Chapter 1 Legendary Lord Talent! 100% explosion rate!

  [Welcome to the Supreme Continent! ]

  [Everyone selected by the Supreme Will will, as a lord, bear the fate of Blue Star, and participate in the struggle for hegemony among the lords of all races in this continent! ]

  [Each lord will start with a lord’s cabin and summoning gate! ]

  [In addition, some lords will awaken their own lord talent! ]

  [All lords, please use this as a basis to develop your own territory, participate in the lords' hegemony of all races, and compete for the title of the only supreme lord! ]

  [On the Supreme Continent, there are treasures, opportunities, wealth, strength, status... everything! ]

  [Let’s fight for hegemony! ]

  [They all belong to the lords! ]


  [You have awakened the lord talent! ]


   "Lords of all races fighting for hegemony?"

   Zhou Zhou woke up.

  He stood up and looked around.

  Enter the destination.

   is an endless yellow desert.

  Behind is a simple wooden house, and next to the wooden house is a white light door more than three meters high.

  The hot wind blew on Zhou Zhou's face, carrying a little yellow sand.

   "The lords of all races are fighting for hegemony...then this should be my territory."

   "But it turned out to be a desert territory..."

   "It's hard to find even water in this territory, right?"

   Zhou Zhou looked a little ugly.

  Desert Territory!

   This is undoubtedly a bad start for a lord who needs resources to develop.

at this time.

  A golden virtual screen appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

  [Dear lord! ]

  [As a novice lord, you will have a 7-day novice protection period! ]

  [During these 7 days, your territory will be covered with a novice lord protective shield to protect your territory from invasion by other lords and monsters from outside! ]

  [7 days later, monster forces from the scarlet mist will invade your territory as a test for your novice lord! ]

  [Please work hard to develop the territory and pass the test of the novice lord within these 7 days, otherwise you and your territory forces will be wiped out! ]

   Zhou Zhou has just finished reading.

  A layer of square white mask emerged, covering his territory.

   "This protective cover can only protect me for seven days!"

   "During these seven days, I must develop to have the strength to fight against monster forces!"

   "Otherwise I will die here!"

  He looked dignified.

   "Look at my development foundation first."

   Zhou Zhou looked at the lord's cabin behind him.

   A golden screen appears.

  [Building name: Lord's Chalet]

  [Territory Level: Black Iron Lower Level]

  [Building function: the residence for the lord's daily life, and also the storage place for the territorial order. ]

  [Building upgrades: 200 units of wood, 200 units of fine sand, 200 units of metal, 200 units of stone, 100 black iron level fog hearts! ]

  [Territory buildings: Lord's cabin (lower level of black iron), door of summoning (lower level of black iron)]

  [Lord talent: 100% burst rate (legendary level)]

  [100% drop rate: You can see the enemy's loot drop rate, and when touching the corpse, there is a 100% chance to get all the loot. ]

   "I actually awakened the legendary lord talent!"

   "The effect of 100% explosion rate is too outrageous?!"

   Zhou Zhou was pleasantly surprised.

  He is a time traveler.

  I lived two lives, both of which were very ordinary, and I didn't have any good luck.

   I didn't expect my luck to be reversed when I came to the Supreme Continent!

   After calming down a bit, he came to the gate of summoning.

   Zhou Zhou looked at the white light door in front of him, and the golden screen appeared again.

  [Building Name: Gate of Summoning]

  [Building Level: Black Iron Lower Level]

  [Building function: You can summon 5 aborigines from the Supreme Continent from the Summoning Gate every day, and become the leaders of the lord, and there is a chance to call out professionals. ]

  [Building upgrade: 100 units of wood, 100 units of fine sand, 100 units of metal, 100 units of stone, 50 hearts of black iron fog! ]

  [Hint: Do you want to call immediately? ]


   Zhou Zhou said immediately.

  He doesn't have much combat power himself.

   After seven days, it will be up to these people to deal with the monster forces.

   Next second.

  The gate of summoning suddenly lit up with a brighter white light, and then five people walked out from inside.

   "I have seen the lord!"

  After the five people came out, they immediately knelt down and said respectfully when they saw Zhou Zhou.

   "Get up, everyone."

   Zhou Zhoudao.

   "Thank you Lord Lord!"

  Five people got up.

   Zhou Zhou looked at them.

  Among the five people, there are three men and two women.

  Among them, a man and a woman are two black iron junior chefs, who seem to be husband and wife.

  The other two men have no occupations and seem to be of average physique.

  The last woman is an archer and the only professional soldier among the five.

  She was wearing a military standard armor, a standard bow and arrow on her back, and a short sword on her waist.

  He has a heroic face and sharp eyes.

   Zhou Zhou looked at her.

   The property panel of the other party will appear.

  [Leader: Bai Yun]

  [Territory: Unnamed]

  [Branch name: Archer]

  [Strength Class: Black Iron Lower Class]

  [Ability overview: I lived with a huntress when I was young, joined the army when I grew up, and became an archer, good at killing enemies with bows and arrows. ]

  [Skills: Black Iron Low-level Bow and Archery, Black Iron Low-level Trap Arrangement]

  [Loyalty: 72]

  [Potential: Silver Intermediate]

   "Army leader!"

   Zhou Zhou nodded.

   This is the real combat power that can deal with fog monsters and other lords!

   "My name is Zhou Zhou!"

   "Welcome everyone to join my territory!"

   "However, since you have become my subjects and accepted my asylum, you must obey my orders and do things faithfully for me."

   "Monsters are all around you. Don't you think we have to deal with both the monsters outside and the chaos inside?"

   "Would you like to?"

   "We do!"

  The five said quickly.

   Zhou Zhou nodded.

at this time.





  There were crashing sounds not far away, accompanied by the sound of 'hissing'.

   Everyone's expressions changed.


   "Go and see!"

  With the novice lord under the protective cover, Zhou Zhou calmed down quickly when he heard the sound, and then brought five leaders to the source of the sound.

   Only seen outside the protective cover.

  A lizard with yellow skin and **** eyes was constantly hitting the protective cover, trying to rush in.

  When it saw Zhou Zhou and the others coming, a fierce and bloodthirsty look suddenly appeared in its eyes, and it yelled at Zhou Zhou and the others.

   "It's a monster from the Scarlet Mist!"

  Bai Yun's expression became serious, and she took off the bow and arrow behind her back, ready to attack at any time.

   Zhou Zhou looked at it.

   The monster prompt appears.

  [Monster Name: Desert Mist Lizard]

  [Strength Class: Black Iron Lower Class]

  [Monster introduction: The monster in the scorching sun desert, born in the scarlet mist, is bloodthirsty by nature, and likes to hunt and kill all creatures that appear in front of it. ]

[Explosion rate of loot: 2 black iron level mist hearts (explosion rate: 100%), 1~20 units of black iron lower-level desert fog lizard flesh (explosion rate: 20%~1%), 1kg water bag (explosion rate Rate: 3%), 1 gradeless "Sword and Shield Soldier Transfer Certificate" (burst rate: 0.1%)]


  ps1: Lord talent level: black iron level, bronze level, silver level, gold level, platinum level, diamond level, extraordinary level, epic level, legendary level, mythical level!

  ps2: Please recommend tickets, please collect!

  (end of this chapter)

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