An Mu's white-gold vertical child's eyes looked at the barren mountains where the kobold whimpered continuously from the cave, and whispered in his heart.

Since the words from Simon's mouth that day, the lizardmen would not be able to break through the bloodline limit unless they became Dragonborn, and after entering the Destruction Rank, this question has actually been deeply pressing in An Mubai's heart these days.

Although he is only a twelfth-level Transcendent Lizardman, he still cannot accept that he cannot break through the bloodline limitation of the Destruction Rank in the future.

Although the system has helped, An Mubai is not very sure in his heart whether the system can help him break through, after all, the rewards given by the system are only given through introduction and existing methods.

In other words, it is impossible to make An Mubai change out of thin air, not to mention that An Mubai's heart is to build a huge lizardman empire that only listens to his own words, and he can't be the only one who wants to break through the bloodline restrictions.

What An Mubai wanted was that not only would he be able to break through the bloodline restriction of the lizardmen, but other lizardmen would also have to break through the bloodline restriction in the future.

The extraordinary level is only the starting point of all extraordinary creatures in this world, not the end.

"This world can only be me forever, for my own king, the dragon will also surrender to my feet!"

Anmu's white-gold vertical boy whispered in his heart with a firm expression, he was reincarnated into this different world where magic and giant dragons coexist, and became a lizardman not much different from the beast civilization.

In his heart, he already had the determination to die if he did not change his life, so how could he allow other creatures to ride on his head all the time and become slaves.

"I don't know if this kobold tribe has not awakened the bloodline of the dragon-blooded kobold warlock, or a warrior. Otherwise, you can experiment at that time."

An Mubai whispered in his heart, the sturdy lizard tail swayed behind him, and looked at the three scales, Tie Fang and the others with cold expressions. There is no hatred but only food fighting.


The kobolds screamed like dogs, constantly coming from the caves of the barren mountain, and the strong smell of blood began to spread in this barren mountain without many plants, attracting a lot of predators.

However, looking at An Mubai's sturdy lizard body with a height of two meters and three meters on the barren mountain, as well as the three-scale, Tie Ya and the others, they quickly retreated silently.


A furious kobold roared in the cave of the barren mountain, followed by a whimper of inferior lizardmen.

Three Scales, Tie Ya In a cave not far from them, a sturdy kobold walked out of it. His height was only about one meter five, but he had a sturdy body with scales.

However, it is very easy to besiege one of his inferior lizardmen and knock them flying, just like a little giant with an extraordinarily strong physique, but a very short height.

There were also a pair of kobolds with iron knives behind them, and they followed him out of the cave.


Three Scales, Iron Fang and the other eight high-class lizardmen screamed with excitement and bloodthirsty, and they all surrounded the pair of kobolds who took the initiative to rush out of the cave with the middle-class lizardmen beside them.

An Mubai did not let them enter the cave. They could only listen to the low-level lizardmen from the clan and the kobolds fighting in the cave, as well as smell the increasingly **** smell in the barren mountains. clear.

"What about your leader, **** lizardmen?"

"Let it out, the great Iron Mountain kobold chief Gangfang wants to speak to him!"

The kobold who took the lead in killing the cave, watched Sanscale and the others quickly surrounded them, surrounded the body with no fear in their eyes, and roared at Sanscale, Tiefang and the others.

That was much shorter than Tie Ya, San Scales, and the strong kobold bodies, with the power of the extraordinary rank, they pressed on San Scales.

However, Sanscale, Tiefang and the other high-ranking lizardmen, all of them showed no fear in their eyes, excited and ready to attack this kobold named Gangya.

"You want to see me!"

An Mubai's voice came from the side, and the sturdy lizard man with a height of two meters and three walked towards this side step by step, the dark lizard tail swaying on the ground like a giant python.

Three scales, Tie Ya and the others surrounded Gang Ya and the kobold who rushed out behind him and dispersed, and gave An Mubai a way to enter in awe and respect.

The sturdy dog-headed man with a fangs that was no more than 1.5 meters tall looked at An Mubai who was approaching, the anger in his eyes and the arrogant roar just now disappeared.

He looked around again at An Mubai's side, the three scales, Tie Ya and the others, who were much stronger than his clan's body.

"Touch! Great Lizardman leader, I, the Iron Mountain Kobolds, are willing to surrender to you and offer food from the clan, please end this unnecessary war with my clan!"

Gang Ya threw the two fine iron big knives in his hands on the ground, looked down at An Mubai with a clean expression, and said that he was willing to surrender and offer food.

"Are you a dragon blood kobold warrior?"

An Mubai asked the question, the golden vertical boy looked at him with a little interest, and the muscles full of strength under the scales of Gangya's body called out the data information system panel.

"The great Lizardman leader, I am the priest of the Iron Mountain Kobold Clan. I would like to offer food from the clan to end the war between you and my clan."

Gang Ya spoke, and at this time, various data of Gang Ya also appeared in An Mubai's line of sight.

"Kobold Priest"

"Race: Kobold Dark Iron"

"Level: 11 Extraordinary"

"Physique: 22"

"Agility: 17"

"Soul: 16"

"Bloodline Ability: Strengthened physique, stronger scales, and great strength."

"Are you a priest?"

An Mubai looked at his system data information panel in his eyes, and Gang Ya appeared to have his own data, and he questioned him again with doubts in his heart.

This is the data that a priest should have, and it is completely the data of an extraordinary creature for a warrior.

"Yes, the great leader of the Lizardmen."

As soon as he spoke, the muscular body that bulged out like a little giant shrunk down, and in less than a moment, it became only one meter three high, and at the same time, the swelling muscles under the scales of the body also seemed to be deflated. Zoom out.

But in the end, he was still stronger than the kobold beside him, and there was a lot of old age on his scaly face.

An Mubai looked at the changes in Gangya, and then looked at the data information panel of his own system. The five big characters of "Kobold Priest" that should not go wrong were Gangya's information. He finally accepted it in his heart. Tooth is actually the business of a kobold priest.

"The great lizard recognizes the leader!"

Gang Ya looked at An Mubai, who was no longer speaking, and shouted at him anxiously in his eyes. The whining of the kobolds in the barren mountain cave was decreasing with fear.

An Mubai glanced at Gang Ya, and the golden Shutong looked to other places. He came to attack the barren mountain kobolds to reduce the number of low-level lizardmen in the clan.

That would stop easily, and after killing all the kobolds in the barren hills, the food among the Gangya tribe would still be from the Lizardmen tribe in shallow depressions, and there would also be a lot of kobold corpses as food.

So how could An Mubai stop the attack of the Lizardmen in the shallow pit just because of Gang Ya's words.

"Great Lizardman leader, please stop the war between your clan's clansmen against my Tieshan Kobolds. From now on, I Tieshan Kobolds are willing to submit to you as a vassal of your clan."

"I will always provide you with food in the future, and the iron ore produced in the upper limit family."

Gang Ya looked at An Mubai, who was not a clan, and bowed down to An Mubai with a thoughtful expression in his eyes, and uttered the words of surrender that he was willing to be a vassal.

Lizardmen and kobolds are both dragonborn, and after An Mubai walked out of his Iron Mountain kobolds, Gangya realized that he had no resistance.

An Mubai's sturdy lizard tail swayed, and looked away from other places, looking at Gang Ya's body, and the primitive knives he and his clan held in his hands. Tooth they made a voice.

"Go and gather all the people in the clan, and don't forget to bring food."

"Yes, patriarch!"

Tie Ya, San Scale and the other eight high-ranking lizardmen, with disappointed expressions in their eyes, responded to An Mubai's respectful salute, and then spoke to the middle-ranking lizardmen beside him, calling for the low-ranking lizardmen.


A cry of the lizardmen's words sounded, and the inferior lizardmen who entered the barren mountain retreated from the cave one by one. For the creatures living in the Wanye Mountains, even if they went to a completely unfamiliar place, it would be a Rarely is lost.

"Are these weapons forged by the people of your clan?"

An Mubai asked Gang Ya to attack the Goblin tribe of Green Pine Forest and Green Wind Plain. Although he also gained some weapons, these weapons were all made by humans.

It is not suitable for lizardmen to use, and for inferior lizardmen, it may even hurt themselves, so An Mubai never took it out and used it, and now it has rusted and rotted a lot.

Only the ten two-handed swords that can be used to cut down trees are still maintained from time to time.

"The great lizard leader, this is all made by the people of our clan with iron ore dug out of the Iron Mountain."

Gang Ya replied in words, and handed An Mubai the big knife he used before beside him.


An Mubai stretched out his hand to take the light and shot it, and a lot of cracks popped out. The quality can be said to be very poor, but even this is much better than the kobolds behind Gangya. .

"My name is Heiyu!"

An Mubai whispered softly, and handed back the big knife in his hand to Gang Ya with disappointment in his heart. Now the shallow pit lizardmen are in urgent need of iron tools, whether it is the formation of the sword and shield soldiers, or the lizards that may appear later. Formation of troops.

Shallow pit lizardmen all need iron tools, but the iron tools made by Gangya and their hands are not enough.

"How did you know how to make weapons out of iron ore?"

An Mubai asked Gang Ya, the intelligence of the kobold and the lizardmen are almost the same as the black iron race, and they are also in the uninhabited Wanye Mountains.

An Mubai couldn't figure out how they knew how to make ironware, even if the quality of the ironware was poor, it was still ironware.

"The great Lizardmen leader, Hei, was taught by a dwarf."

Gang Ya replied in his mouth, looking at the few cracks that were opened by An Mubai's special big knife being flicked lightly, and a distressed look appeared in his eyes.

"Dwarf, where is he now?"

Anmu's white-gold vertical boy miniatured and quickly asked Tie Ya. The dwarves were different from the human-like races who could only survive in the Wanye Mountains.

In the division, it is a silver-level human-like race like the elves. What is a silver-level human-like race? It is a race that can enter the extraordinary level from birth, has not weak wisdom, and has a special civilization. Only then can it become a silver race. .

Humans are also in the silver race. Most of the bloodlines of the black iron race have been restricted, but the silver race is not, but it can be improved all the time.

"Let's go, the great Lizardmen leader Hei Jun, our iron mine is just a waste mountain abandoned by the dwarves, and the dwarves who came have left after a long time."

"At that time, I was only just hatched. It was told to me by the previous patriarch of my Tieshan kobold Gangya said in words that the not weak wisdom that has awakened the bloodline is full of that dwarf's detachment. It's a pity that the dwarves are a silver race. In addition to having a social civilization that is not weak to humans, they also have a powerful weapon-making technology that is unique to their race.

It is something that many races need and look up to.


An Mubai sighed in his heart, looking at Gang Ya who didn't seem to be panicking, with an expression in his eyes thinking that he would no longer ask about the dwarf, but asked Gang Ya.

"Gangya, you said that this barren mountain where your ethnic group lives is an iron mine abandoned by the dwarves, so how much iron ore can your ethnic group mine every year?"

"A lot, except that all the people in my group like to collect, we can also forge a weapon in our hands every once in a while."

The expression in Gang Ya's eyes was stunned for a moment, and then he quickly opened his mouth to answer, as if he was afraid that their clan would collect less iron ore, and An Mubai would go back and slaughter his clan again.

It was just that An Mubai looked at the iron tools in his hands and in the hands of the twelve kobolds behind him, and had already withdrawn from the cave after a glance.

Only the kobold corpses were collected, and the inferior lizardmen who didn't collect any iron tools had only Gangya in their hearts and they could not collect much iron ore.

Lizardmen also have a fondness for things like metal.

"Let your clansmen carry out all the clansmen in your clan and the food provided to me."

An Mubai's stout lizardman swayed and issued an order to Gang Ya, but he didn't intend to go back on it. No matter how little iron ore was in this barren mountain.

The Shallow Pit Lizardmen also got another affiliated race that can continuously provide food, and some prepared iron ore will be mixed in during the period, which is not a loss in any case.