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Jason came through with the system to become the lord of the kingdom. Facing the desolate iron-tooth collar and the threats that may arise at any time, Jason said: “The future is bright, the future is full of hope, the enemy is weak, we cannot Conquered!”

The collision of steel plays the song of dawn, and the intertwined flames depict the scroll of hope. This is Francis, this is the center of the world!

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Short Title:LN
Alternate Title:北地领主
Author:Folding iron
Weekly Rank:#3312
Monthly Rank:#5500
All Time Rank:#3570
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, Betrayal, Dwarfs, Early Romance, Elves, Fantasy World, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Knights, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Multiple POV, Nobles, Poor to Rich, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Transmigration, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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32 Comments on “Lord of the North
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  1. why did I expect something from this? This is typical you are trash, we are trash, they are trash, and everyone is trash CN novel. Its as if every mfs in this novel are protagonist of their own series and at the same time NPCs. MC looks like he has been through hell and back to be this calm even after being taunted like bitch who fucked 20 dudes in one night. I dont even know what this is. As usual classic CN writing, the MC is dumbass with IQ below room temperature in Ice Age. Well thats an entire negative Celsius. System is fuckin trash. Summoning dogshit characters from system is always trash. Like the character you summon will not stick his dick up your ass permanently and protect you when your dumbass room iq headass gets stuck in between dogshit. Where is the personal strength? Why is legendary slot wasted on fuckin Knight who can barely fend off canon fodders in novice village? Is the mythical slot a fuckin pixie who fuckin jerks off MC with her little hands? Fuck this shit man. Let me know if there are better novels in the reply.

  2. Well, at least for me it's an interesting novel. One of the problems I have with this novel is that the MC sometimes just denies there is something, does not believe in the existence of ancient gods at first, and says that there is no possibility of existence (although he himself should have wondered if something existed). here is it a coincidence or maybe it is because of some existence that might be God them and that someone can read destiny. Overall worth reading and this issue shouldn't bother you too much, so read on.

  3. Well, at least for me it's an interesting novel. One of the problems I have with this novel is that the MC sometimes just denies that something exists, initially doesn't believe in the existence of the ancient gods, and says there is no possibility of their existence, although he should have wondered himself if his transmigration is coincidence or maybe that it's because of some existence that might be God, also he just took prophecy as some gibberish of an old man that can probably read destiny. Overall worth reading, and this number shouldn't bother you too much, so keep reading.

  4. nowadays i basically evaded system type novel like a plague, because getting something out of thin air and people around MC seems to take it like common occurrence is dumb. with a cover or whatnot might be OK. but damn it just nvm. also these names man!, chinese author and their usage of western name is just..., there's no "cool" or "majesty" feeling to it. especially in a nobility or fantasy world. they just pick common uses name... Lion,Wolf, bruh.. , i get it with nobility coat of arms and whatnot, but really?? . insta skip!

  5. i think some systems that work like ai or microchip are good, they calculate for you, make most efficient choices, and work well as cheats. examples reat sage from reincarnated as a slime, knowledge learning system from legendary mechanic, microchip from 1warlock of magus world and 2wizard world.

  6. Kingdom management novel written by a horny teenager. 25% or so of chapters is just MC flirting. Up to chapter 90 MC has no individual power and has to rely on his knights. Typical battle losses from a chinese novel. There was a quick mention that overdrafting population for war will drastically lower productivity, nothing more significant than a mention though. System provides quests, quests gives points, points can be used on a roulette wheel. So far he's drawn 3 knights, miscellaneous items and sundries, an okay weapon (not overpowered), some decent armour, so not an overly powerful system. Rather than face an assassin head on, he's had to run away and seek one of his knights for help, so not an overpowered "I can do everything" MC.....yet, anyway.

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