body burst instantly!

But what made Kaisha's pupils shrink was that after the extremely powerful sword energy cut through the armor of the dragon hero, it left only a sword mark burning with holy white flames, and then it was gone again. Unable to move forward, it finally disappeared.


   "I have the same destiny as its hero."

   "Even if there is a gap in bloodline, the gap should not be so big!"

   "Why is its defense so strong?!"

  Lord Kesha was puzzled just now, and then sensed the breath of the other party, and his face changed slightly.

   "Golden Superior!"

   "As a pure blood dragon, how did its strength improve so quickly?!"

  She couldn't believe it.

  The higher the bloodline level of the personality, the more promotion energy it needs to improve its strength.

  According to Kesha’s common sense.

  As a pure-blooded dragon, it is most normal for Neltharion to be able to advance to the silver level at this stage.

  She never expected that the other party would actually be promoted to the gold rank!

   You must know that even if it has the God of Light, it has only reached the lower level of gold now.

  Many thoughts flashed through her mind, and she quickly thought of two possibilities.

   The first one is that this dragon has been inherited by other dragons, so its strength has improved so quickly!

  The second may be the reward of the supreme will!

  These two may be the most likely reasons for this pure-blooded dragon to reach the gold superior strength.

  Only the super strength of the gold superior, coupled with the pure-blooded dragon's own talent of avoiding physical and magical bloodlines, can allow the opponent to take over his heroic skills so easily.

   Because this series of thoughts was in her mind, the outside world didn't actually spend too long.

  Seeing that the sea of ​​magma is about to fall on her Holy Light City.

  Lord Keisha held up the holy sword of light in his hand, burning with blazing power of light.

  A white mask emanated from her body, covering the entire Holy Light City in an instant.

  Hero Skill - Blessing of the God of Light!

  Next second!

  Seeing that the sky-filled sea of ​​magma has completely fallen, directly covering it completely with the shield formed by this layer of hero skills.

  All the Angels of Light looked at the sea of ​​magma where magma bubbles appeared outside the shield, and when they found that the magma had not melted and fell into the Holy Light City, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

   Lord Keisha felt relieved when he saw this scene.

  She could see that this was also a hero skill of the opponent.

  This kind of large-area damage-type hero skill used by a dragon hero with the fate of a lower god-level hero must have great destructive power.

   Fortunately, I also blocked it with hero skills.

  Otherwise, just this one move will cause heavy losses to one's own side.


In the sky.

  After Neltharion saw this scene, the flames in the crimson dragon pupils became deeper.

   What it just used was its second hero skill - Lava Sea of ​​Fire!

  Its specific effect is just like the one shown in front of you, it is a large-scale damage-type hero skill!

   This bright angel family hero has two skills.

   Neltharion thought.

  It looked at the magma on the shield, and felt a sudden move in its heart.

  Hero Skill - Volcanic Eruption!

  [Hero Skill: Volcanic Eruption]

  [Level: Gold Superior·Growable]

  [Skill effect: When using damage skills, add the power of destruction to damage skills, greatly increasing the damage ability of damage skills! The minimum increase can be 300%, and the increase rate will increase with the increase of Neltharion's strength! ]

   Next second.

  I saw the bright red magma covering the passport, and suddenly the color became more condensed.


  Its color changed from bright red to dark red.

  This black-red magma not only has a higher temperature, but also wisps of black disillusionment escape from the surface of the magma.

  Inside the guard.

  Lord Kesha is preparing all the Angels of Light for the next battle.

at this time.


   There was a sound as if something was breaking.

  Lord Keisha's face suddenly changed, and then he suddenly looked up at the blessing of the God of Light!

  I saw the holy white mask that was still intact before, under the cover of the black-red magma, cracks gradually appeared, allowing drops of black-red magma to fall in from the cracks.


  The cracks are getting bigger and bigger.

  A large amount of black-red magma seeped in from the crack and fell into the City of Holy Light.

  Although the bright angels relied on their own skills to evade one after another, a few of the bright angels were drenched by the black-red magma and quickly dissolved amidst the screams, leaving only **** of light emitting holy white light.

   That is the heart of the Angel of Light!

  Lord Kesha saw the hearts of these bright angels, and his face became ugly.

  The heart of the bright angels is the original form of these bright angels when they were first born.

  Now they have changed into this form again under the attack of the opponent. If it were in reality, this would already be regarded as 'returning to the embrace of the Lord', that is, a sacrifice.

   Fortunately, this is the lord's battlefield, and it can be revived through the resurrection order in a while.

   But even so.

  Lord Keisha still felt something was wrong.

   She looked at the blessing of the God of Light above her head.

   But the next second.

  Her face changed drastically.

  Because she felt that the blessing of the God of Light she released was almost unbearable.

   After a few seconds.

   Accompanied by a loud bang.

  The blessing of the God of Light was completely shattered, and countless black-red magma poured down, covering all the Angels of Light.

   See this scene.

  Lord Keisha sighed softly, and did not use his last hero skill.

  Although that hero skill is a defensive hero skill, it can help them delay for some time.

  But after that, she will not have much combat power left to face this dragon hero who is obviously still capable.

   "If I also reach the gold level."

   "I'm afraid... can't win either."

  Lord Keisha couldn't help sighing when he thought of this.

  She finally looked through the magma that was pouring down one after another, and looked at the Lord of the Sun who was still standing on the city wall in the distance. She didn't want to waste the resurrection quota, so she directly chose to surrender and disappeared in the Lord's battlefield.

  (end of this chapter)

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