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My name is Zhang Yanhang. I am an ordinary awakened person and a part-time college student. I live a monotonous life at three o’clock and one line every day. I go to school, practice, and go home. I neither smoke nor drink. My only hobby is to pause in time. Observe humans at the time.

I thought this boring life would last forever, but when I was lying in bed and preparing to go to bed that night, I accidentally ran into some interesting things.

[Whether to enter the world of ashes? 】

[Option 1: Yes (Successfully enter the world of ashes and gain the ability to digitize the body and the channels to become stronger. The price is that you may be late for school tomorrow because of staying up late.)]

[Option 2: No (Refusing to enter the world of ashes but feeling a bit wasteful to sleep right away, so I started playing games all night and practicing by the way, at the cost of being late for school tomorrow because of staying up late.)]

[Option 3: Ignore for the time being (It is recommended for patients with difficult diseases to choose this option. After that, you who have been suffering from sleepless nights and entangled whether to enter the ashes world will go to sleep at two in the morning. The price is that you may be late for school tomorrow because of staying up late. )】

ps: The protagonist is not the Virgin, kills decisively, the brain circuit is different from ordinary people, don’t like it if you don’t like it.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:LA
Alternate Title:灰烬神主
Author:Just to be called Bai Xiong
Weekly Rank:#4494
Monthly Rank:#2584
All Time Rank:#2241
Tags:Absent Parents, Calm Protagonist, Evolution, Game Elements, Hiding True Abilities, Interdimensional Travel, Level System, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Skill Assimilation, Special Abilitie, Special Abilities,
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  1. I already read this novel in 1 day (actually I skipped more than 600 chapter due to no fighting humans, promoting because of empirechinanambawan, skill upgrade, no plot at all just self promotion, no backstabber, no famous young master, no antagonist, nothing can be called a novel, this is purely a degenerate gamer who is introvert that no need human interaction, no human desire just rank and rank, no struggle, all sh#t, I think I need to sleep 25 hours just to quell my brain damage. Of course this is just a free novel so better be careful next time.

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