The peaceful world, the quiet continent, everything grows quietly in the moonlight.

The sun was shining and the moon was sinking slowly, and finally hung on a laurel tree at the end of the earth.

The round moon slowly squirmed, and then turned into a white boy.

He fell on the cinnamon sticks barefoot, habitually and naturally lay back, the gravity restraint disappeared, and the white boy was allowed to "swing" gently.

With her right foot leaning on her knee, she took a flute around her waist and played it.

He closed his eyes, only occasionally opened and looked around, then closed gently again, drunk in the sound of his flute.

Moonlight is diffused, in a place where the sun cannot shine.

The whistle sound is melodious, bathing and infiltrating in this divine light.

Blowing for a long time, the boy in white stopped in disappointment because the audience did not show up.

In the past, there will always be a group of sharp-eared creatures waiting here, waiting for him, looking up at him with admiration and worship.

I used to hate them so much that I just wanted to hurry up and let them leave, but they really left and couldn't help thinking about it. I always felt that something was missing in my life.

He shuddered, his toes were a little on the Guizhi, and he flew lightly, bringing the sound of the wind and the moonlight.

In the dark forest, everything is silent, and when it is close, I gradually hear the roar of killing and the groaning of the dying.

Thorns and vines grow wild wild under the proclamation of mysteries. Ancient trees awaken from their slumber. They grab rocks and throw them in the distance. Arrows pierce the enemy's throat through sparse branches and leaves. They also seal the wailing sound into their belly Inside.

The rampant beasts were lingering in flames, all black shadows were passing by, and the damp bamboo leaves were roasted, ignited, and white or yellow smoke was emitted.

this is……

The young boy in white stared at this scene with shocked eyes.

He has never seen such an ugly creature in his thousands of years of life.

生物 On this continent, every creature is full of the philosophy of beauty, no matter how it looks or how it looks, or how it sounds, it is full of elegance.

Most importantly, there are no carnivores on this continent. Killing is a symbol of sin. The creatures here do not have fangs and teeth, let alone living creatures in their mouths, and chew in their painful wailing.

Suddenly, the boy in white turned his eyes red.

Because he saw a female figure, yesterday, she was still waiting under the laurel tree to listen to her performance.


The divine power is like the sea, and the vast moonlight instantly suppresses the sky's sunlight, and the silvery white light is rippling like water waves.

All the evil beasts bounced out.

They rolled over and climbed up, one was their vitality, and the other was that the boy in white didn't have any attack power, which was purely scary.

He has never killed or deprived even the life of a flying insect, even those ordinary creatures who broke into his kingdom are safe and sound.

But at this time, a group of meteorite in the sky crashed, causing the earth to roll up like ripples, and countless evil beasts shouted and shouted, gathered around from all directions and worshiped the meteorite.


A big hand protruded from the meteorite, pinched his fingers, felt the air and energy outside, and then clenched suddenly.


The impact force burst forth, and the meteorite turned into a violent flame covering a thousand kilometers, and an arrogant figure stood upright in the sea of ​​fire.

"This world is full of vitality, which can be used as my hunting ground, ha ha ha ha ..."

"Come out, my people!"

His arms widened, the ground fire gushed, the meteorite blasted down, and the magma flowed out. An ugly beast rose from it, like a rat crawling out of a sewage pit.

Moonlight blasted down to save the souls attacked by evil beasts, but it was a waste of money.

What's more, as I saw in the eyes, there was a raging fire on the earth, and the smoke was covering the sun. For a time, I didn't know how many monsters came.

"Who are you ...?"

In the flames of fire, the arrogant figure put away a laugh, and the raging flames quickly gathered around him, then turned into embellishments, and attached to his dark red armor.

"We are believers in the God of Destruction, and our mission is to spread the flames of destruction to all worlds. If you offer faith to the Lord God ..."

However, the boy in white shook his head, and his white eyebrows slowly raised.

"I just want to live a quiet life, sing, sing, dance, and play games every day. I haven't hurt any creatures, and I don't want to see my fans get hurt. Why do I have to attack me?"

The figure in the fierce fire spit hard and sweared at the idiot!

He would like to cut open the other's head to see what's in it. A **** who can only sing and dance is really amazing.

If you look ugly, the only end result is to be captured and then deboned to become the material for making artifacts.

The **** condensed by moonlight must be able to make an artifact related to moonlight.

家伙 The guy in front of him looks pretty good, and will definitely be favored by the superiors. I don't know if his **** is also as round as the moon.

The teenager in white closed his eyes, and tears poured from the corners of his eyes.

The light appeared, and a light blue light screen appeared.

Then, the boy in white lay down on one knee with his hands on his chest and chanted slowly with a strange tone.

His Majesty, the God of Destruction, only thinks that the Moon God is singing a spell and doing his last struggle, so he doesn't care, a **** without any fighting power, no matter how he jumps, it just helps.

"I volunteer to join the system **** god, support the system **** god's program, abide by the system **** god's charter, execute the system **** god's decision, strictly observe the system **** god's discipline, keep the system **** god's secret, loyal to the system **** god, actively cultivate for the heavens The world struggles for life, ready to sacrifice everything for the heavens and the world, and never betray the system **** ... "

What is this stuff?

的 All subordinates of God of Destruction have eyes on the question mark, full of question marks.

However, no one answered him.

After a brief silence, a majestic voice was returned in the light screen.

"Don't forget your vows, remember your responsibilities, and do your best for the heavens and the world, and die for the system god!"

Luna focused on the head.

Then he stood up and looked into the sky, his arms splashed upward, waving the moonlight.

Moonlight is dazzling, gorgeous, and very beautiful, especially those with sharp ears. When they see this moonlight, they just think that the lake is rippling in the sky, giving birth to a dreamlike feeling of upside down ~ ~ Under the hand of God of Destruction They all breathed a sigh of relief.

The creature that was born to be God is either too powerful or frightening, or idiot to be beyond the horizon.

This is undoubtedly the latter.

Is this its most powerful divine power?

Although the moonlight spills thousands of miles away, these moonlights have no attack power.

Gorgeous, the silver-like gun head is nothing but good-looking.

It was only one second, weird black spots emerged from the moonlight that filled a thousand miles, and numerous black squares of various sizes were scattered and arranged to form one rectangular pattern after another.

Immediately, tens of thousands of terrors emerged from the rectangular pattern, sinking a little bit.

Thousands and tens of thousands of majestic figures appeared in the sky. They were determined and staring, and covered with Canggu tattoos. The fierce appearance and the lustrous beauty of the moon were completely extreme.

The first person landed on the ground and made a sound of trample.

He flexed his knees slightly to cushion the shock, then straightened up, while rubbing the edge of the giant axe with his palm, he looked around with bloodthirsty eyes.

"Are you calling the Lord of the System?"

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