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At 160 Burke Lund Street, after seeing Leonard single-handedly flying the "Hidden Words" cane out of this "hidden" world, Klein turned his attention back.


He first looked at the "winner" Enuni, who thought that the secret of the "parasitic" by Amon could no longer be used. Who knows that he can manipulate the "spiritual line" of the other side!


This... Klein was a glimpse, and immediately understood why:


"The Snake of Destiny" Will "The restart" of the Anthony made the state of Amon backward, and also caused the same change in his "parasitic" things, so the "winner" Nyuni became a secret couple again!


It is the strongest ability of the "monster" route sequence 1... Klein breathed a sigh of relief, the figure was fast and transparent, and the fade disappeared in place.


He "transferred" back into the master bedroom, leaving a bunch of secrets to guard against accidents everywhere.


Then, Klein entered the bathroom and came to the fog, again using the "winner" Nyuni's prayer light, holding the "Poseidon Scepter" to check the situation of the entire block.


Undoubtedly, he focused on his house and the house on the 39th, and found that the butler Walter, the female butler Tarnaya, Mr. Maht, Mrs. Liana and many maid maids have "parasitic" traces. Residual, slightly dull.


And Hailuer almost collapsed completely, hands clinging to the ground, retreating to the corner, clinging to the wall, curled into a ball, shivering.


Mr. Maht and others found out that she was wrong, and surrounded the past with concern and explored the reasons.


However, whenever they want to get close, Haiyul will scream loudly and violently resist, scaring them to stay only a few meters away, anxious and confused, I don't know what to do.


In the process, they sometimes push the glasses and pinch the eye sockets, so that Hailuer is even more frightened, and it will take a long time to get out of control.


When Klein above the fog saw this scene, he was also inexplicably imagining a picture:


Dad Amon, mother Amon, maid Amon, and maid Amun are spinning around Hailuer. They want to appease but can't find a way. They have the same looks, the same monocles and different clothes.


Even if Hairouer did not get out of control, afterwards, he was mostly mentally disordered, at least in a state of semi-madness... I had to urgently intervene... Klein thoughts turned around and put down the "Poseidon Scepter" and returned to the real world.


Berkrund Street and the surrounding area are still covered in darkness, and have a sense of tranquility, tranquility and deepness.


This is a world that has become a "secret."


Klein took off his top hat and put it on his head. A "transfer" appeared in a director's office at the "Ron Charity Foundation" at 22 Pesfield Street.


Audrey returned to the light green dress early, was holding a pen in a daze, reminiscent of every detail of the noon punishment action, and Jin Mao big dog Su Shi ended the task, went out for a walk.


Suddenly, the noble girl had a hunch and raised her head.


In her clear green eyes, she quickly reflected a dark-haired brown man, a thin face and a deep facial expression.


The figure was wearing a white shirt, black vest, black trousers, black leather boots, cold look, hand-held hat, body micro bow.


Audrey was a glimpse, and immediately remembered who it was.


German Sparrow!


Although she has not seen the other party directly before, she has seen the unusually true wanted portraits in several newspapers.


According to the reaction of Miss Justice, Klein found that he had not changed back to Dawne Dontes. However, he didn't care too much about it. He released the palm of his hat and straightened his body. He nodded:


"There is something you need to help."


- His disguise was also stolen by Amon, but after the other party "restarted", he was repaid, but he never looked back to Daun. Don Tae.


Is the half-god "world" Mr. need me to help? His spirit is problematic and needs treatment? No, it doesn't look like... Audrey licked her lips, some curious and some expectantly put down the pen, stood up and responded seriously:


"no problem."


Klein didn't have any embarrassment. He immediately walked over and grabbed the arm of Miss Justice. Then, the figures of the two men faded and disappeared.


After a moment, they appeared outside the living room door of the house at 39 Burke Lund Street.


Is this "transfer"? Audrey Bibi slightly turned, I wanted to ask a sentence, but I also noticed the calming of the atmosphere, I heard the screams suddenly sounded, and a face suddenly became a bit serious.


"The patient is inside?" she asked with a certain degree of confidence.


Communicating with the "audience" is easy, there is no need to explain too much... Klein "hmm" one channel:


"Yes, she suffered an extraordinary incident and was greatly frightened and was on the verge of losing control.


"Do you have a way to keep yourself from being seen by others inside?"


The problem behind him is actually unnecessary. A large illusion can be solved. Moreover, when the "hidden" blessing is revoked, the average person's memory may not be saved, but Klein, who has seen Adam's "stealth" ability, is somewhat curious. Miss "Justice" in Sequence 6 has mastered similar skills.


Mr. "World" is curious... He is curious... It’s rare... He doesn’t seem to wear such a thick “mask”, he changed his thin layer, it’s a good patient who is a doctor’s advice... Audrey’s chin Move, the position is very small:




During the conversation, she looked at German Sparrow and, after receiving a response, reached out and twisted the handle and pushed the door in.


Mr. Maht and Mrs. Liana completely ignored the beautiful girl and anxiously discussed the matter of asking the doctor, and Hailuer still curled up in the corner, and the body shook so badly that it was like an abandoned cub.


"Miss Haier..." As a senior "audience", Audrey does not have a situation where people can't remember.


She examined the state of the lower sea, and frowned slightly, looking over the head, looking at the German Sparrow Road:


"Hey, Mr. Spallo, can you simply say what happened to her?"


"Only enough to understand, you can solve the problem quickly."


Klein was prepared, succinct and quick:


"She is the extraordinary person of the 'stealer' approach, an unscrupulous demigod student, her teacher provoked the avatar of the sorcerer Amon, was killed by the other party and stole the fate and identity. .


"Amon thus invaded her family, parasitizing her father, her mother, her maid, her servant, and when we cleared Amon, she discovered that her father became Amon, she The mother became Amon, and her maid maids all turned into Amon. Well, she didn't know that it was Amon, but she understood it was a strange existence.


"If you want to know more about it and don't involve treatment of psychological problems, you can wait until the next meeting."


"渎神者" Amon? Mr. "World", they once again cleared Amon's avatar, no, avatars? Audrey's heart was slightly scared, and the instinct turned his attention to Mr. Maht and others. It is impossible to imagine that they have all been "parasitic" by Amon and become each other.


The father was parasitized, the mother was parasitized, the maid was parasitized, and the maid was parasitized... Audrey reminisced about the words of "the world", the more he wanted to be more afraid, the more he wanted to get colder, he couldn’t help but imagine himself. The scene after encountering similar things.


This made her a little suffocating, and she used a "settlement" for herself.


"The extraordinary world has always been so cruel and terrible, or occasionally?" After calm, Audrey whispered a whisper.


She did not wait for the answer of the "world", Mr. Spalo, because she had seen a lot of things at the Tarot meeting and she was very clear about the answer:




Looking at Hailuer again, Audrey went to the past with sympathy and squatted down, using the "supplement" first.


Hairouer looked up abruptly and saw a flawless face and saw a pair of emerald eyes.


At this moment, she seemed to return to the dance party that night, witnessing the young lady "falling" as an angel.


She calmed down a lot in an instant, only to see the clear green eyes, a little bit swaying, quiet, peaceful, deep.


"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, things are over..." Audrey used the technique of "hypnosis" to communicate directly with Haier's mental body, heard the hysterical cry, and felt deeper than the mountains. fear.


In combination with the state and experience of the other party, she quickly developed a treatment plan, directly "hypnosis" Hailuer, let her forget today's experience, forget that she still has a teacher, only vaguely remember the identity and common sense of the extraordinary.


Hailuer became calmer and fell asleep.


"When you wake up, those terrible experiences will cease to exist, and I will live from the future." Audrey completed the final step of "hypnosis" with a soft voice.


Then she slowly got up and stared at Hairouer for a few seconds.


She licked her lower lip, no side, and whispered:


"I let her forget the corresponding memory for a while, but this memory has not disappeared, but it is hidden. In the corresponding party, I will continue to treat her, guiding her to slowly remember and accept this memory. Only then, The problem of her mind is solved. Otherwise, perhaps a familiar movement, a familiar discourse, will make her 'wake up' and collapse again. At that time, she is likely to lose control directly."


Miss "Justice" is becoming more and more professional... Klein is half sighed and said cautiously:


"Then you have to do a 'hypnosis' for all those who have been 'parasitic', so that they don't want to have a hobby that they didn't belong to themselves, just like wearing a monocle.


"And, let them pray to the ‘night goddess’ after a quarter of an hour, asking for thorough purification.”


Audrey took the lead in an unusually serious way:


"no problem."


Klein immediately stood next to him, watching the noble girl "with hints" of all the parasitic people in the house with the greatest pity.


PS: Recommend a book. The protagonist of "No Life at the End of the Ming Dynasty" is Li Laiheng, also known as Li Zhonger. The perspective is mainly from the perspective of the peasant army. It tells the story of the ruined people who usurp the fruits of the revolution. The country gate, the pirates died, and the anger was angered.