Chapter 262 The monster army is established! Transaction results!

  [+1! The thing I look forward to the most every day is to buy a proof of class transfer from Mr. Scorching Sun. ]

  [+2! ]


  [Big Brother Scorching Sun can even sell these job transfer certificates at will, to what extent has his territorial strength reached? Could it be that all the people are soldiers? ]

  [It may be even more outrageous, don't forget how there is no knight lord. ]

  [It’s a bit scary, more than 100 lords went to find trouble with the Lord of the Sun, and they were beaten to the ground by the Lord of the Sun without even turning a wave, it’s so terrifying! ]

  [What should I do if I become hostile to the Lord of the Sun in the future? Alas, worry. ]

  [It doesn't matter, I will make a move. ]



  Before the knight lords besieged Scorching Sun City yesterday, they had great confidence in themselves, so they basically didn't care much about leaking or not.

  So the lords on the World Channel that day knew that the knight lord led more than 100 lords to besiege the sun lord.

   Even the top lords such as the Dragon Lady Lord and the Overlord Lord paid attention to this matter.

  At first, the lords thought that no matter how much they overestimated the Lord of the Sun, facing the siege of more than 100 lords and the semi-top lord, the Knight Lord, would be a battle between dragons and tigers.

   I didn't expect the knight lords to lie down directly.

   This shocked many lords.

   Now that the Lord of the Scorching Sun has handed out so many unit transfer certificates and other items, all the lords know one thing.

  The Lord of the Scorching Sun's strength has increased again.

the other side.

  After Zhou Zhou released the transaction, he closed the exchange interface and ignored it.

   After a while.

  Bai Yun also came over after counting the number of soldiers who had advanced.

   "Report to the lord!"

   "A total of 28,752 soldiers broke through just now!"

   "Among them, 15201 were promoted to Black Iron Intermediate and Black Iron Advanced!"

   "7896 people have been promoted from the black iron class to the bronze class!"

   "5122 people advanced to the silver level!"

   "In the end, 463 people were promoted to the gold level!"

   "Now our army has a total of 25,234 black iron level soldiers!"

   "21,612 bronze-level soldiers!"

   "Silver level 8963 people!"

   "Gold level 500 people!"

   "In addition, this subordinate has just broken through to the gold intermediate level!"

   "Maris also broke through to the lower level of gold!"

  Bai Yun said respectfully.

  Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

  Now among the arms professionals under his command.

   There are nearly 10,000 silver-level arms professionals!

   There are 500 gold-level arms professionals directly!

   Before today.

  He only has dozens of people.

can only say.

   Quantitative change causes qualitative change.

   Otherwise, if there were not more than 56,000 troops and the blessing of the God of War, it would be impossible for so many gold-level arms professionals to suddenly appear.

   And start today.

  His 'quantity' will be greatly improved.

on the basis of.

every day!

  The overall strength of the professionals of his armies will be greatly improved!

  Think here.

  He came to the gate of summoning and threw the 30641 recruitment letter he just got into the gate of summoning.

   Next second.

  He saw an army professional come out of the gate of summoning, and after greeting Zhou Zhou respectfully, he came behind him.

   Zhou Zhou watched for a while, then stopped waiting.

  Yesterday, there were more than 10,000 people, and he had to wait for more than half an hour.

  The 30,000 people today, must not let him wait for two hours?

  He called Bai Yun over and asked her to be responsible for receiving the 30,641 recruits, and then prepare for the subsequent war on the lord's battlefield.

  Bai Yun took orders immediately.

   "Also, I have one more thing for you to do."

   Zhou Zhoudao.

   "My lord, please command!"

  Bai Yun said without hesitation.

   "Go and change all the Sand Corpse Summoners in Legion of the Scorching Sun to Storm Spirits."

   "In addition, all professional knights in Legion of the Sun will also be promoted to Shining Cavalry for free."

   "You can call the "Storm Spirit's Class Change Proof" and "Glow Cavalry's Class Change Proof" by yourself."

   "Yes! Your lord!"

  Bai Yun said respectfully.

   Zhou Zhou nodded.

   Then he left here, found Wu Xin, and asked him to summon all the monster leaders in the territory.

   After a while.

  I saw 4378 monster leaders standing not far from Zhou Zhou, looking at him respectfully and in awe.

   Zhou Zhou looked at them.

  These monster leaders are mostly the wild stone monsters who instigated yesterday, the second most are the stone monsters produced by the stone demon lair, and the last are some sandmen, sand corpse summoners and other monster leaders.

   Zhou Zhou was a little ashamed.

  He used these monster leaders as cannon fodder before. Every time he charged into battle, he would arrange them to rush to the front, and only some spellcaster monster leaders would stay behind.

   This has also caused a lot of monster leaders who have reversed their plans, and now there are very few left, or there must be more than 4,000 monster leaders in front of them.

  He coughed lightly, then looked at them and said:

"From today."

   "I will organize you into a legion alone!"

   "This legion is called the Monster Legion!"

   "All the citizens who join the Monster Legion will enjoy the same treatment as soldiers of the Scorching Sun Legion."

   "I hope you will be able to play the name of the monster army against the enemy in the future! Let the enemy be frightened!"





  When more than 4,000 monster leaders heard Zhou Zhou's words, they suddenly screamed.

   Zhou Zhou smiled when he saw this.

  Although this scene looks a bit weird.

  He, a lord under the supreme will, actually leads a group of fog monsters.

  However, since the Supreme Will did not issue a warning, it means that what you are doing is within the rules set by the Supreme Will.

  And the reason why he gave these monster leaders the same treatment as the Soldiers of the Scorching Sun Legion was because the loyalty of these turned monster leaders was very high.

   As long as the loyalty is high enough.

  He will not treat them badly!

at this time.

  The exchange issued a reminder.

   Zhou Zhou glanced.

   Sure enough, I just released it and the transaction was completed.

  He glanced at the transaction result.

  [Transaction results: 131.783692 black iron-level fog hearts! ]

   A total of more than 130 million black iron-level fog hearts!

   Zhou Zhou smiled slightly.

   Not surprised by this number.

  Before throwing those things into the exchange, he calculated it in his mind, and it was exactly the same as the transaction result number.

   "Now I just sell goods every day."

   "You can earn more than 100 million black iron-level fog hearts!"

   "There is a treasure bag of Tianwu here."

   "That is."

   "I can get a net profit of more than one legendary fog heart every day!"

   Zhou Zhou was quite satisfied.

  He is only a gold mid-level lord, and he already has such a daily income.

   When the level of his territory is raised to the legendary level or even higher, he doesn't know what it will be like at that time.

   More than an hour later.

  30,641 recruits all walked out of the gate of summoning.

   So far.

   Zhou Zhou's Sun Legion has 82,692 professional soldiers!

   Plus the 4378 monster leaders of the monster legion.

   That is a full 87070 professional-level combat power!

   Zhou Zhou didn't waste time seeing this.

  He opened the lord battlefield, clicked match, and started ranking.

  (end of this chapter)

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