Chapter 263 The Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction!

   More than half an hour later.

  Zhou Zhou couldn't help but fell into deep thought when he saw that the words "matching" were still maintained.

  Why is the ranking so slow today?

  He suddenly thought of something, opened the leaderboard of the Lords of Ten Thousand Races battlefield, and checked the number of lords in the current mythical rank.

   It is found that there are only 46 lords in the current mythical rank.

   There are only 19 lords in the lower ranks of Mythology!

   "Is it because there are too few lords in the lower ranks of mythology, so the queue is so slow?"

   Zhou Zhou guessed in his mind.

  I think this should be the reason.

  Since there is a high probability that there is something wrong with the lord battlefield, Zhou Zhou is going to wait for the ranking.

   But when he waited another three or four minutes.


   A dragon roar suddenly sounded.

  Afterwards, a mighty and domineering black-red dragon suddenly flew out of the lord's manor, standing proudly in the sky.

  It is surrounded by black-red magma and smoke, and a pair of red eyes are hidden in it, as if the dragon **** in the flames is watching all creatures.

  It has an ancient crown like a volcano on top of its head, and it is covered with a black and red ferocious domineering dragon armor.

  Its size is three to four times larger than before, and its height has directly increased from the previous height of more than 50 meters to more than 120 meters.

   Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

   Has Neltharion finished accepting the undergod-level hero inheritance and the Duel panacea?

  He turned off the ranking first, and then looked at it impatiently.


  A brand new attribute information panel appeared in front of him.

   Zhou Zhou just glanced at it, and his expression became happy.

   Because he found out.

   This brand new attribute information panel is exactly the attribute panel of a dragon hero!

  [Principal: Neltharion (hero unit)]

  [Hero Title: Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction]

  [Personality: Destiny of the next god-level hero]

  [Affiliated Territory: Scorching Sun City]

  [Strength Class: Gold Superior]

[Ability overview: The legendary pure-blooded dragon family mastered the extremely violent magma power when they were born, and with the growth of strength, the destructive talent belonging to the top destroyer gradually appeared, and later cultivated by the lord of Scorching Sun City Next, dig out your own blood talent, advance to the volcano and the Dragon King of Destruction with the fate of the next god-level hero, master the more powerful power of the volcano, and even discover a trace of the talent of the power of destruction! ]

  [Bloodline: Lava Dragon Bloodline (Lower God Intermediate) (99%), Destruction Dragon God Bloodline (True God Upper Level) (1%)]

  [Skills: Heroic Skill - Volcanic Eruption, Heroic Skill - Lava Sea of ​​Fire, Heroic Skill - Destruction Dragon Flame! Destroying Dragon's Breath, Dragon Might, Dragon Language Magic Mastery, Lava Armor, Burning Everything, Magma Eruption, Advanced Fire Elemental Control, Blazing Explosion, Epic Elemental Immunity (Awakening 30%), Epic Physical Immunity (Awakening 30%) %)...]

  [Loyalty: 100 (loyal people)]

  [Potential: Lower Golem Superior]

  [Hero biographies: ① Born pure blood dragon. Hero personal fame +1, dragon reputation +30000! ②Before becoming a hero, he fought countless battles for the Terran Lord of the Sun, made countless contributions, protected many people of the Sun, and made countless fog monsters fear him! Hero's personal popularity +1, human prestige +1000! ③Under the bestowal of the Terran lord Lord Scorching Sun, he obtained the inheritance of a lower god-level hero and became the Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction! The hero's personal popularity +5, the reputation of the human race +50,000, the reputation of the dragon clan +100,000, and the reputation of the highest continent +10! ]

  [Reminder: When the Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction is promoted to the lower **** level, the hero's title will be promoted to 'Dragon God of Destruction'! ]

   Zhou Zhou's eyes lit up.

  The Dragon King of Volcano and Destruction! ?

  This name sounds so domineering!

  And the lower god-level hero's fate is worthy of being a lower god-level hero!

  Even three hero skills!

   And after being promoted to the lower **** level, the title of hero will still be promoted!

   Zhou Zhou was amazed.

  This is the first time he has heard of the title of hero who can advance.

at this time.

   Neltharion in the sky, after feeling the incomparably terrifying power in his body, his crimson dragon pupils suddenly brightened.

  It looked at Zhou Zhou below, and immediately flew over excitedly.

  After coming to Zhou Zhou, it began to land slowly, but even though it had intentionally controlled its strength, it still landed heavily on the ground with a bang.

   Neltharion didn't care either.

  It looked at Zhou Zhou excitedly, and poured out to Zhou Zhou the excitement after being promoted.

   Zhou Zhou smiled.

   reached out and stroked its... chin.

no way.

  Nesarion is more than 120 meters high, and a single dragon head is more than 30 meters high.

  Although I wanted to touch the top of the opponent's head, I had to fly to touch it.

  Zhou Zhou didn't care about the trivial things like where is the best place to touch, so he didn't need to waste the effort.

  The surrounding creatures couldn't help but be amazed when they saw that the 100-meter-high Neltharion was willing to lie down in front of Zhou Zhou obediently.

  Bai Yun and Wu Xin couldn't help being a little envious after seeing this scene.

  But when they came back to their senses, they immediately felt happy from the bottom of their hearts.

  Because the lord's dragon pet is obviously stronger!

   With such a powerful Dragon Clan by his side, and the other party will help him, anyone will feel at ease.

   Besides, His Royal Highness Neltharion is so strong, the development speed of Lord Lord will definitely be faster in the future!

the other side.

   Auguste looked at the figure of this 'brother'.

   Take another look at your 'skinny' body shape.

  I can't help feeling envious and inferior.

   Seeing how close its master is to Neltharion, it couldn't help being more envious.

  I want to grow up to this size too.

   In this way, the master will definitely treat me like Nelthario brother!

   August immediately thought of it!

at this moment.

  Its dark green dragon pupils are written with the name Firm Eyes.

at this time.

   Zhou Zhou in front of Nelthario suddenly thought of something.

   He looked at Neltharion.

  The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.


   "Do you want to find an enemy to try your skills?"

   he asked.

   Neltharion's eyes lit up when he heard this.

  At this time, it has just been promoted, and just when it wants to try its new skills, it immediately nodded after hearing this.

"it is good!"

   "Then wait a while, you can show your strength."

  Zhou Zhou smiled and nodded.

   Then he opened the lord battlefield, clicked match again, and started ranking.

  [Matching your queued opponents...]

  [Match successful! ]

  [Entering the battlefield! ]

  When the text prompt of [Entering the battlefield] appears.

   Zhou Zhou frowned slightly.

  I just waited in line for half an hour and couldn't get a picture.

   It went in so quickly this time.

  It seems that if you encounter a situation where the ranking time is too long, try the rules of re-ranking, no matter which world you try.

   Zhou Zhou murmured in his heart.

at the same time.

  His body also became unreal, and then quickly disappeared.

   Next second.

  The world in front of him suddenly changed, and he came to a world where birds were singing and flowers were fragrant.

  Here is full of life.

   At a glance, you can easily see some cute and docile animals running on the grass.

   The air is filled with dense light elements.

  Even those small animals are made of light elements.

  He looked into the distance.

   Then I saw a golden and white building that was as sacred as a church.

  A creature with four pairs of holy wings on its back quietly looked at itself on the top floor of the church.

   "Is this race..."

   Zhou Zhou frowned.

   I have some guesses in my heart.

at this time.

   A text prompt appears.

  (end of this chapter)