Chapter 264 Lord of the Sun vs Lord of Light!

  [You have entered the mythical lower level battlefield! ]

  [You and your opponent are randomly assigned to the battlefield under the myth—God Realm—Bright Plain! ]

  [Your opponent is: Lord of the Bright Angel Clan - Lord Kesha! ]

  [Conditions for defeating the enemy: Kill all enemy units within 24 hours! ]

  [If the time is exceeded, both parties will be judged to have a negative record, and the rank will be -1! ]

  [You have ten minutes to deploy your faction units! ]

  [Countdown: 9 minutes: 59 seconds]

   "Sure enough, they are angels."

  Zhou Zhou looked at the seraph on the other side, and couldn't help thinking.

  He took out the "Illustrated Book of the Heavens and Ten Thousand Races", and then saw the ninth volume fly out automatically, and began to turn the pages in front of him.

  Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue.

   According to his experience.

   "The Illustrated Book of the Heavens and Ten Thousand Races", a mythical treasure.

  The lower the ranking of the illustration book, the higher the racial blood recorded on it.

  But this time, the ninth volume of "The Illustrated Book of All Worlds and Ten Thousand Races" was actually released directly, which shows the high bloodline level of the Bright Angels.


   "Illustrated Book of All Worlds and Ten Thousand Races (Volume Ninth stopped on one page.

  It shows the detailed information of the race.

  [Bright Angel Clan: The Bright Angel Clan comes from the Bright God Domain of the God Realm. They are the protoss created by the Lord God of Light. They not only possess the unique talent of light elements, but they can also stay by the Lord God of Light day and night and listen to the teachings of the Lord God of Light. Therefore, they are very powerful. When the Ten Thousand Race Lords Battlefield opened, the Lord God of Light used his own power to let his Bright Angels join the Ten Thousand Race Lords' struggle for hegemony. ]

   "It turned out to be a protoss created by a main god-level existence."

   "No wonder I got here."

   "A formidable opponent."

   Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

  There was no tension on his face.

   Although the opponent is strong.

   But his side is not weak either.

  He wasted no more time and started gathering his men.


  Bai Yun, Wu Xin, Neltharion, Augsd, Soul Harvester Maris, Beastmaster Sun Qi'an and 50,000 Soldiers of the Scorching Sun Legion appeared in Scorching Sun City.

  As for the remaining soldiers, they are all newly summoned recruits today.

  Those recruits are black iron subordinates, and their strength is too weak.

  Zhou Zhou didn't intend to let them suffer death on this high-end battlefield, so he let them stay in the real Sunshine City to defend the city.

  However, even more than 30,000 soldiers stayed in Scorching Sun City to defend the city.

   Zhou Zhou is quite confident in the strength of his subordinates now!

  Almost nearly 9,000 silver-level arms professionals, plus 500 gold-level arms professionals!

   Half of the remaining people are black iron level and half are bronze level!

   Plus Neltharion who has become a hero, Aurora Tower and Fog Cannon under the diamond class, and Augustus who has just joined the team!

  They are all sources of confidence for Zhou Zhou.

It is worth mentioning that.

  After Wu Xin received treatment in the sanctuary of the Goddess of Life in the past two days, not only his physical injuries were relieved, but his strength also recovered from the gold superior strength to the platinum inferior strength when the injury was recovered!

   This also made Zhou Zhou more confident!

  In the next time.

  Bai Yun and Wu Xin began to deploy their defenses.

at the same time.

  Lord Catherine was also looking calmly at Sun City in the distance.

   "My lord."

   "This time our enemy seems to be the human race?"


   "The lord of the human race can actually break into a mythical battlefield, and he can even fight us."

  A tall, immature and beautiful four-winged power angel walked up to Catherine, looked at the distant Sun City and the quietly standing figure on the city wall and said in surprise.

   "Don't be careless."

  “Before we left, the Lord told us.”

   "Don't underestimate the lord of any race."

   "The opponent's lord is not simple."

   "Yesterday, the lord's reputation has spread."

   "Now that I'm on him, I can feel the aura of Chaos Human Race even more."

   "But apart from him, the other human races seem to be just ordinary human races."

   "This chaotic human race can lead these ordinary human races to this point, and his ability is even more incredible than we imagined."

   "Isn't it just relying on the dragon clan?"

  The angel curled his lips.

   "It should not be just dragons."

   Catherine said.

   His eyes fell on Neltharion.

   Then her eyes became serious.

   "Dragon Hero..."

   "It seems that this chaotic human lord should have given the Lava Dragon Clan the "Secret Code of Inheritance of the Lower God-level Heroes"."


   "It's a good opponent!"

   "It just so happens that I just became a hero."

   "Take this lava dragon and try my combat power."

  Catherine's eyes suddenly blazed with a blazing holy white flame, and a bright holy sword condensed by the power of an angel appeared in her hand.

   Time passed by one minute and one second.

ten minutes later.

  [Deployment time has ended! ]

  [The lord war begins! ]

   "All Angels Hear!"

   "Implement the defensive counterattack policy!"

   "Wait for the opponent to attack!"

   Catherine ordered.


  All the angels of light responded immediately.


   "So cautious?"

   "Why didn't you come out?"

   Zhou Zhou frowned.

   Those who can reach the rank of myth are indeed not careless characters.

   "Bai Yun!"

   "Since the other party won't come out."

   "Then let's attack!"

   Zhou Zhou ordered.

   "Yes! Your lord!"

  After Bai Yun finished speaking, she immediately summoned most of the soldiers and marched towards the other party's church.

at the same time.

  Nesharion and Augustus, like two patron saints, flew directly above the soldiers, protecting them as they headed towards the church.


  They came to a position about 4,500 meters away from the enemy's city wall.

   Neltharion and Augersd took the lead in attacking.

  I saw Neltharion flying high in the sky, and then roared to the sky.

   Next second.

   Groups of fiery red fire clouds appeared above its head out of thin air, and quickly condensed together.

   Not for a while.

  The fire cloud expanded to a diameter of 30,000 to 40,000 meters, completely covering Lord Catherine's City of Light.

  Everyone suddenly felt it.

  The originally cool air suddenly became hot and dry.

   Standing next to Lord Catherine, the energy angel couldn't help but wiped the sweat from his forehead.

   Then she was stunned to see that sparks appeared out of nowhere in the air with a radius of thousands of miles.

at this time.

   Suddenly, exclamations sounded.

  She immediately looked up.

  I saw the fire cloud that had condensed together before, but now it turned into a sea of ​​boiling magma.

  They hung upside down in the sky like the sword of Damocles, making every angel who saw it terrified.

  There is only one idea left in their minds.

  This sea of ​​magma...will not pour down, will it?

   Neltharion told them the answer.

  The surface of its dragon body exudes scorching light and heat, mixed with wisps of black breath.

  A pair of crimson dragon pupils looked coldly at the Holy Light City below.

   It whispered:

   "Crue! (Dragon language: Destroy!

   Next second.

   In the terrified eyes of all the angels.

  The sea of ​​magma poured down from the sky like water!

  (end of this chapter)