"Yes, the great Lizardmen leader Heiyu!"

Gang Ya, who had been kneeling on the ground to express his submission to An Mubai, stood up, turned around and whined a few times to the kobold behind him.

"Woooo... go and carry the clan members and food out."

"Uuu... yes, chief."

The kobolds who were kneeling and worshiping behind Gangya, whimpered at Gangya, then turned to Sanscale, Tieya and the others, and burrowed into the cave.

"Three scales, Tiefang, you also go and gather the inferior clansmen in the clan, don't let them eat the food we are going to bring back to the clan's cubs."

An Mu's white-gold Shutong eyes were slightly interested, watching Gang Ya communicate with the kobold behind him, and issued an order to the three scales and Tie Ya beside him.

He could understand a little bit, Gang Ya communicated with the kobold behind him.

"Yes, patriarch!"

Three Scales, Tie Ya and the other eight high-class lizardmen saluted An Mubai in awe, and then took the middle-class lizardmen beside them to take the low-class lizardmen who were carrying kobolds everywhere on the barren hills for food.

At present, all the inferior lizardmen of the Lizardmen clan in the shallow pit have all withdrawn from the barren mountain cave, and it seems that there are still three hundred in number.

An Mubai was not very satisfied with this effect, if Gang Ya did not surrender and led the barren mountain kobolds to resist to the end.

The low-level lizardmen with the 400 majority in the shallow depression will definitely be damaged to a hundred or more, and even more, and at that time, the kobold people in the barren hills were similar, and they could be destroyed by the 400-number low-level lizardmen. Struck out.

What An Mubai can get is a large amount of food at one time, and a large reduction in the food consumption of the shallow pit lizardmen.

"Gangya, have any of your clan awakened dragon-blood kobold warlocks, or dragon-blood kobold warriors?"

An Mubai's sturdy lizard tail swayed in the wasteland behind him, and asked Gang Ya in his mouth.

"Dragonblood kobold warlock, warrior?"

A confused look appeared in Gang Ya's eyes, and he shook his head lightly at An Mubai. Obviously, there is no such inheritance in the inheritance of their barren mountain kobolds.

An Mubai looked at the golden vertical boy with a look of disappointment in his eyes, and then the sturdy lizard body with black scales looked towards the depths of the misty canyon.

The grass and trees there are as deep as the front section of the foggy canyon. These ordinary jungles are lush, and it is impossible to see how dragons can survive in them.


After about ten minutes, a kobold-like whining sound resounded in the barren mountain cave, and one after another, the kobolds with panic and fear came out of the cave.

Some are holding cubs, some are holding food, and some are holding iron lumps mixed with earth and rocks.

Different from the lizard people's attitude towards cubs, kobolds are actually a race that loves cubs, especially female kobolds.

"Is this the food of your clan?"

An Mu's white-gold vertical eyes looked at the female kobold holding the cub, then looked at the kobold who took out the food, and looked suspiciously at Gang Ya.

The food that the kobolds took out of the barren mountain caves was not like the lizard people, pieces of jerky, but pieces of crimson moss that had just been dug out of the soil and carried the soil, very few. There are also some insects in his hands.

Not to mention that lizardmen cubs can't eat such food, even the frogmen of the old frogmen may not be able to eat it, that is, the goblins of the old goblins may like it.

"Woooo... The great Lizardman leader Heiyu, this is really the food of the people of our clan. The cubs of our clan only eat these foods to grow up healthy."

"This crimson moss can help us grow stronger and make our scales harder. I just eat and eat this crimson moss so that I can always be strong."

Gang Ya hurriedly spoke to An Mubai, with a terrified expression as if he was afraid of An Mubai and was dissatisfied with the food offered by his clan.

He kept talking about the benefits he could get from eating the red moss, and in the end he even took a piece of red moss covered with a lot of soil and ate it in his mouth.

"It can increase the hardness of the scales and increase the strength."

The look in An Mubai's eyes was filled with suspicion. He didn't feel the slightest magic power from the crimson moss that Gangya had eaten. The robust lizardman body two meters and three meters tall walked towards one of the kobolds. go.

Then An Mubai picked up the scarlet green moss in his hand with one paw with the kobold's frightened expression, and put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it lightly.

A smell like rust immediately entered An Mubai's pen.

"This is moss that grows on iron ore, but growing on iron ore can strengthen scales and powerful strength? This should directly eat cannibals."

"The kobold's stomach can't be seen much better than the lizardmen. If it can really strengthen the scales and increase its strength."

"But you can take it back to Bai Chi to confirm."

An Mubai thought in his heart, put the red moss in his hand back in the hands of the kobold in front of him, and then looked at the kobold who was holding the home-made iron ore beside him.

If this crimson moss can really be powerful and enhance the defense of scales, it will be of no help to the lizardmen.

"The great Lizardmen leader Hei, these are all the ore mines made by our clan. In the future, I, the Iron Mountain Kobold, will continue to present these exquisite iron ore to you."

Gang Ya's words in awe at An Mubai's side, this is the way to survive the defeat of the Wanye Mountain Range, even if there are many kobolds who have just been killed or even eaten by the lizardmen.

Gang Ya can also turn a blind eye, because only in this way can he continue the Iron Mountain Kobold Race.

"Exquisite iron ore?"

An Mubai looked at the hands of the kobold in front of him, irregular blocks, and black iron blocks filled with sand and only a little metallic light.

At one point in my heart, I realized the word "exquisite".

"Gangya, your ethnic group smelts iron ore by throwing iron ore into the fire and burning it?"

An Mubai asked Gang Ya. Although he had no experience in making iron, he had seen some videos of survival in the wilderness in his previous life.

The iron ore refined by the people inside is not like this, but can be directly made into iron.

"Yes, the great Lizardmen leader Hei Jun, when the dwarves left, he gave us the Iron Mountain Kobolds and left behind a furnace."

"We only need to ensure that the fire in the furnace does not go out, smash the ore dug up and throw it in the furnace, and then we can get iron ore."

"The flames of the blazing fire are very powerful. Many members of my Tieshan Kobold Clan have died in the furnace."

Gang Ya replied in words, with a sad look in his eyes. The furnace left by the dwarves allowed them to have iron tools, but it also caused them to lose a lot of their clansmen.


An Mubai felt a curiosity in his heart. He wanted to visit the stove left by the dwarf in the barren mountain, but he just looked at the cave that was obviously not suitable for him to enter.

In the end, An Mubai dismissed the idea in his heart, and looked around at the few kobolds who were holding iron ore in front of him.

Looking at the kobolds who took out all the food of the barren mountain kobolds, these foods are really not suitable to be brought back to the cubs to eat.

"Gangya, call your clan now to follow me and leave. In the future, the food and iron ore you will offer from the barren mountain kobold will be offered there."

"This area is already the territory of my shallow pit lizardmen, and I will protect your offerings forever."

An Mubai whispered softly, the sturdy lizard body of two meters and three heights, turned to Sanscale, Tie Ya and the others walked away, still deciding to bring the kobolds with Gang Fang.

Go to Bai Chi and the others, and bring Bai Chi out together, to look for red fruits, and corrode the many red fruits mentioned.


Gang Ya hurriedly nodded to An Mubai, daring not to resist, and then summoned all his clansmen to follow behind An Mubai.



The green stream pool, under the sunlight during the day.

The Bilu Xitan where Bai Chi and the others live has changed a lot from the past. Pieces of barren farmland have been reclaimed around Bilu Xitan.

One by one goblin figures shuttled through it, carefully planting these young plants that are full of leaves and emerald green.

On the side of the gravel in the stream with clear water, the old goblin kept screaming at the old frogman with goblin words, which can be seen from the distracted expression on his face.

He should be scolding the old frogman again, and pray that his **** will quickly send the old frogman, the demon's minion, away.

No. 637, Lin Yu and the others were all high-class lizardmen with a strong body of 1.89 meters tall, surrounded by fierce expressions and murderous intent.

The four adult wind-feathered lizards stared at the old goblin and the old frogman with their claws and teeth. This kind of battle does not mean that the two of them are just old and frail priests.

Even if it is replaced by a strong hobgoblin, it is difficult for the frogman warriors to kill them.

"Quack...Damn old goblin, I will always be loyal to Hei and Bai Chi, you don't want to run away with your clan."

The old frogman croaked his words, like a pair of big lightbulb eyes, he was not afraid of the old goblin's curse words.

Bai Chi's snow-white and young body came over from the side, surrounded by the old goblin, and the old frogman's No. 637, Lin Yu and the others, bowing their heads respectfully to the body that came to Bai Chi.

And let out a passage that Bai Chi can walk in, but the body of the **** is still watching the old frog and the old goblin on alert, as long as the two of them have any changes, they will be killed immediately.

The ten frogmen corpses and ten goblin corpses piled up on the side are the best proof.

"Old frogman, you misunderstood, the old goblin took his clan to go out, not to escape, but received my order to go out to find some herbs."

Bai Chi's pink eyes looked at the old frogman who croaked loudly, and he sent out words that contained mental fluctuations.

Today, when the old frogman brought his own clansmen to provide food for Bai Chi and the others, he saw the figure of the old goblin actually appear.

And there are many adult goblins to follow, planning to go away.

After the old frogman saw it, the old goblin planned to lead his clan to escape, so he immediately led his own clan and fought with the old goblin.

This directly caught the attention of No. 637, Lin Yu and the others, thinking that the old goblin and the old frogmen were going to rebel, so they directly suppressed the two clans.

All the clansmen who fought together were killed, and only the two of them were taken to Bilu Xitan.

"Guuu...guuu... Demon, you demons, **** you, God will kill you, you demon's minions, I'm going to eat you."

The old goblin heard Bai Chi's words, and the expression in his eyes was even more angry, and he cursed at Bai Chi and the old frogman, and the old and thin body charged directly at the old frogman.


With a crisp cry from Bai Chi's mouth, the old goblin rushed towards the old frogman's body angrily, then stopped straight, and was grabbed by No. 637's neck and held it in his hand.

When he regained consciousness, he turned to Bai Chi and uttered an angry curse.

"Gu... Bai Chi... I... I don't know, I thought the old goblin was going to run away with his clan, don't tell Heiji!"

There was panic in the old frogman's eyes, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com made a fearful explanation to Bai Chi.

In Bai Chi's pink eyes, he looked at the old goblin who was yelling at him in anger, and at the panicked and scared old frogman in front of him. Although he was smart but still young in his heart, he didn't know how to deal with this for a while. .

Judging from the cause of the incident, the fault was the old frogmen, but now the turbulent clansmen of their two clans have been killed by No. 637 and the others.

If the old goblin is released, the old goblin will definitely work hard with the old frogman, which will cause new turmoil, but if the old frogman is punished, the old goblin will make amends.

In Bai Chi's heart, however, there is a faint feeling that this should not be done. The old frogman is much more obedient than the old goblin, and now he is directly responsible for her and No. 637's food.

"The old frogmen have done a good job. Any affiliated races that are suspected of betraying or escaping from my Shallow Hollow Lizardmen should be blocked."

There were voices coming from the side.

An Mubai's sturdy lizardman body with black scales came over step by step. Behind him were three scales, Iron Fang, eight high-class lizardmen, and the middle-class lizardmen and most of the three hundred inferior lizards in the group. people follow.

He directly filled the gravel field of Bilu Xitan, along with the jungle behind it, and at first glance it looked like a lizard man.

"Black beetle!"

Bai Chi's pink eyes let out a cry of surprise, and the old goblin in the hands of No. 637 watched An Mubai's arrival, and the large group behind him who had just experienced a fight, and there was a thick **** blood Scented lizard crowd.

The angry expression on his face also disappeared, and he did not dare to utter any more scolding words from his mouth.