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In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world.

Firearms, cannons, battleships, airships, and difference machines. Potions, divination, curses, hanged-man, and sealed artifacts… The lights shone brightly, yet the secrets of the world were never far away. This was a legend of the “Fool”.

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Short Title:LOTM
Original Title:诡秘之主
Author:Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Mystery, Supernatural
Weekly Rank:#175
Monthly Rank:#261
All Time Rank:#212
Tags:Alchemy, Artifacts, Character Growth, Cunning Protagonist, Curses, Dark, Detectives, Determined Protagonist, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Evil Religions, Familial Love, Fantasy World, Firearms, Ghosts, Godly Powers, Gods, Gore, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Industrialization, Magic, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mature Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Monsters, Multiple POV, Nobles, Religions, Resurrection, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sentient Objects, Souls, Special Abilities, Spirits, Time Skip, Transformation Ability, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,

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