Chapter 261 Monster Ranch Harvest! "Certificate of the Legion"!

   After being promoted, Auguste seemed quite excited.

  It soared in the air for a few laps, then suddenly hovered high in the sky, staring at the 2957 storm demon spirits below.

  Green green light flashed in its eyes.

   Next second.


  The invisible soul fluctuations, like a series of spikes, pierced into the minds of the remaining storm demons below.

  Growth-type dragon language magic-soul thorn!





   Accompanied by a sound or a sharp or deafening explosion.

  All the storm demon spirits had their brains exploded and fell to the ground.

   After a while.

  The 3,000 storm demons all turned into headless corpses and fell to the ground.

   At this time, Auguste has been promoted to the silver intermediate level!

   Then Auguste went to help other Sun Legion soldiers to eliminate the ranch monsters in the monster ranch.

   After a while.

   After all the ranch monsters were wiped out, Augsd's strength has been raised to the silver level!

   Zhou Zhou saw this scene with a smile on his face.

  With the blessing of the God of War, plus the monster ranch that is already a gold intermediate, Augsd's promotion speed is far from what Neltharion was able to match!

  However, it is a big class promotion to advance from the silver upper class to the gold lower class. It is not that simple for Augustus to improve his strength like he is now.

  After the time.

  Under the joint operation of ten golden superior conqueror furnaces, the corpses of ranch monsters were extracted as trophies.

   Less than twenty minutes.

  The trophies of 30,000 ranch monsters have all been extracted.

   Under the effect of perfect loot:

  In addition to monster flesh and blood with quality +1, skill books, potion formulas, equipment, materials, Balrog fog wolf set, vitality potion, Yuyang tree species and other items.

  A total of 155,154 Bronze-level Mist Hearts, 74,866 Silver-level Mist Hearts, 72,312 Gold-level Mist Hearts, and 15,642 Platinum-level Mist Hearts have been obtained!

  57892 Proof of job transfer for this unit!

  2924 copies of "Recruitment Book for Sword and Shield Soldiers"!

  3151 copies of "Pu Dao Bing Recruitment Book"!

  2871 "Poison Crossbowmen Recruitment Book"!

  384 "Elemental Archers Recruitment Book"!

  9311 "Glow Cavalry Recruitment Book"!

  12,000 "Storm Spirit Recruitment Book"!

  12,000 copies of "Storm Spirit Job Change Proof"!

  16800 wind element gems! 16800 thunder element gems!

  32 fragments of "Certificate of Legion"!

  38751kg to absorb light crystal!

  3000 heart tree gems! (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)

  13,523 authentic scarlet crystals! 10336 devout grade scarlet crystals! 6141 fanatic grade scarlet crystals!

  12 gold intermediate "Grudge Knight Transfer Certificate"!

  4 gold-level mount contracts!

   Zhou Zhou's eyes widened immediately after seeing the results of this trophy.

   How many recruitment books are these?

  He counted carefully, and when he finished counting, he couldn't help but hold his breath.

  After a round of monster ranch suppression, they actually directly obtained 30,641 recruitment books? ? ?

  Then come again tomorrow, won't his strength break through the 100,000 mark!

  Think here.

   Zhou Zhou suddenly became excited.

  He talked with Li Ya.

  The total strength of the territory of each region of the country in a kingdom usually does not exceed one million!

  If his strength reaches 100,000 tomorrow, then he really has the strength to launch an attack on the kingdom!

   After all, the opponent will not take the huge risk of losing territory in other areas, and concentrate all its forces to deal with the sudden enemy.

  And as long as the other party is not desperate!

  With his 100,000 troops, he has the qualifications to challenge the opponent's entire kingdom!

   Zhou Zhou thought of Tahan Kingdom and Yeming Town again.

  If it is said that his confidence in dealing with Yeming Town came from the fact that the sandstorm forbidden area will not allow the pursuers of the Tahan Kingdom to come after him.

   Now he even began to feel that even if he didn't rely on the forbidden sandstorm restricted area, he could try to confront the entire Tahan Kingdom head-on after conquering Yeming Town!

   "Gone with the wind."

"calm down."

   "It still depends on the actual situation."

   Zhou Zhou couldn't help thinking about it for a while, and then gradually calmed down.

   Whether it can confront the Tahan Kingdom head-on, we still have to fight and see when the time comes.

   Then he looked at the wind element gem and the thunder element gem.

   "These two elemental gems don't have quality +1?"

   "Is it because there are no more advanced elemental gems on them?"

   Zhou Zhou was a little surprised.

   But it's not too strange.

   Some special skills or gradeless skills will remain unchanged after being blessed with the quality +1 of the King of Loot.

  Because they are no longer capped, or their grades are separate.

  He looked at another loot dropped by the Storm Demon.

   Fragments of "Certificate of the Legion"!

  [Item Name: Fragment of "Certificate of Legion" (1%)]

  [Item Level: Extraordinary Lower Level]

[Item Effect: Collect 100 fragments of the extraordinary lower-level "Certificate of the Legion", and you can synthesize a complete super-high-level "Certificate of the Legion". With the "Certificate of the Legion", you can create a formal kingdom-level legion Formation, and can activate the legion buff effect that can grow! ]

  [Introduction to the item: Collect all 100 pieces of "Certificate of the Legion" to obtain the certificate for establishing a kingdom-level legion. ]

   Zhou Zhou frowned.

   I was a little surprised.

  It turned out to be an item for building a legion?

  He always thought that the legion was built casually. It turns out that the supreme will also created such a thing as the certificate of the legion.

   "100 "Certificate of Legion" fragments can be fused into a complete "Certificate of Legion"."

   "I only have 32 now, and if I want to collect 100, I'm afraid it will be the day after tomorrow."

   Zhou Zhou thought.

  He nodded inwardly.

   Then wait slowly.

  Although he was quite curious about the effect of establishing a formal legion, he was not in a hurry.

  Then he opened the exchange, threw 40,000 copies of the basic unit transfer certificate and extra materials, skill books, equipment and other items into it, and then directly released the transaction.

   Compared to the last transaction.

  The number of transfer certificates for this transaction has doubled, and the grade and quantity of materials, skill books, and equipment have more than doubled.

   So less than a moment.

   This transaction was topped the number one transaction viewing list.

  The lords on the World Channel immediately became heated discussions.

  [Stone hammer, the lord talent of the Lord of the Sun must be the console! The Lord of the Sun must control a large number of console codes, as long as the code is entered, countless resources will pop up out of thin air! ]

  [In this way, it is indeed a bit similar, otherwise, how could the Lord of the Sun get so many resources! Especially those 40,000 unit transfer certificates, this number is outrageous! ]

  [I feel that Lord of the Sun has a sign-in system, as long as you sign in every day, you will get a lot of resources. Didn’t you find that Lord of the Sun sells the same products every day? It's just that the grade is improving. ]

  [What a console, you still have to sign in to the system... This is the real world of lords, have you never felt pain? ]

  [Thank you Mr. Scorching Sun for the merchandise! To be honest, I feel at ease every day when I see Mr. Scorching Sun selling goods at a fixed time. I may lose money when I go out to fight, but Mr. Scorching Sun’s products can make my territorial strength grow steadily every day! ]

  (end of this chapter)