【Lord, I am Lizardman】【】

"Hei, why are you here?"

Bai Chi looked at An Mubai who was approaching with her pink eyes, and asked her with a surprised expression on her face.

"I found a new plant, and I captured a kobold, so I brought them over to visit you, so that they would know that I am a shallow pit lizardman, and there is a white chid priest."

"You've grown a lot taller, Bai Chi."

An Mu's white, black-scaled lizardman smiled lightly, and the golden vertical boy hugged Bai Chi with a gentle smile in his eyes.

The first three months of the lizardmen cubs are the most rapid growth period for the lizardmen cubs. Bai Chi is not short of food, and what he eats is the meat abandoned by the gods.

Now the cute body with snow-white scales has grown to the height of An Mubai's calf, and his physique and agility have even been enhanced a lot.

Even Divine Soul, on the system data information panel condensed in the eyes of Anmu's white-gold Shutong, also has a two-point rise.


Bai Chi's pink eyes looked curiously at Sanscale, Tie Ya and the others, and they really saw a lot of kobolds led by Gang Ya.

The middle-level lizardmen and the lower-level lizardmen who were destroyed behind the three-scaled and iron-toothed ones were just like malnourished lizardmen cubs that were about to become adults, very ugly.

"As an affiliated race, what is most needed is loyalty. No. 637 puts down the old goblin and then captures all his clansmen."

"If he swears, he will kill a cub from his clan as food for our clan."

An Mubai's sturdy lizard tail swayed gently behind him, looked at the old goblin, and sent out a mental wave that the old goblin could understand to No. 637.

"Yes, patriarch!"

No. 637 nodded to An Mubai, then put down the old goblin he was holding, and walked towards the old goblins who were scared to hide in the cave because of An Mubai and the others coming.

"Three scales, Tie Ya, you also bring the middle people of the clan over there, don't let any goblin go."

An Mu's white-gold vertical boy turned his eyes to Sanscale and Tie Ya, and issued an order in his mouth.

"Yes, patriarch!"

Three Scales and Tie Ya nodded, then took a group of medium-sized lizardmen and walked towards No. 637.

"Devil, you devil, I have already listened to your words and led my clan to help you plant those plants. Why do you still kill my clan?"

"This old frogman stopped me and led my people out to find food for you. Why didn't you kill him, you demon, you want to kill my people instead."

The old goblin's thin body fell to the ground, his eyes were full of pain and resentment, and he asked An Mubai, and his eyes slowly looked at the old frogman with hatred.

However, he still did not dare to move in front of An Mubai.


Laowa's mouth let out a panicked croak, and his big eyes, like a light bulb, looked at An Mubai in a panic.

"Because the old frogman is obedient!"

An Mubai whispered softly, and the golden vertical boy looked at the angry old goblin and the scared old frogman beside him.

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【Lord, I am Lizardman】【】

He didn't really care in his heart, who was right and who was wrong in the fight between the old goblin and the old frogman, he only cared about their two attitudes towards Bai Chi, or more to say, their surrender to the Lizardmen of the Shallow Pit, and their sympathy for him. White surrender.


Bai Chi Xuebai's young body in An Mubai's arms, her pink eyes were puzzled, and she turned to look at An Mubai. The old goblin was attacked by the old frogman because he listened to his words and went out to look for plants. .

"Devil, I also went out after hearing the words of Priest Bai Chi. It was you, the devil's minions, who told us to run away and started a fight with my clan. Why didn't you kill him?"

The angry words in the eyes of the old goblin, the thin and old face stared at An Mubai, but it was impossible to understand the words in his mouth.

"Then do you want to lead your clan to escape? If your clan is not under the care of my Shallow Pit Lizardmen, you will continue to run away, and you are more likely to attack Bai Chi."

An Mu's white-gold Shutong looked at the old goblin with cold eyes, spoke in his mouth, then walked aside with Bai Chi in his arms, and explained softly to the puzzled Bai Chi.

"Bai Chi is the king, and the first thing to ensure is his subordinates, loyalty to himself, only loyalty can be anything else, otherwise he will maintain this person who has disgust towards himself in his heart."

"Even if there are few people available, there is a danger that they will be backlashed eventually."

Bai Chi nodded lightly in An Mu Bai's arms, and at this time, San Scale, Tie Ya, and the others also captured some of the old goblin's clansmen and cubs.

"Kill them all, as food for our clan!"

An Mubai's words were cold and soft, and following his words, the twenty or so goblins and goblin cubs that San Scale, Tie Ya and the others captured immediately lost their lives, and the bright red blood was left behind. In the green lake.

"Demon, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you!"

The old goblin shouted with anger and red eyes, the old and thin body with magical agitation, was about to rush towards An Mubai.

"Touch... woo!"

But the scale feather next to him let out a whimper, and the old goblin fell into a short body, and was stepped on by a wind feather lizard.

"If you are shouting, I will let my clansmen kill another batch of your clansmen for you to see."

An Mubai's sturdy lizard tail swayed behind him again, and looked at the old goblin.


The old goblin looked at the shore with red eyes. The goblin and goblin cubs killed by the three scales and iron teeth did not dare to make any more sound in their mouths.

Even the body that was trampled under the feet of the wind feather lizard, which was very painful, did not dare to have the slightest bit of embarrassment.

An Mubai watched, and the golden vertical boy looked at the old frogman and Gang Ya.

The old frogman, with a trembling body, bowed down to An Mubai with fear in his eyes. In the hearts of the two of them, An Mubai was really similar to the devil at this time.

"Bai Chi, what kind of plants are you looking for? I'm here today and I'm going to take you to find them. Red fruits, the kind of red fruits they eat."

"Maybe you can find it on the road."

An Mubai lowered his head and asked Bai Chi in his arms.

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【Lord, I am Lizardman】【】

"For a plant with a strong body, No. 317's body is getting worse and worse. I plan to feed her and her six-headed heavy lizard cubs every day with plants that can strengthen her body."

Bai Chi whispered in An Mu Bai's arms, with worry in her pink eyes, and looked at No. 317, the cave where Mo Lin and the others were.

"A powerful plant?"

An Mubai whispered softly, looked at Gang Ya, and spoke.

"Gangya, ask your clan to bring a copy of the plant your clan donated to me."

"Yes, the great Lizardmen leader Heiyu!"

Gang Ya nodded hurriedly, and then personally took a piece of red moss and walked towards An Mubai. After the incident with the old goblin before, he was even more afraid of An Mubai in his heart.

"Bai Chi, do you think this plant will work?"

An Mubai looked at Gang Ya and ran with a piece of red moss, took the red moss in his hand, and then asked Bai Chi.

Bai Chi's pink eyes turned to look at the red moss in An Mubai's hands, and his mind was calm as if he was feeling something. After a while, he raised his head and whispered to An Mubai.

"Heihu, this plant can indeed strengthen the body and improve the hardness of our scales, but it is poisonous inside. Eating it all the time will make our spirits lower and cause some problems with our bodies."

An Mubai nodded lightly, and threw the red moss in his hand to Gang Ya who was kneeling in front of him. He was not disappointed with this, and stood up with Bai Chi in his arms and said.

"It's okay, Bai Chi, we can look for it again. If there is nothing wrong with you here, then we will go look for the red fruit and rot the fruit that they said can stimulate my lizardmen to spray corrosive acid."

"Well, but we have to take the old black goblin with us. You just killed his clan, and after we leave, he is likely to attack Sunglasses and No. 637."

Bai Chi nodded lightly in An Mu Bai's arms, and looked at the old goblin on Fengyu Lizard's feet with worry.

"Okay, we'll take him away in a while."

An Mubai nodded lightly with a smile on his face with black scaly growths, and then spoke to Gang Ya beside him.

"Gangya, let the people in your clan put down the food you offered and the iron, and then lead them back. From now on, the food you offer every day will be offered here."

"But I don't need this crimson moss, and those snakes and worms. I need you to offer meat, whether it's the flesh and blood of beasts, or you offer your own people as food."

"All I need is meat, you know?"

"Yes, the leader of the great lizardmen, Hei Yan."

Gangya's brows were wrinkled, and he hurriedly bowed to An Mubai and agreed with the suffering in his heart. Hunting wild beasts was not an easy task for his group.

Otherwise, they wouldn't only eat red moss and some snakes, worms, and ants, but Gang Ya didn't dare to refuse An Mubai.

"Three scales, iron teeth, let our clansmen also put down the food they brought. Sixty-three and seven, you all bring these foods to feed the god-forsaken flesh, including the group of goblins that you just killed."

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【Lord, I am Lizardman】【】

An Mubai turned his head to Sanscale, Tie Ya and the others, and the food carried by the Lizardmen in the shallow pit was not scarlet moss, snakes, worms and ants.

It was a **** kobold corpse in the Gangya tribe.

"Yes, patriarch!"

Three Scales, Tie Ya, and No. 637 saluted An Mubai in awe, and then each got busy in Bilu Xitan, carrying kobold corpses that could be abandoned by gods and give birth to magical flesh and blood , the goblin corpse entered the cave.

"Old frogman, you did a good job. Those are the food I gave you. You go and let your people bring it back to your black mud swamp frogmen group."

An Mu's white-gold vertical eyes looked at the old frogman not far away, he spoke to him, and then he stretched his finger to the side of the Gangtooth kobold tribe, and the pile of lizardmen they put down did not eat. snake worm rat ant.


Laowa's mouth let out a sound of surprise, like a pair of big light bulbs looking at An Mubai, and then the old man's face was full of surprise and excitement, and he babbled to An Mubai.

"Quack... Hei, I will always be loyal to you. I, the frogmen in the black mud swamp, will always abide by the shallow pit lizardmen as clansmen."

After speaking, the old frogman looked excited and happy, and ran towards the pile of snakes, worms, rats and ants pointed out by An Mubai. When passing Gangya and the old goblin, he slowed down his pace, as if enjoying it. What a great honor.

An Mu's white-gold vertical boy looked at it with both eyes, and looked at the old goblin at the foot of Fengyu Lizard, but he didn't say any words.

After a while, Sanscale, Tiefang, and No. 637 moved all the kobold corpses, goblin corpses, and frogmen corpses on the gravel ground of Bilu Xitan to the cave and fed them to the dead.

"Linyu asked Fengyu Li to release the old goblin, and then took him with me. No. 637, you stay here to prevent the clansmen of the old goblin from escaping, and protect Molin and No. 317."

An Mubai spoke to Lin Yu and No. 637, and then hugged Bai Chi to San Scale, Tie Ya and the others.

"Yes, patriarch!"

Lin Yu, No. 637 nodded and agreed, the old goblin had been liberated by the old and thin body that had been pressed by the wind feather lizard, but those who did not dare to say anything or resist, were easily caught by Lin Yu. hands.


Lin Yu uttered the same words as the lizardmen, with a slightly different cry, UU reading www. uukanshu.com The four adult wind feather lizards said goodbye to this period of time. After arriving at Bilu Xitan, they did not eat less food. The young wind feather lizard, which had grown strong, ran into the jungle first.


Three scales, iron teeth and the other high-class lizards screamed in their mouths, and the three hundred people who came to the green stream pool, the huge lizard crowd moved again.

"Red fruit, when you eat a lot of red fruit, when is it, and how long has it been since the reproduction and spawning in our group this time."

"Why do you want to leave that territory with red fruits to eat?"

An Mubai walked and asked Hongguo and the two high-ranking lizardmen beside him. Their names were taken by An Mubai.

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【Lord, I am Lizardman】【】

In order to remember the red fruit that allows the Lizardmen to activate the acid sac and spray out the corrosive acid.

"The patriarch, the wild boars, there is a group of wild boars occupying the swamp where the red fruit grows. We can't beat it and can only escape."

Hongguo replied, they and An Mubai were walking in front of the entire shallow pit lizardmen team, constantly identifying the smell left by themselves in the air, looking for the direction to the Hongguo swamp.

"Wild boar!"

An Mu's white-gold vertical boy's eyes shrank, and the thick lizard tail swayed behind him, looking towards Bai Chi in his arms.

Wild boars are a human-like race of the same level as the lizardmen. This level does not refer to the same level of black iron bloodline as kobolds, goblins, and frogmen.

but the same level of strength,

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